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Complaint Review: Toys R Us - Wyomissing Pennsylvania

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Biggie - Douglassville, Pennsylvania,

Toys R Us
1055 Woodland Road, Wyomissing Wyomissing, 19610 Pennsylvania, USA
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Recently, the Toys R Us store located on 1055 Woodland Road, Wyomissing Pa advertised a free lego give-away event at the store if you attended Saturday, February 8th between 12:00PM and 2:00PM.  The event advertised that if you child came to the store they would receive the lego give away, however I arrived at 11:50AM and there was a line out the door (litterally) in 20 degree temperatures kids are waiting with parents to receive the give away.  I waited with my 7 year old son as did alot of other parents, I would say a hundred or more families.  

We waited for 30 minutes are more and finally got to the table where the give away was taking place.  Upon arrival the child and parent in front of me were being told that the event was over and that was it, I was saddened, but my son was very upset.  I quickly counted the people that were in front of me and behind me and calculated less that 50 children or families had received the lego give away.  I questioned the store sales clerk and was told that she knew very little and that was it, in the meantime people were receiving raffle tickets to win a free lego set.

Confused by how that could be it after only 50 children receiving the free give a way I stood around waiting for a manager or someone to find out why they would promote such an event and then turn around and only have a few give aways.  Then it came to me, they had enough for only a few people and then expected people to stand around or shop waiting for the raffle.  

This is clearly a scam to get people in the store and marketing to children.  How shameful and disappointed I am in Toys R Us to make children wait in the freezing cold while knowing they did not have enough toys to give away. I can't believe that this can go on without anyone holding these turds to account for lying to kids and parents to sell product.  

Something should be done to right this!!!  It is a SCAM!!

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Sun, February 09, 2014

  I quickly counted the people that were in front of me and behind me and calculated less that 50 children or families had received the lego give away.

- So you were instatly able to calculate that only 50 people got lego sets by counting the number in front of you.  Interesting...so just how did you do that when most of those people were not just hanging around the table and you were the next group to be at the table?

Here are a few things.  You got there at 11:50AM, you will probably find that the first person got there 2-3 HOURS before you.  You put down the exact time you arrived, and as said amazingly were able to deduce the number of people who got a set by counting the number of people in front of you(1) and the number of people in BACK of you.  But could not give an exact time of how long you waited in line.  As you said you were there for "30 minutes are more"(or more?).   So was that "are more" 5 minutes, 10 minutes or perhaps another 30 minutes?

Because even taking your lowest estimate, and it starting at 12 Noon, it doesn't take 20 minutes to give away 50 sets.

Oh and I bet you if you read what ever advertisment you saw this giveaway in..there was some exclusion or note that said that the give-away was limted to the first xx number of kids.  Which is why you had a huge line before the event even started because every other parent knew there was a limited number and wanted to make sure they got one and were waiting for quite a while before you even got there.  After all if there was no limit why wouldn't everyone just come in AFTER it started and avoid having to spend even a few minutes in the cold.


New Jersey,
No ripoff or scam here

#3Consumer Comment

Sat, February 08, 2014

You obviously didn't READ the promo or you would have clearly seen, at the bottom of the ad, in the disclaimers that it clearly states that quantities are LIMITED!  This means that everyone won't get one.  You were far back in line, you said about 50 in front of you. so they most likely only had 50 sets to give away.

You are whining because you didn't get something for free.  You are suffering no loss here, since it would have been FREE!  Did you promise your child that they were getting this?  If so, that is your fault since you didnt READ the ad.  And by the way, the promo/ad is easily found online. 

I never understand how people feel scammed because they didn't get a FREE PROMO!  Of course they want you to go into the store for the raffle.  It's called marketing.  Every retailer does this.  And no, I don't now or ever have worked for Toys R Us. 

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