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Complaint Review: Qwest Communications US west - Nationwide, CO, AZ

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Wed, December 20, 2000

Qwest Communications US west
Nationwide, CO, AZ, U.S.A.
Utility Companies
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I am totally unsatisfied with Qwest right now. Not only did they retroactively raise their basic rates, but they started throwing other charges on my phone bill. Despite the fact that I had previously paid a special charge to block all additional special charges from my bill, I found a little over $15 in directory assistance calls on my phone bill. These charges were incurred by dialing the number (602) 555-1212, which was always free when I used it in the past. On both occassions that I called to complain about the charges, I got nothing but a lot of hold time and an idiot telling me that they must have listed that number somewhere as a toll number. To the best of my knowledge, this proof does not exist. Unfortunately, my states corporation commission (who should handle such issues) doesnt really want to discuss this with me. I have no idea where to turn.

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QUEST- Do they JEST OR WHAT? US ...Brand new name, same shitty service. ..their now "Quest"ionable Communications


Wed, December 20, 2000

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #4057.

Qwest Communications billing rip-off (#4057)

Qwest Communications (Utility Companies)
12/20/00 (Last Modified: 12/20/00)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their relationship to the company: Consumer Advocate

QUEST- Do they JEST OR WHAT? US ...Brand new name, same shitty service. ..their now "Quest"ionable.

I have always had problems where I live with "US Worst"-"Questionable".

They won't do anything about it. I bought the total package, but have only been charged for it once. They conveniently forgot, and were charging me for customer choice, plus added options. So they could charge more for the "total package", adding up each option singularly, not lumping them into a total package, which ended up costing me way more money for the same service I ordered!

I have called and complained many times but nothing has changed. Living in this neighborhood, my caller ID rarely works, and caller ID-call-waiting hardly ever works.(like 3 times a month), I get messages on voicemail while I'm on the phone. But there is no tone alerting me to the fact that someone is waiting, and there is no display telling me who is there if I happened to look. Then when I hang up the phone, and quickly pick it up again to make another call, I find a stutter dial tone, meaning
that someone has left a message. But my message indicator light is not blinking, and there is no call indicated on my call log. I can't tell you how many times a week , for how many YEARS this has been happening. It is ridiculous, and a total rip-off!! Calling Quest has been frustrating, dealing with argumentative women who could care less and I only have ended up at a dead end. This company now calling itself "Quest" should be
calling itself "Messed!" Many of my neighbors get refunds for this problem, and have been for years.

Being the patient guy that I am, I have just put up with it. My patience has worn out, and I am glad to see someone writing about them. "US Worst"-"Questionable" has always said that
this problem is a result of where I live, which is on a National Forest fence-line preserve.

I am however not paying any less for that lack of service that everyone else gets for the same price I'm paying! I am going
to start to call, or better yet I may just have my friend, a consumer advocate start calling every month to dispute these "Questionable" charges, (including all of the false ones), so I can get the rebates like all of my neighbors have for all of these years.

Questionable Communications refuses to update our neighborhood, and I have been told by the repair men that our neighborhood will probably be upgraded last, if ever due to all of the new
neighborhoods being developed (who will not encounter any of these problems). Well that's just great news!! Time to start arguing over the phone with this "Quest"ionable business every month like the neighbors.

Because I'm another neighbor that is now sick and tired of all of they're lies and false charges on my bills. I will demand back payment for all of the rip-off's that I have been paying for all this time. With the total package I am supposed to have an $80 dollar bill for everything. To test them, I went a whole month without using my cell phone, or making any long distance calls. What did the bill come out to be? - Over $150!! What's up
with that? Many bills since joining total package have been over $250.

Before that my bills have RARELY, and I mean RARELY, reached even close to $80!! Time to start yelling, and giving my bills to a nationally known consumer advocate group so they can start yelling also. If this doesn't work, I will start a neighborhood campaign, and go from house to house in our neighborhood collecting signatures, and various problems we are all having, making them lose,lose,lose, like they make all of us do every
month with they're false claims of services we in this eighborhood can't receive.

The telephone company that still at this time holds the worst record in the history of USA think they're fooling us by simply changing their name from "US Worst" to "Quest-ionable", but we all know it's the same company!

It's time we infest, Quest, with our complaints until we put Quest to REST"!!

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