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Complaint Review: RBS Citizens w/ Corporate HQ in RI and branches throughout New England & NY -

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Keith - Dover, New Hampshire,

RBS Citizens w/ Corporate HQ in RI and branches throughout New England & NY
800. 922. 9999
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    I am going to try and breakdown my report the following way: 1st paragraph will explain whom I am filing the repkrt against. 2nd paragraph contains what my complaint is. 3rd paragraph is info on how I obtained the upper hand and hopefully how you can as well.

    RBS Citizens Bank with corporate HQ in Riverside RI and various branches throught New Engkand, NY and other branches throughout the Northeast. I am not sure how far they stretch or whom their affilate branches may be. This company seems to be the eppitamy of what is wrong with corporate greed and the demise of the banking industry. I am not even sure where to begin, however, I have read others complaints and was somewhat relieved to find out that I am not the only one with these problems. This is not anything new, or new practices from bwing bought out by another bank as I cancelled membership with them back in 2001 due to the exact same thing and was duped into reestablishing an account in 2011 with promises that these practises changed and to emphasize the fact, they were offering rewards of up to $150 USD to reiterate their changes. I should have known then.  As I am positive their deceitful, criminal and unethical prqctices branch out to their many other departments, mine is specifically regarding to personal saving and checking accounts. 

    I have constantly seen the bank holding debit purchases and allowing them to go through when they put your account in the negative as to charge you their "over the limit" fee and daily fees until it is made whole. I have contested charges and am always told it is the other party whos @ fault. I have been consistently lied to and have had notations in my account deleted. Just to give you an idea of how ALL these fradulant charges add up, I had them tally up a 2013 total sometime in 2014 when I investigated one of our accounts and tried to figure out how to pursue a class action lawsuit with other members and the total was around $2200. Please do not be fooled into liking them when they offer you the "courtesy" rebate once a year. There are certain Fed Banking Laws when Congress attempted to re- vamp the banking industry back in the early 2000s. A little known fact is that lawyers for the top 10 banks drafted thw ORIGINAL reform bill whom Congress passed a variation of.

The following is how I filed a complaint and was able to get RBS Citizens to credit my account about $1700 from various overdraft and bank fees. Now, I encorage you to try and follow these steps and at the very least, someone from the Office of the President will call you back. As I mentioned earlier, I was fed up and started Googling reviews on RBS Citizens and found a LOT of people had the EXACT same complaint as me. I investigated how to attempt to start a class action lawsuit but failed. So I decided ro file a report with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as they have helped me in the past. I have never been to any branches in RI, but decided to use THAT BBB office and file agaimst their corporate because I thought it was the best way to get somone from corporate to get ahold of me. I got a call from someone in the Office of the President. I did have to do some fast talking over the course of 2 or 3 weeks, but eventually my contact brought it up to the board and that was pretty much it.

    I hope this helps another person from either stopping to create an acct or another getting some charges back.

    Please feel free to let me know how you made out or if enough of us can discuss how to start a class action lawsuit.

Thank for reading and regards..

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You destroyed your own case...

#2Consumer Comment

Sat, February 14, 2015

I am not going to try and explain why you say you got $1800 in credits.  But you see that is why your report now totally fails.  As if you did keep a register as you now are claiming, then you would never have put yourself into a position where these "holds" would matter.  Especially to the point of $1800.

As if you truly did keep a register you would know how much you have spent and it would not matter if it took the bank 1 minute or 1 year to actually post the transaction.  Why?  Because YOUR register would have accounted for your purchase and if you followed your register you would know that money is no longer available to spend.

So perhaps I should adjust my statment a bit.  You no only need to keep a register, but it must be accurate and you must pay attention to it.

Also, if this bank was so bad why did you let it get to to point of $1800?  Why didn't you find a better bank that didn't do this?  After all you said you came back to them after several years.  So the second they started this same "game" in your mind why didn't you leave and go back to that other bank?  I bet the answer to that would be very telling....

Now onto "starvros" who goes onto the "Oh these people are defending the bank".  Buzz..wrong answer.  You see if people like that would actually pay attention to what is being said.  We are all saying how to avoid these fees.  I think the OD fees are horrendous and as such will do what ever I need to do to avoid them.  Since the primary defense to these fees is a good offense, I will spend the time to make sure I keep an accurate register and don't even think of attempting to spend more than I have available.  If you want to call that "defending" the banks..go right ahead, but it really just makes you look very short sided.

I will also add one thing.  Yes I totally suggest to make sure you did not "opt-in" to their debit-card overdraft protection.  But also be aware that in addition to the cases that was mentioned.  It only checks what you currently have available at that moment.  If you have any "pending" transactions, and you get into an overdraft due to something like a check or ACH, those pending transactions must be paid by regulation, and you would be subject to overdraft fees.

I would also tell you that if you are still unsure of your money management.  Contact your bank about creating other overdraft protection lines.  This could be something like you have your checking account tied to a savings account.  Where when you do OD, they transfer the funds automatically.  Instead of the fee being something like $35 each OD, you are charged a daily fee of $5-$10 regardless of how many you had.  This fee is also only charged on days you use it.  So if you never use it, you will never even see this fee.


delray beach,
Be aware....

#3Consumer Comment

Sat, February 14, 2015

There are some trolls on this website that enjoy demeaning others and defending the banks. They totally overlook the banks slimy actions that are certainly done with intent to extort/expolit fees as a primiary source of profetting these days.


What the banks do is encourage you to use debit cards and online banking and to opt into overdraft "protection" knowing if you are used to trusting banks that you will most likely end up with overdraft fees and then fees on top of fees due to compounding and other measures they can legally get away with.


