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Complaint Review: Shurgard Storage - Seattle Washington

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Wed, December 20, 2000

Shurgard Storage
15th Avenue West Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
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Well, the last report that I filed here was on Dec. 3 or thereabouts (about the loss of TVs) and today I am back to report a second theft from my storage unit at Shurgard Storage (15th Ave West) in Seattle. I just got notice today that I have been burgled again, this time much more thoroughly. They've gone through all the boxes and took what they wanted, and also took my furniture. I am still awaiting a report of what exactly was taken. Incredible. After the big TV was stolen, we added a rather expensive Medco lock to the unit to prevent future thefts (before there was only a Shurgard supplied lock on the space). That (the Medco lock) apparently did not help at all. The (two) locks --including the Medco lock -- were still on the unit that had been rifled through, and the police and Shurgard folks say they do not know how anyone got in. Perhaps they walked through walls?

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Coins in a Shurgard Storage Facitlity??? ..some ho-dunk storage place.

#2Consumer Comment

Mon, February 09, 2004

The first complaint speaks to a large (possibly more than one) TV(s). Storage for large TVs is understandable. The second complaintant indicates that $2,800+ worth of COINS was stolen/missing? What in the world were you thinking storing coins in a generic storage facility? They belong in a safety deposit box at a BANK not some h*o-dunk storage place.


Bad news if you think this is theft by some third party coming onto the premises

#3Consumer Comment

Mon, February 09, 2004

Gee, Scott, and here I thought storage managers were just like bartenders--I'd never find an honest one. Bad news if you think this is theft by some third party coming onto the premises. The managers at locations with theft are just like the government, they don't let anybody else come onto their turf and hustle you. Two words, nanny cam.


Please, please get ahold of the attorney general! We are!

#4Consumer Suggestion

Mon, February 09, 2004

My daughter and I have both, an seperate occasions, had our stuff stored at Shurgard Storage in West Seattle. With her, she came in one day to go into her storage and she couldn't get in. The office was closed as usual so, she went back in the next day to find out why she couldn't get in. They claimed that there had been a problem with a water pipe and because of that, they had to change the lock. My question would be, if that was indeed the case, then why did they not at least call her and inform her of the situation so she could have gone to get the key from them before she just, "happened" to show up? With me, I had a month when I was struggling financially so I didn't get them payed on time. They told me they were going to drill out my lock so they could to assess how much they thought they would get if it went to auction. I told them that I had the key and on the day they were going to do that, I would go there and open it for them so that they could assess it. They said I was not allowed on the property unless I paid. I really wondered why they would rather go to the trouble of having the lock drilled out than to just let me come in and open it up for them. I found the answer to that question this weekend when I went there to take my stuff to a lower priced storage. I am a coin collecter and I was missing $2,581.25 in coins. I haven't had time to assess if there is anything else missing as of yet. {As if that isn't enough, right?} Other than the attorney general, I think we also need to maybe get together and put together a class action suit. I will know more about that tomorrow after I talk to my attorney. We also need to continue to post any futher information we receive onto this website. Okay?



#5UPDATE Employee

Thu, February 14, 2002

I happen to be a employee of shurgard storage centers, its really sad that people in this world feel the need to steal from others. As a manager and a professional, we do all that is possible to prevent the problems of theft. Like performing regular lock checks, make sure our gates are in working order. advise the customer that they need to take all precaution to prevent this. a good lock, packing valuable things like electronics and steros in back of the unit. and taking out insurence on the unit. but with out fail a customer will refuse the coverage or not willing to spend money on a good lock. I understand how frustrating it can be, and believe me, we as managers take it very personal that some looser would steal from our site. it hurts real bad. my suggestion to anyone that stores with any company is this. take out coverage on the unit, In most cases the cost is only about 6.00 a month for coverage. look at the site itself, how a property looks can make a real difference. ask about secuity on site... how they deal with theft problems, do they have cameras, ASK QUESTIONS WE ARE THERE TO HELP AND ASSIST YOU THATS OUR MISSION. TO GAIN TRUST IN OUR CUSTOMERS. when we suggest a good lock use it. but most of all remember that it hurts us as much as it hurts you. We want to do all we can to assist you in anyway we can. I as a employee of shurgard take a lot of pride in my job and the company I work for, We have a very high standard that we must maintain at all times, integerty, trust, and leadership to name just a few. It our job in the storage industry to keep good customers in our centers. again I am truly sorry for your lost.


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