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Complaint Review: Super 8 Motel - Bartlesville Oklahoma

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Tue, December 26, 2000

Super 8 Motel
Bartlesville, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
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My husband, son, and I drove to Bartlesville, Oklahoma this past weekend for an airshow. My husband had reserved a non-smoking room for us at Super 8. We checked into the motel and my husband took the minivan to the airshow for the afternoon while my son and I stayed back to rest and relax in a cool room. About 20 minutes after my husband had departed, I decided that I'd had enough of the workman bashing away at the roof of the building and didn't really want to bathe in a mildew-stained bathtub. I went to the office and told the old biddy at the front desk that our room was unsatisfactory and that I wanted a new room. Instead of being concerned that I was obviously unhappy with our accomodations, she just looked at me and said, "Why?" I told her in very plain language WHY. After a few minutes of hemming and hawing, she decided that I could have a smoking room that had 1 king-sized bed. She was unpleasant and sarcastic. I was already well on my way to being very pissed off at this point.

I checked out the new room (which was at the other end of the building), and returned to the office and said it would be acceptable. She didn't offer anything else, and so I had to ask specifically for a roll-away bed for my son to sleep on. Once again, a bit of hemming and hawing. She said she'd have to check with housekeeping to see "if any were available."

I went back to the old room to pack up our stuff and she called and said that yes, there was a roll-away we could have. When I went back to the office to collect our new keys, she announced that the roll-away would be $5.00 and that the new room was a little more expensive. I was flabbergasted and enraged. I found it hard to believe that after all that inconvenience and hassle that she expected me to pay EVEN MORE? I don't yell at strangers. I don't need to; I spent six years in the Marine Corps, and can strenghthen my voice enough so that I don't have to yell. Well, I told the old woman that I had NO INTENTION OF PAYING ANOTHER DIME FOR A SITUATION THAT WAS UNTENABLE AND NOT MY FAULT. I told her I expected this motel to do the right thing, and give us the other room for the exact same charge as the original, unsatisfactory room. She actually had the gall to seem shocked that I would expect the motel to do such a thing. She turned and went into a room behind the front desk.

I could hear a T.V. going, and a man's voice for a minute. She returned to the front desk with the hotel manager trailing her. I've got two perfect words to describe this guy: WHITE TRASH. He was unkempt, unshaven, scraggly-haired, wearing ratty jeans and a t-shirt, and reeked of cigarette smoke even from where I was standing. Oh, a really attractive beer belly. He was rude and horrible from the first second. It didn't seem to occur to him that perhaps he should make a little effort to get back into my good graces as a paying guest. Basically he told me that he wasn't going to help me with anything because he didn't like my demeanor, and that if I didn't want to pay the extra money I could just pack up and get off the property! I think I was in a state of mild shock by this time. This sad excuse for a man was telling me to shove it! I had a few choice words for him and things went back and forth like that for a few minutes.

I finally demanded the corporate address and contact phone number, and (like some of the other horror stories I've read) he just pointed at the 1-800 number on the wall. I could see for myself that that was just the reservation line, and asked him how stupid he thought I was. He shrugged and said I could call that number. O.k., FINE, you jerk. I called the 1-800-800-8000 number and let it ring 25-30 times with no answer, no recording, nothing, before I hung up. That's when I noticed the placard behind the desk that said that this Super 8 was owned and operated by "...Janki, Inc." So I then told the slob/manager that I wanted THAT information. He flatly refused to give my ANY information about this Janki, Inc. At first he said he wasn't "allowed to", and then that he "didn't have the address or phone number, anyway." What a stinking liar! So, I marched my unhappy a*s over to the courtesy phone and dialed 911, and told the dispatcher that I was having a serious dispute with the manager and wanted an officer out there.

After 20 minutes of waiting a cruiser finally showed up. I went outside to meet the officer. He didn't even bother to introduce himself or ask how he could help or what the situation was. I gave him a 2-minute synopsis of what had occurred while he just stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.

By the time I was finished, the pig/manager had come outside and was actually standing right next to the policeman (like they were buddies or something.) This is exactly what the officer said, "What do you want me to do about this, ma'am? This is a civil matter." He was about as rude and snotty as the motel manager, and refused to do anything on my behalf. Well, by this time it was apparent that I wasn't getting anywhere, and that I was bound to lose this fight. So - I ended up walking down the road with my bags and a basket of toiletries, a 12 year-old boy in tow, no vehicle, no money or credit cards, and no accomodations in a strange town. And since we'd planned on a nice, quiet weekend with no outside interruptions, my husband had left the pager at home. I couldn't even contact him.

I've NEVER been treated so badly by a hotel/motel in my entire 36 years. I'm a bright, reasonable, articulate person who works as a receptionist for an engineering firm. I KNOW what customer service is. Super 8 doesn't have a clue, and their manager should be fired on point. I'm doing everything I can to complain formally, and tomorrow plan on drafting up a letter that I will send to the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce, Mayor, Police Department and anyone else I can think of.

I'm still so angry I could just spit. I will NEVER spend another minute in a Super 8 property, and will go out of my way to prevent anyone else from doing so, either. It was a horrible experience.