What the bulk of the lawsuits addressed was that the banks would either force you into overdraft protection by default, or applied it to your accout without your consent.....typically in the fine print. They were busted for this and the feds changed the laws and many major banks were sued and lost.


Essentially, they imply even by calling it overdraft "protection" that it will cut down on fees...when in reality and they know this darn well, it causes fees and very high ones at that.


By using the new regulations to your advantage you should tell the bank you wish to opt out of overdraft protection if you do not always have a surplus of funds in your checking accout or any linked accounts. What this will prevent is ANY overdraft fees due to the debit card and the transaction will be declined at the POS rather then the bank giving you a "loan" at an obscene rate just because you failed to keep track of every purchase and the bank convinced you to use the debit card in lieu of cash for the purpose of "safty and convenience". The ONLY thing "safe" and convenient in your case is the bank will certainly rip you off.


Bear in mind this does not protect you from any overdrafts or ISF for any ACH such as auto bill pay. Since it seems your problems with this bank were due to debit car transactions you do not need any overdraft protection. Where the condescending internet trolls have a point is you did overdraft the account and to some extent share a blame, but to put all the blame on you is absurd when these trolls know d**n freaking well the banks have been sued and LOST time and time again due to these unethical practices. They KNOW this yet for YEARS are still here trolling and bank defending.


New Hampshire,
And your response sir

#4Author of original report

Sat, February 14, 2015

You spent an awful lot of time responding to something I wrote to help other people about my experiences with this bank..I am intelligent enough to know you do not work for them as your comments are trife and ignorant and would be much more polite instead of attempting to pick apart something that obviousky was not intended for an upstanding citizen like yourself.

To respond to you ignorant comments without knowing my whole story, yes..I did keep LOTS of "written registers" how do you think I received approx $1800 in credits? Oh..Maybe the "evil bank" gave them back to me out of the goodness of their hearts..Do your research idiot and see that MANY, MANY people have the EXACT same complaint. My experiences were over 14 years of being a member and it happened both times.

Your other comment of saying they do not hold debits?? Maybe you are correct along with the bank and the dozens and dozens of retailers are wrong when they say they push them right through and the bank processes them when they do. I guess you and the bank are probably correct and the many, many people in the same boat as me are wrong.

Again, I spent the time writting my experience for others to read before deciding to open an account with them. The reason I wrote the report was I noticed many other people had the same experience. NOT for ignorant jerks to tear it apart because they assume they know what they are talking about.


Don't be a m****

#5Consumer Comment

Sat, February 14, 2015

If you would spend just a fraction of time you are spending trying(unsuccessfully) to prove that they are doing something wrong, and instead actually managing your account you would not have any overdraft issues.

Let me just start with the basic issue...YOU are spending money YOU do not have available, as such are subject to overdraft fees.  This is no one's fault but your own.  You try to the same claim that other chronic overdrafters claim in that the bank somehow intentionally holds back debits until it looks in it's crystal ball and knows you are going to overdraft. 

You are most likely their online/phone/atm systems to look at your balance.  The problem with this is that these methods were NEVER meant to be the sole or even primary method of managing your account.  The main reason is that they can only report on what they have.  So if a merchant hasn't submited a debit or check yet, the bank has no way of knowing that you have already spent the money.  In addition for things such as resturants, if your bill was $50 your online "pending" transaction may be for $50.  But if you add a tip for $10, that won't be reflected in your online account until the finalize the transaction.  Oh and the bank was right in that they don't have control over this.  It can be anywhere from 1-7 days before a debit is finalized by a merchant. 

So guess what I am going to give you two magic words that will stop this "evil" bank in it's tracks. "WRITTEN REGISTER"

You see if you write down EVERY transaction you make, when you make it and deduct it from your available balance.  As long as you do not intentionally spend more than you have you can't overdraft.  They could "hold" a transaction until the blue moon on the 2nd tuesday in a leap year and it wouldn't matter because  you know what you have spent.  Where as long as you do not spend more than you have available you will avoid these nasty overdraft fees.

If you don't have a written register you can find many online, in fact I would bet that if you went into one of the branches they would be more than happy to give you one, and probably even spend the time to show you how to use it.

That's right it really is that simple. 

Oh and don't bother coming back with the "Oh well I found this...and I found that...and there is this report that shows this...and all of these people say that..."  Because it just will continue to prove you have no interest in taking responsibility over YOUR money and would rather waste many more hours trying to show how lazy you are instead of just taking responsibility and managing your account. 

And NO, I do not now or have I ever worked for this or any other bank.


Your "War and Peace" Whine Comes Down To One Point!

#6Consumer Comment

Sat, February 14, 2015

That point is YOU are NOT keeping written records of your card usage.  YOU are not abiding by the "Funds Availability" provisions.  YOU are not using the aformentioned written records to maintain an ongoing running balance with each and every time you use the card and then only using the card if you see your ongoing running balance can pay for its use.

The bank isn't holding onto to debits.  Not all merchants submit them quickly, especially gas stations.  Of course, if you would write down that debit and subtract it, you would have the most accurrate balance known to man.  Instead, all you want to do is go to a computer screen and check what the bank has already subtracted from your account.

Same old story here.  Its not a banking conspiracy, Obama isn't involved, no, its not the FTC, FCC, FBI, Democrats, Republicans or anyone else but...YOU...and YOUR FAILURE to properly manage YOUR account by keeping records and an ongoing running balance.  PERIOD.

Don't bother wasting the effort,,,I'll say it now...I don't work for them.

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