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Complaint Review: Robert Green Chevrolet - Monticello New York

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Sat, April 17, 1999

Robert Green Chevrolet
Rout 17 Monticello, 12701 New York, U.S.A.
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Robert Green Chevrolet

Rout 17

Monticello, New York 12701

Dear Mr. Green:

As per my request for the 50th time,I am asking you to refund the money owed to me and my mother.

1.You took my warranty papers to cancel the policy from the old

vehicle, you lost the papers and I lost now approximately $1,300.00.

2.The vehicle I turned in to your respectable business

for trade, your agent said (after opening up the

Blue book) "well we will give you wholesale value

on your car Robin... and that is $7,500.00"! I had

no reason not to believe him. You gypped me out of a minimum of

$4,500.00. And thats not all.

3.This was a new car. I can't understand why there was no sticker on this car (as I can't understand why so many of your new cars have no stickers in the window or on the floor of the car). I took pictures of these cars two weeks ago with their VIN numbers. So, your agent drew up a paper stating my car price at $10,612.15. That car then and now, the new sticker price for this car with nothing extra in it would be approximately $9,300.00. This was verified with three (3) other dealers. Here you gypped me out of $1,312.00. and still, thats not all.

4.The car had six (6) miles on the odometer when I saw it and bought it, how come the odometer stated 160 miles on it. You then had me sign a paper saying it had 60 miles. At the time I did not realize the difference. This added up with everything else is very wrong. Since the interior of the car seemed a different color it's obvios that the car was switched.

Your code of ethics stinks. In your opinion, you did nothing wrong!

Well as a customer, I do not agree with you and neither do the car dealers I spoke to. Over eight of your past customers I spoke with had nothing good to say about you or your dealership policies, not to mention the host of people who have reported you to various agencies over many many years now.

Lets not forget car parts! Every car part receipt that I could

obtain, I was charged by your dealership 30%, 50% to 110%

more than all other dealers charged, why?

I have asked my parents for their help and they advised me to

respectfully ask you again for the last time before I take action for the following:

Item il: $1,300.00

Item #2: $4,500.00

Item #3: $1,312.00


The offer you made to me to go to Temple with you and a free week at your hotel in Pennsylvania, plus future discounts on auto parts, is not acceptable to me as it is an insult and considered to be a JOKE.

I am also requesting that you remove your cars from the roadway, or public right of way, on the road. The cars are blocking our public right of way and your cars do not belong there. You are blocking people from legally using the right of way.

I then plan to forward all of this to GM's regional and national

offices. I'm sure they will do nothing either.

I will not let this end till I get reimbursed in full!

You Personally seem very nice, butI must keep in mind, your still a car salesman.

I am now asking you to use good business sense and wake up to the coffee - refund my money.

Again, please remove ALL the cars off of the public right of way, or I'll call the city!

You people have been crooks for years! You must be stoped.

Pay up!

Robin Kaminski

P.S. Mr. Green Sr. & Jr., if you lost my address, just contact the RipOff Report, and let them know you have a check for me for a full reimbursment. They will foward the message to me.

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New York,
Sounds like rubbish to me !

#2Consumer Comment

Sun, January 14, 2007

While searching for new car prices on line this, "rip-off", report by Robin regarding Robert Green Chevrolet popped up.......... don't know why, but there it was. Sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me. As a long time customer of Robert Green Chevrolet I would like the opportunity to add my two cents. I have found the Service Department at Robert Green Chevrolet to be the best Chevrolet Service Department in upstate New York. As the owner of many registered vehicles at any one time I have used both the New Car Sales Dept at Robert Green Chevrolet and also the Service Dept for over 10 years. I have found the Sales personel to be fair and honest, and I have found the Service Department to be the best Service Department I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. (they always go the extra mile) Don't believe everything you read on the internet folks! I give them 4 out of 4 stars !!

These are evil lying Car Dealers


Thu, February 22, 2001

These are evil Car Dealers I was searching the net and found your story on Robert Green! Thank you!!! The Green son is just as bad as his father. They ripped us off too the lying bastards. They switched us into a different car. They said they needed to prep it for us and was going to give it an extra buffing of some sort. This was a totally different vehicle! They tried to get the old contract back from my wife. I zoomed down to Robert Green and checked out the VIN numbers. They did not match the car they said was ours! Thank you for being here for us. This made me feel so much better! J Collins

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