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Ernie H - West Frankfort,, Illinois,

Toys R Us
Marion, IL Select State/Province, USA
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I had an enjoyable experience -"NOT" - at Toys R Us in Marion, IL yesterday. We took my grandson shopping for his birthday. Besides a toy, he also picked up an X-Box credit card for $25.00. They didn't have the game he wanted, so we ran over to GameStop, Marion, IL for the game. In the meantime, my daughter had informed me that she had gotten the X Box credit card for $40 that would last the entire year.

I took the one we had just purchased back to ToysR Us. Even though the code had not been scratched off and it was 15-20 minutes after we bought it and I had the receipt; they refused to accept the return, stating that once they scanned the sale in; it was not returnable. The manager, while seemingly interested in doing everything possible to accept the return stated that it is printed on the card "non-returnable" by Microsoft.

Maybe she didn't understand the concept that her store was using a ToysR Us cash register and when scanned in....it's only recorded by ToysR Us....NOT Microsoft. This is a ToysR Us policy.

Last year, also for my grandson's birthday; we had purchased BeyBlades at the same ToysR Us in Marion, and if you spent $100, you would receive the castle storage box. When we checked out, we were informed that they were on backorder.

No Problem...when they come in; we would bring in the receipt and pick it up. Guess what.... when we took the receipts in for the castle....the promo was over and would not be honored. Nice job...ToysR Us.

Now for the fun part.... ToysR Us played this game for what amounted to a $25.00 sale. I have 7 grandkids and 1 great grandchild. I can promise them that in the years to come; that $25.00 will cost them dearly.

I will go out of my way and/or order it online before I'll spend another dime at ToysR Us in Marion; and since this was a ToysR Us online cash register, I will avoid shopping at any ToysR Us store, anywhere.

Enjoy the $25.00 - it just cost you more than a few thousand for the upcoming birthdays, Christmas and gift giving occasions for the future.

AND, if you are wondering why I didn't return the toy he had purchased with the X-Box credit card...it was because he had opened it in the car.

BTW.... I had promised the ToysR Us manager I would post this on my Facebook... I wanted to make sure I kept my promise.

Please post this to all of your friends, and ask them to forward it to their friends, and so on and so on.

This would be one way to let ToysR Us know that their policies stink and if they want to treat their customers like what I've described above... they are not the only retail source we can purchase from.

I originally posted this to my Facebook page... I just thought it's worth sharing it to everyone.

Toys R Us needs to clean up their act... It's hard to be profitable without customers.

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West Frankfort,,
A little forethought could have prevented all of this

#2Author of original report

Fri, August 30, 2013

While I've not attacked in a derogatory manner, the manager or any employee at toys are us; but have been called a number of names by what must obviously be one of the employees that was there (only 3 that I saw), you want to imply it was the customer's fault, and has nothing to do with a policy of the store.

We are certainly a society of feeling entitled....maybe to fair marketing practices; such as placing a little sign on that gondola stating:  PRODUCTS ON THESE SHELVES ARE NOT RETURNABLE.  A little forethought on the managements' part would have prevented all of this.

Funny, since you read the original complaint, you had no mention of the Rip Off regarding your store dealing with the promo of the castle that you would not honor once you had them back in stock.

Now, to address the "idiot, a*s, two brain cells, self-entitled, etc, etc" comments that you and your co-worker has made.  Here's my reply.  Instead of looking into what could be done to prevent this in the future; you two clowns elected to call me names. 

Here's my reply... I won't buy from ToysR Us again.  It's my feeling to be "ENTITLED" to fair and responsible retail practices, to elect to not support you and your co-workers' employment at ToysR Us.  Therefore, the only name I would like to call you and your co-worker is "unemployed".

Have a good day.



It's not the responder

#3Consumer Comment

Wed, August 28, 2013

 While the rebuttal seems a little harsh, it's clear that you didn't know the policy.  I didn't either.

The difference, however, is that once it was explained to you, you still had a hissy fit and made a fool of yourself instead of learning from the experience so you don't do it again.  You also might take the opportunity to explain it to your friends so they also know how the system works.

The fact that you don't like the system is irrelevant.



West Frankfort,,
You must be in upper management at ToysR Us....NOT

#4Author of original report

Wed, August 28, 2013

I will admit I am not up-to-date on purchasing credit/gift cards for Xbox.  However, as a small business owner, I would hope I'm far from being an idiot.  You obviously must be in upper management at ToysR Us since you are so up-to-date on POS and how ToysR Us operates their business with other corporations.

Obviously, one of us must be an idiot.  I'll let the readers decide whether it's you or I... Have a great day.


really dumb...

#5General Comment

Tue, August 27, 2013

 And I mean you as the consumer. ALL AIRTIME and GIFTCARDS are non refundable. I dont care if its 30secs after you purchased it. It just goes to show exactly how self entitled you are. You are obviously out of the loop when it comes to how xbox cards work. Yes you purchased it at a Toys R us. But the moment you made the purchase the POS register contacts Microsoft and activates the card. There by making it live and for use. Seems to me YOUR ignorance is the problem and not thier return policies.

Its YOUR self entitled attitude that caused this whole situation. Had you even two complete brain cells to rub together you would understand events such as this one you experienced. They couldnt return the xbox card literally the moment the cash was collected from you. They offer these cards because of a contract with Microsoft. THEY GET NOTHING OUT OF THE SALE!! Not even a penny. So great job not only making a a*s of yourself in thier store but online as well. You have shown the world YOUR ignorance. I say good for ToysRus, they dont need idiot shoppers who cant even understand the simplest of situations. I know for a fact that the manager DID do everything they could, but thier hands are tied by MICROSOFT. Not thier internal policies. So good for you, youre taking a stand based solely on your own ignorance. Must be grat having the world revolve around you.

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