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4 Updates & Rebuttals

REBUTTER sounds pissed off! Does not like EDITORS comments


Tue, February 06, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #4083.
It was sent by Wenkal at [email protected]

Super 8 Motel horrible experience *REBUTTAL ..nothing more than a roof over your head *UPDATE ..Customer service responds(#4083)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above EDITORS comments:

Is this how you run your web site "EDITOR", asking me if Im not getting enough? Your as unprofessional as some of the people in here. By the way I resonded twice to reports. When did 2 times constitute MANY? I'll make whatever comments I want, thats what this is for. Your comments are going to be forwarded to the appropriate people as I feel your attitude "EDITOR" is poor. Maybe YOU should take a few customer relations classess. OH,
and no you dont waste the police officers time with civil problems "EDITOR", we have peoples lives to save, maybe even yours!


TO: Evil Homer

I just looked at that Rip-off Report you refer to below:

I've seen worse. I feel the Editor had some legit questions as to your motivations. Actually, the Editor made a lot of sense. Why not just answer the Editor back? That Editor is very knowledgeable and yes, and maybe a little sarcastic. I see it as a little humor too.

Please understand. We are for the consumer. We are advocates for consumers. A voice for the consumer.
We are not lawyers. BUT, like a lawyer, when a client comes in the door of our web site, no matter how bad the situation looks, we take their side. After all, who else do they have?

I just noticed your e-mail address. Evil Homer. What's that all about? I think the Editors comment was right on. But you should not take it personally. From the tone of your REBUTTALS, asking if you are getting enough is a good question.

And your wrong if you think we do not care about you coming back to the Rip-off Report. Your opinion is valued and will look forward to see your REBUTTALS in the future. Even if we disagree with them.

It would be great if you could answer the questions the Editor asked.

From the desk of the Publisher

[email protected]

Customer Service responds


Mon, January 29, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #4083.
It was sent by Rodney Triplet at [email protected]

Super 8 Motel horrible experience *REBUTTAL ..nothing more than a roof over your head (#4083)

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Rodney Triplet
Their phone number: 202-493-0625
Their relationship to the company: Advocate

Thank you for contacting Customer Service regarding the experience you had with the Bartlesville OK Hotel. We apologize for what you encountered, and for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We would be happy to assist you further. Please provide the following information:

Your full name.
The name under which the room was reserved.
The date(s) of your stay.
Were you charged by the hotel, and if so how much.


Rodney Triplet
Customer Service Representative

The author of this REBUTTAL has a serious problem??


Mon, January 22, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #4083.
It was sent by Al Wenkal at [email protected]

Super 8 Motel horrible experience *REBUTTAL ..nothing more than a roof over your head (#4083)

Super 8 Motel (Motels)
12/26/00 (Last Modified: 1/9/01)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Al Wenkal

Their relationship to the company: Supporter

The Police are not the Complaint Department of Life. As a 911 dispatcher I am disgusted by people who needlessly tie up EMERGENCY lines with this type of garbage. Use your head Marine! Police are there for Emergencies such as broken CRIMINAL LAWS, not civil laws. Lawyers handle civil complaints.

I respect all men and women who have served in our Nations
Military, however, I have noticed a tendency from EX-Marines to be a bit on the "egotistical" side, and dont take no for an answer very well.

Customer relations could suffer in light of this. Next time you check into a motel take a good look around before you plunk down your money.


The author of this REBUTTAL has a serious problem??

Recently you have been sending the most ridiculous REBUTTALS to many of the Rip-off Reports. Are you a disgruntled cop or something. You seem to be trying to tare apart sincere and legitimate Rip-offs, making no sense and are not sincere.The Rip-off Report *REBUTTALS is not a message board for ridiculous comments.

The Rip-off Report you are referring to above is perfectly legitimate. The author of the Rip-off Report felt there could be a possible confrontation which might escalate. If the hotel worker called the police first where they felt threatened, the customer might have ended up in jail or thrown out of the hotel with no refund.

Whenever a person feels there is a disagreement with a business, and there is a possibility of a confrontation, you should always call the police. Police are peace officers. All too often, local business are very friendly with the local cop on the beat.

Mr. Wenkal, what is your problem? Are you not getting enough? If not, please get some before reading the Rip-off Reports. :-)

Super 8 hotels are basically bottom-rate, known to anyone who travels much as just a roof over your head.


Tue, January 09, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #4083.
It was sent by Bob Lincoln at [email protected]

Super 8 Motel horrible experience (#4083)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Bob Lincoln

Their relationship to the company: Supporter

While I can sympathize with anyone who was unwittingly stuck with a noisy or uncomfortable room, I feel that you handled this very undiplomatically and started off with a hostile attitude. A receptionist should show more tact that that.

It was also a huge mistake to dial 911. This is an
*emergency* number only, not a complaint line, and using it in such a manner predisposes you to unsympathetic behavior from the police, who you diverted from real emergencies. It was indeed a civil matter, a dispute over a contract for lodging, and not a criminal matter.

Super 8 hotels are basically bottom-rate, known to anyone who travels much as just a roof over your head. Pick a better hotel next time.

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