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Complaint Review: The Law Offices Of Roni Lynn Deutch - Sacramento California

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- Oro, Arizona,
Wed, April 21, 2004

The Law Offices Of Roni Lynn Deutch
4366 Auburn Blvd Sacramento, 95841 California, U.S.A.
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I am a total sucker. I actually believed what their "interviewer" (salesman) told me. It turned out to all be self serving and extremely misrepresented lies designed to get my money, then play a delay and paperwork game.

It has been over 2 years, a mountain of paperwork (not IRS official things, just their offices' busy work). Then a lot of warnings about "tell the truth of we will be forced to resign".........They were apprised of every single fact surrounding the case, from day one, and promised they would have no problem dealing with a simple situation like this........

Finally the offer in compromise was addressed by the IRS. The $3700 RLD said would take care of the matter was soon $25000. RLD's lawyers were on the phone telling me I had done something wrong and I would be in trouble. They had "done a good job, but unfortunately there was nothing more they could do......."

I protested. I had done not ONE THING wrong, and had been 100% honest with them from day one. They only look for ways to shirk their duties and be done, deal or not. The amount of BS coming from them at this point is astonishing, and it is outrageous. The are completely adversarial. They act like the worst collectors you could ever summon up. They are not on their client's side, they are on THEIR side.

I paid good money upfront on the basis of their representations and those representations turned out to be all false. Now it's just lame excuses and blame. They are despicable businesspeople and worse lawyers.

Now I am in trouble. when I hired them I had no Federal tax liens files, I was not in collection. I simple wanted to try to do the right thing and settle an old issue. Now the statute of limitations has been significantly extended by this failure on their part, and I have been informed by them that the IRS will be either filing a tax lien or else putting the matter into active collection status, and if I don't accept the IRS offer I will be "in trouble"........whose side are they on?

They lied to me, put me at risk, cost me a lot of time, paperwork, trouble, stress, and now I am in much worse shape than ever before. They say lame things like "maybe you could write a letter to your congressman".........

And now, after only a few days of the offer in compromise being rejected they are hounding me to sign off on the offer , rescind it, and allow them to resign........

I have hired another tax attorney (a real one) and I will be asking him to help me with a campaign of complaints to all the appropriate agencies and organizations, and yes, I expect my money back, after a performance like that.

One piece of advice: if you want to talk to them about your situation, download a phone recorder and record ALL of your conversations. That's the only way you will be able to prove the BS. Because when I objected to their tactice, that's what they told me: "PROVE IT!" That's what I did and it is the ONLY way I will be able to get anywhere at all with this.

Better yet, get a REAL attorney, not a nest of thieves who are taking advantage of a lousy IRS situation and an underegulated TV advertising industry to scam your money and cost you even more grief.


Valley, Arizona

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Help these people and stop the rip off maddness!!!

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, May 19, 2004

I have watched, and watched, and watched this site on a sporatic basis to see if any of the people that complain and trash your practices ever come back with positive news that they were finally treated right! Scott "Timothy" Butt-kissing Juceam the angry collector has come on here regularly to say how proud he is, *butt kiss* to have such a wonderful place to work at, *butt kiss* and he has such a great humanitarian for an employer, *butt kiss* that sends flowers and helpspeople for free, *butt kiss* and gives employees gifts on their birthday, *butt kiss*, *butt kiss*, *butt kiss*. If all these things are true, then why "Timothy" or GREG, (or anyone else who chooses to confront the people who have legitimate concerns) are people firing you and hiring someone else to get their money back? The reason is that everything the people and the ex-employees have been telling the public in this forum is TRUE!!!!!!!!! You are the biggest bunch of lying, back stabbing, mis-informed, sneaky, hidden agenda having, low lifed, holier than thou acting, demented individuals I have had the DIS-pleasuer of working with. 98% of what you are teaching the "Tax Directors" is a crock! And the 2% is a lie. You are trying to lie about your practices and processes, well I am going to show my proof soon enough!! People will be amazed to read what is being told to them when they get a call from your office. I have no vendetta, yet Greg, Scott, Matt, Cindy and everyone else that lied on here will soon see that sometimes you really do get caught with your pants down and your lies will be known. I have submitted a photo of Roni to this web-site and it will be available for viewing as soon as the webmaster puts it up.....it shows Roni and the "20 Dollar" advertisement. Other more damning proof will soon be submitted for your reading enjoyment. Scott "Timothy" stop being a crybaby wussy, and HELP PEOPLE you a*****e....they don't owe YOU the money, you have always and still need your butt kicked, and who knows maybe that would make you a kinder gentiler person. NOT!! People! do not let these people mis-direct you to looking at the competition's history from the Wall Street Journal, or from bad dealings. They are equal in evil and equal in the rip off scheme.

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