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Complaint Review: Subway - Reno Nevada

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- Reno, Nevada,

3502 S VIRGINIA ST, RENO, NV 89502 Reno, 89502 Nevada, U.S.A.
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Quite a few months ago, I had a horrible experience and a Subway Sandwich shop. I just now came upon this site though. I went to Subway one night and had a coupon for a six inch sandwich if you buy a six inch sandwich. I get my sandwiches and I go home to eat with my significant other. Well, on 1/2 of the sub there was literally only 1/2 of a meatball! Not even a full meatball was on it. It was seriously all sauce. I thought no big deal, so I call up. The night manager was polite and told me to come in and I could get another 6 inch sandwich for free. I go in once and she was not there and there was no note stating I should receive a free 6 inch. No problem, I figured I'd just come back, even though I was a little upset I'd have to go back again. I called up the night manager and she told me when she works.

So...I go in again. She had a family emergency and wasn't working her normal hours. I was upset now because I had to keep driving there for a "free" sandwich. So the employee who was there (who was the one who apparently can't count and gave me the meatless sub) tells me that I was lying. Like straight out said it. She said that she and the night manager pulled the receipts and I had only been charged for 1/2 of a footlong sub because she knew there was only meat on half. So right there she ADMITTED that she knew she hadn't given me a full footlong worth of meatballs. I kindly reminded her that I had used a buy one 6 inch get one free coupon so THAT is why I was only charged for a 6 inch. I said if she knew that she had only given me meat on half of a sandwich then why couldn't she just give me the sub I was due. She said that she couldn't because it was against the rules. Then she went on to accuse me and my fiance of being a couple that has been going around to all of the Subways in the area trying to scam free subs! I was absolutely outraged that I would be accused of doing this even after she ADMITTED that she knew there was only meat on half of the sub. So, I left.

I called up the next day to talk to a manager because I was so completely upset. I do not think that any business shoudl call a customer a theif without proof. I mean, she KNEW she had shorted me. So then the day manager that I spoke with on the phone continued to say that she had a suspicion that my fiance and i might be this couple that was scamming the local subways. I couldn't believe this! I would not try to scam a company out of like $3. Come on now! It was admitted by the girl who waited on me that she shorted me! Then I was told by the manager that I couldn't get a refund or another sandwich without a receipt. Well, anyone who regularly goes to subway (like I used to) knows that they only give you a receipt if you ask for one. I had no reason to think that I needed a receipt at this point. The manager then went on to tell me that if I wanted my 6 inch sandwich I'd have to come in so she could see me so she could look at the videos and compare my face to the ones on the videos of the couple scamming. I said I was not going to go into the store AGAIN just to have her see my face so then I could go in AGAIN to get a freakin' sub. I figured the fact that I gave my name, address, phone number, etc. to her would have been enough to show I wasn't out to scam them. But no. She insisted that I was a theif and that I would only get what I was owed if I came in.

So at this point, I get really upset. I have been a loyal customer of Subways for quite some time. There are like 5 other sub places where I live, but I go to Subway because it was the only sub place that they had here that they used to have back in NY. I wrote Subway an email explaining my situation. I again gave them all of my information, name, address, telephone, etc. At this point I received a call from the owner of these Subways. I believe his name was Chris. However, his message got cut off and the last numbers of his phone number were not on the message. I tried REPEATEDLY to contact him or get him number again, but nobody seemed to pass the messages along. At this point, I could have cared less about the sandwich, I just wanted to let him know that his employees all the way up to his management were calling their customers theives. I mean, is it really worth losing a customer over $3?

So, I feel this situation has left me no other choice than to post this message about the Subway employees at the McCarran location. They are rude, will accuse a good customer of being a theif, and steal your money. The owner seems nice, but somethign has to be done about getting a complaint resolved. SO here is my vindication.

Dissapointed Customer

Reno, Nevada

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A Blighted Ghost-town and State

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Thu, January 26, 2012

Reno and Nevada already have a bad reputation in the national media; a talk with home insurers confirms people and businesses are fleeing Reno and Nevada.  These shocking behaviors by Reno businesses and Nevada public employees give a further black-eye to Reno and Nevada which are increasingly becoming and known as A Blighted Ghost-town and State.  The Reno Subway Sandwiches has been notorious for years for their laziness, incompetence, corrpurtion, extortion, blackmail, civil rights violations, abuses, perjury, fraud, false documents, and sewer cleanliness yet have never been held acountable for their illegal and unethical behaviors due to corruption - they pay bribes to each other and public employees. 


Owner Called....Very Pleased Now

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Wed, September 01, 2004

Unfortunately, I no longer recall the email address I used while I lived in Reno since I have closed that account upon moving. I am the original poster of this message. I just wanted to write to say that the owner of the Subway that I had problems in called me today. I feel completely vindicated. He was very apologetic and offered me some retribution for the situation. He is extremely kind, and offered no excuses for the situation. He let me know that this was not the way he wanted his stores run, and to not let this reflect poorly on his stores or other Subway locations. I feel like I can put this behind me at this point. After speaking with the owner of these franchises, I would highly recommend his stores to any Reno area residents. He is committed to making his customers happy (even after they move away from his districts!).

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