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If you want to continue your eduction or even put your son or daughter in modeling school DO NOT allow yourself to be talked into filling out forms for a government student loan.  The US Department of Education doesn't care anything about whether or not the school you wish to attend is legitimate or not.  All they care about is milking you for as much money as they can possibly get!!!  They will NOT go after the owners of these fly by night schools and it doesn't even matter whether or not you land a job in the field you attended school for.

A while back, a news magazine program featured a story on one of the many fly by night schools in the nation.  One of the school's representatives went out and found a homeless man, promised him an education and job so that he could get off the streets.  Soon after he filled out the forms for a government student loan, the school closed and went to the next location to round up more victims leaving the poor man homeless, without an education or job that would allow him to make money and get off the streets.  The only thing the thieves left that poor man with was a LARGE bill owing the government money for an education he never received!  

I fell victim to a couple of these fly by night schools in Southern CA a while back.  The first called itself VTI in Long Beach, CA.  One of the reps went as far as promising a carpool service just to get me to attend and fill out forms for a student loan just so they could get their grubby paws on the money with NO intention of providing me with an education nor transportation to and from their bull ---- school!!!  

I left the school and tried Webster Career College of Bellflower, CA but quit once I realized that too was a bunch of bull.  They were supposed to let the US Dept. of Education know that I had dropped out but they kept me on as still attending just so they could collect money.  They also claimed that they had a "job placement" service for students.  I later learned that this service didn't even exist.  When my mother insisted that I keep relying on them to find a job, they made me write a letter under duress claiming that they helped me gain an education.  I then underwent their phoney graduation routine but never found a regular office position.  The only jobs I was ever able to find were temp positions through temporary agencies.  Webster Career College soon closed down and I began to receive numerous harassing phone calls by the US Dept. of Education for money owed on an education I NEVER received!  Its very stupid for them to expect people to pay back on a loan when they're not even on a steady job but that doesn't matter to these money hungry pigs.

Fast forward to now, I'm happily married with children.  Since the economy has been in the toilet, we've been living a financial nightmare.  My husband was nice enough to start paying the money hungry pigs $30 per month yet, they STILL decided to take away our tax refund leaving us in dire straights.  We're behind on our car payments, have over due doctor and dentist bills for our children, over due utility bills, hardly money for groceries and other necessities but the US Dept of Education and IRS doesn't give a d**n just as long as they get their money!!!

I would have been better off attending a City College and paying out of pocket for computer training than relying on fly by night schools that government assists in stealing money from innocent people!!  To this day I don't hold an office position.  I have the misfortune of working for tips and there are many nights where I barely make enough money for gas to put in the car let alone food on the table for my children, money for utilities and other bills.  My husband and I had to file for bankruptcy 4 years ago, our car was repossessed and we're sharing one car (not easy at all) but these are things US Dept. of Education and their partners in crime, the IRS care nothing about!!!!

Protect yourself by refusing to rely on government student loans to further your education.   If you want to further your education, a city college and paying out of pocket is your best bet!!!

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United States of America
You applied for a Federal Loan which is exactly what you got.

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Wed, September 19, 2012

I do not believe that it is the Dept. of Education's fault that you took advantage of financial assistance from the Federal Government in order to go to school and once the school recieved those funds, they shut down. i believe that the fault lies with you for not doing proper research on the school you chose to attend. The DOE cant be responsible for your poor judgement.

You asked for a loan which is exactly what you got.

If i order off the home shopping channel and pay with my Visa card, but then never recieve my order, is it Visa's fault for allowing me to make the transaction? No.

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