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Complaint Review: River Home Sales-Jim La Son - Beaver Springs Pennsylvania

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- Lewistown, Pennsylvania,

River Home Sales-Jim La Son
US Rt. 522 Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
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In May of 2002, I was considering the purchase of a new manufactured home. I went to River Home Sales in Beaver Springs, PA. I was approached by manager Jim La Son, and we proceeded to look at several homes and discuss the possibility of me buying one.

I did not really care for Mr. La Son as a person. He was a rather arrogant and high-pressure salesman. When I finally did find a home that I was interested in buying, my girlfriend and I spoke with Mr. La Son and went over all of the details. Mr. La Son contacted his bank connections, viewed my credit score, and said "You have EXCELLENT credit for all the older you are!" He assured me that he could get the deal done quickly.

A few days later, Mr. La Son informed me that he could not get me the financing. I thanked him for his time and effort, and he voided our sales agreement and agreed to refund my deposit money in full. Had he stopped at that, I would have nothing bad to say about Jim La Son. Unfortunately, this story takes a turn for the worse.

I was informed by my mother, who had gone to River Home Sales to pick up my deposit money from Mr. La Son, of a disturbing new development. Mr. La Son concocted a lie that my girlfriend had been at his business recently with ANOTHER man, and was looking to buy a home!! After I determined this story to be FALSE beyond any reasonable doubt, I called Jim La Son and asked him about it. He seemed quite surprised at being called on his lie. The slick and smooth-talking La Son was STUTTERING heavily. He did not deny having said exactly what my mother told me he had said. His only excuse was a "misunderstanding". During this same conversation, he told me that he had another home, one that he COULD get me financing for. Disgusted, I told him to forget it.

Now I wondered, WHY would Jim La Son do something so utterly stupid? What could he possibly stand to gain by telling such a lie? I soon found out.

After being screwed by La Son, I contacted another home dealer. This guy used to work with Jim La Son, and confided to me that La Son seemed to feel "threatened" by the fact that this man had opened his own dealership! La Son's plan was to wreck my relationship so that I would not be looking for my own place to move in with my girlfriend. He was THAT afraid that his competitor would get the business that HE was unable to get from me! His fear was reality, and his lie did not work. I bought from his competitor. I have since sold this home and bought a REAL house. The competitor that I purchased from treated me much better than Jim La Son did, but I am glad that I will never have to see another manufactured home dealer again.

In conclusion, Jim La Son is a horrible, p*ss poor excuse for a businessman. What he tried to do to my girlfriend and me was intolerable. If I had known for sure it would have worked, I would have sued Jim La SCUM for punitive damages. If he is willing to attempt to destroy the relationships of would-have-been customers just to try to hurt his competitors, who knows what else he would try?!? Avoid this LYING JERK at all costs!


Lewistown, Pennsylvania

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