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Complaint Review: Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas - Denton Texas

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- Durham, NC,
Sun, October 01, 2000

Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas
University of North Texas Denton, Texas, U.S.A.
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A Dominican American Student, George Luis Allen, was blocked from registration this semester using verification from Spring of 1999 which was withheld until the money was lost at Duke University. Verification has been used for four years at Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas (TAMS/UNT) and Duke University as part of a racial targeting of this student. He is still attending class and seeks justice.

The Director of Financial Aid, Mr. Belvin, and his staff members have used verification to withhold financial aid to harass the student for two years, since his transfer from TAMS/UNT. Through this technique the materials requested by Mr. Belvin were sent repeatedly via US Mail, FedEx, and hand carried to the Financial Aid Office but they refused to acknowledge receipt in order to continue the abuses of "verification".

Demands for payment in full were sent each test period through the bursar's office. The money was withheld until it was sent back to the federal loans system and lost, federal student loans were then changed to Fannie Mae Loans. Verification was used to withhold registration until the last day of the next semester causing the student to begin classes late and he never knew if he could start a semester. This semester Mr. Belvin used verification to prevent the Student from registering at all.

For two years, at Duke both the student and parent contacted the President office of Duke, the provost office, the Office of Intercultural Affairs, the student's advisors and other Deans and officials repeatedly about this abuse and its direct link to racial hate crimes and the abuse of verification at the Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. The harassment at Duke through financial aid and the racial hate crime activity which has continued in Texas lead to academic failure and dismissal in the fall semester of 1999. The student's reinstatement was withheld by Dean Bryant by refusal to acknowledge the receipt of a recommendation sent three times. The student was finally reinstated the week before classes began. When the student requested credit for courses taken at TAMS/UNT which had not been credited, Dean Singer contacted TAMS/UNT and obtained transfer information which listed a different student's records (with different courses and different grades) on it without identifying the student. The President's advisory board ruled the student not only was not to be allowed credit for courses taken at TAMS/UNT but that the student did not deserve credit already received but allowing that credit to stand.

The President and the provost, Mr. Roberts, refused to speak with the student's father, refused to stop the abuse of verification and refused to exercise oversight to the criminal misuse of federal funds. They selected instead to allow this illegal activity to continue and eliminate the student while withholding credits earned at Texas Academy of Math and Science, University of North Texas from Duke credit and by allowing registration of the Fall Semester 2000 to be blocked.

The abuse of verification by the Financial Aid Dept at Duke is directly linked to racial hate crime activity in Texas. These activities include but are not limited to: alteration of grades and records, alteration of IQ, very specific death threats (both face to face and by phone), both front wheels of a vehicle falling off after the lug nuts were loosened, multiple constant break-ins and burglaries of correspondence and records related to school, alteration and elimination of police reports, withholding of grades, open white supremacist rhetoric of Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas (TAMS/UNT) officials, constant and unrelenting abuse of verification to withhold financial aid, exclusion from science competitions, thefts of research papers and tampering with research project, exclusion from receiving his eagle scout award , a man attempting to run the student and parent off the road for approximately five miles, and withholding the student's TAMS/UNT diploma.

US Dept of Education Assistant Secretary of Equal Opportunity Norma Cantu and the Dallas Dept of Education officer of equal opportunity chose to actively protect criminal misconduct at the Texas Dept of Education, Texas School Districts and the Texas Academy of Math and Science/University of North Texas.

Former Senator and Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bensen used his authority to retaliate against the student's father, George D. Allen MD, for seeking redress to grievance's concerning racism and corruption in the Texas Board of Medical Examiners and the 1984 Claud Pepper Ad Hoc Committee on Aging which conducted a witch-hunt claiming 10,000 medical doctors in the US were frauds and targeting the father's medical school, UCIFAS in Santo Domingo among others as diploma mills, claiming the graduates had never studied medicine. The motivation of the witch-hunt was to close the door to foreign medical graduates for economic protection and was justified by white supremacist rhetoric. The lives, families and careers of legitimate physicians were destroyed. The father blew the whistle on demands to be "compromised" in illegal activity in the Houston Health Department in order to be licensed. He was offered an 86 on the ECFMG exam and admission into the UT School of Public Health in exchange for "going along to get along" with an ongoing drug racket in the Houston Health Department Jail Health Clinic. Multiple agencies of the US government have been used to retaliate for seeking redress to grievances as stated in the first amendment for the father seeking relief from corruption and racism in medical licensing. The targeting of a gifted minority student is part of those retaliations. The student's

race and place of birth is stated as the reason for racial targeting by Texas Academy of Math and Science.

Seeking relief from this activity in TAMS/UNT and Duke University has resulted in increased retaliations in both institutions through the administration.


George D. Allen

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