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Complaint Review: United Air Comfort - Deerfield Beach Florida

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- Mufreesboro, Tennessee,
Mon, September 29, 2003

United Air Comfort
400 Fairway Drive, Suite 102 Deerfield Beach, 33441 Florida, U.S.A.
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First it starts with false advertising. Whole house cleaning for 69.oo. Then when they arrive, that changes. The ad also talks about Ultra-Violet Air Disinfection. But when I talked to ons of the service men that came lator on, he had no idea what that part of the ad was even talking about.

Then they arrive. The first thing they did wa raise a warning flag in the air about BLACK MOLD. Scared the s**t out of us and then told us we needed new duct work under the house. Feeling like we had no other choice, took the bait and asked the question. What do we need to get this taken care of. Then the pitch came like a waterfall. "You will need the entire first floor redone with new duct that is treated with a special chemical that will kill black mold on contact. You will also need two filters, one in your unit andone in the return line. These filters will catch any mold spores that will try to get in or out of the house and kill them. We then spray all areas that we find with a special chemical that will kill the mold that is in the wall around your return line. We will also leave you some of this spray so you can get other area's that we may miss. We will come in the morning of a day of your choosing and be done that evening. The costs...2900.00

We agreeded and set a date. Then the day is here. Not half the people that was spose to show arrived and the materials were in question. As they began to gut out the old duct, I started making a few phone calls. Upon explaining what they brought to replace, I was told by another professional that there was no way that the duct they borught should of costs what they said. In comes the technician saying that he already put in the filter for the unit. There was no way he could of done this in such short of time. I knew then that I was in trouble. Later on we found that a filter could not go in the unit without damaging it. It would of overheated the compressor and locked it up.

They also didn't gut out all of my old duct. Instead they used only a little bit of the new cheap stuff and left some of my exsisting duct. They never sprayed with their high dollar chemical. In fact, when I looked under the house after, most of the duct was laying on the ground. So what did I do? I called them bact to do it right. I also showed them where they damaged my bathroom while they were gutting out the return line for outside air.

So now I get this young fellow. He looks up under the house and about falls over at the poor craftmanship. He begins taking notes. He also begins telling stories about the guy they sent to my home. How he stole money from one of the customers on a job that they worked togather. That story triggered a thought that, they have my credit card number. The next morning it got canceled. Our young technician said he, himself would be back in two days to straighten out this problem and make it right. I felt he spoke the truth and agreed to let to give them onemore chance. I also explained that I did some research and found that the duct work should of only costs me 700. to 800. dollors. There was 2100. I could not see in this job and I wanted him to show it to me.

Two days later another guy shows up and he begins to fix the under house. After two days of work under there, he wants me to sign a paper stating that the job was complete. I explain that I got charged for a filter that doesn't exsist. I also got charged for chemicals that was never used. I also was over charged for the filter that was placed in the return line. And after all that I still cant account for 1000. of my hard earned money.

I could go on with this story but I'd be writing all night. All I can say is these people are by far the crookedest bunch I've ever seen in a long time. The BBB has a record on em a mile long. They have been requesting files but get nowhere. I eurge everyone to stay clear of this compeny and if you want to hear the rest of the story just e-mail me or call me. It gets better beleive me.


Mufreesboro, Tennessee

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