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Complaint Review: RENO BAZZOLI and (JERRY) DAVE GREENE - could be in your town Arizona

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Mon, May 29, 2000

could be in your town, Arizona, U.S.A.
Con Artists
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I've been ripped off twice on a building project by these con men, who, besides ripping me off on said building project, also run other scams.

(A) The first local con man I know of is Reno Bazzoli, whose last known address is: 924 E. Flint in Chandler, AZ. S.S.N. is

540-42-7254. Bazzoli took $173,000 from me (from a loan from my

dad). For the $173,000 paid (paid out over one year) Bazzoli did about $70,000 worth of work. I paid him too much too fast. Bazzoli repeatedly lied and said, "next week," "next week" to my questions of when work would take place. I have a judgement against Bazzoli.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors thankfully filed charges against Bazzoli. South Mesa (Arizona) Justice Court gave an order of restitution against Bazzoli (Case No. CR 9700138A). His order to repay

-- or settlement? $100 per month!! An insult. Hey, crime pays, doesn't it?

Since then I contacted an assistant of Bazzoli's, a Don McCleave of Mesa, who told me he borrowed $200,000 from his family to start a chrome plating business with Bazzoli, called "Fast Buggy." Don McCleave told me his family lost the bulk of the $200,000 to Bazzoli. I asked McCleave if he had filed charges against Bazzoli......McCleave said no, he hadn't. He sounded like he wanted nothing to do with it all. Wow! That's just what the crooks like Bazzoli are counting on -- people to do


Bazzoli has a "gimmick," an "invention" -- a tire burning machine which he claims will burn used tires without creating air pollution.....worth millions -- if it were true. Bazzoli uses this gimmick to hook or play on people.

(B) The second crook is even more sleazy than Bazzoli, a Dave Greene (originally from Georgia, amusingly). After I got rid of Bazzoli on the building project, I brought in what I thought was a friend -- Dave Greene. Last known address is 1340 Bonito Ct. in Gilbert, AZ, 85223.

Greene basically did the same thing to me as Bazzoli did (shame on me). Greene conned too much money out of me. (More loans from family.) $113,000 to him and a plumber friend of his. For $113,000 we got about 30 to 40 thousand dollars worth of work done.

Greene lied in many ways. For example, when I told him we needed a registered contractor for the job, Greene brought in a "Don Barrett" (whom I believe was also conned by Greene) and represented Barrett as the registered contractor for the job. After I figured out Greene was a thief and a liar, I called up Barrett to inform him about the problem. Barrett told me he was brought in by Greene as a consultant, not a contractor.....fraud on Greene's part.

Greene's lies and fraud are too voluminous to mention here. If you wish, I'd be delighted to show you his written conflicting statements or "lies." Some real "whoppers."

Greene no doubt put the bulk of the monies given him into a pyramid scheme called "Friends Helping Friends" which is illegal and constitutes racketeering. How do I know this? After a point, the pyramid scheme was all Greene would talk about. It was his new "toy." Greene even told me he had a $12,000 gift each for me and my dad from said pyramid scheme......."Hmmm" I thought. I never put any money into his pyarmid scheme. Why is Greene offering me monies from said pyramid scheme?Hmmm. (No $12,000 gifts, of course.) Since then I know of one other

individual, a Tony Muir, who told me he lost $3,000 to Greene's pyramid scheme.

Like Bazzoli before him, Greene also has a "gimmick" -- a fuel additive called "Clean Air 2000" (see copies of contracts.) which does reduce emissions as Greene claims. However, as someone pointed out to me: "Alcohol put into your gas tank will do the same." As a matter of fact, I realized later that Greene at one point only marketed his fuel additive overseas (where

he couldn't be easily prosecuted for fraud). At one point when I believed in Greene, I took it upon myself to try to promote his "Clean Air 2000" fuel additive locally. I wrote to local TV news stations about it. When I proudly told Greene of this, Greene told me in no uncertain terms "not to do any more of that." Hmmm, I thought. Now I know why. His clean air product is fraud --- little more than alcohol.

Currently, I am suing Greene in Maricopa County Superior Court (with funds from my dad). Case No. CV1999-91028. The lawyer thinks we will get a Summary Judgement due to Greene's "weak arguments." However, collecting is another matter. Greene is a predator and "slippery."

Other companies Green and his family own are:

(A) "Engineered Lubricants Services" of 431 S.Stapley, Mesa, AZ 85204

(B) "C & B Properties" P.O. Box 40811, Mesa, AZ 85274

("C & B" means, by the way, "Crash and Burn".......Cute, huh?)

In reviewing the examples of how these scams and con men work.....they seem to have a "gimmick" or "hot new invention" ---to get your interest. They get as much money as they can as quickly as possible; they do about 1/4 to 1/3 of the work promised, and drag the ordeal out as long as possible with lies and more lies. They "know the system."

One thing I've learned is you don't do business here in Arizona.....not until certain policies or realities in our government change. The government here, by turning a blind eye to these con men, is in part responsible.

Thank you for reading what turned out to be a rather lengthy letter. Please let me know if I can help in any way.


Matt Becker

(480) 966-8882

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Sleezy Jerry Dave & Kris Greene Az Cons

#2REBUTTAL Owner of company

Fri, April 18, 2014

No updates to this story for 14 years? Why not? Where are these crooks now? Why hasn't anyone stopped them?

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