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Complaint Review: Pulte Homes - Las Vegas Nevada

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- Las Vegas, Nevada,

Pulte Homes
8345 W Sunset Road Las Vegas, 89113 Nevada, U.S.A.
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Here is a letter I sent to the Pulte area president:

November 30, 2007

Mr. Richard Dix, President

Pulte Homes

8345 W Sunset Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89113

I am writing to you to share my recent home buying experience with the hope that you can put yourself in my place. My husband and I looked at several communities and decided on xxxx. When my husband and I signed the contract for our home we made a lower offer and were immediately rejected by the salesman, Danny McCall. We were told prices would remain high and our discussion included our concern with Pultes interest, as well as our own, in protecting the integrity and dynamics of the neighborhood. We were told that Pulte looks out for its customers and would not sacrifice the integrity of the neighborhood just to sell homes. We were also told that we were buying into a family of Pulte homeowners and Pulte strives to keep their customers happy.

We decided to purchase the home with the belief that Pulte would protect our investment and remain true to their word. We even chose the smallest lot to save money on the lot premium and later found out someone closed for less on a much larger lot only two weeks prior to our closing. I recently discovered that two of my neighbors paid $159,315 and $172,400 less than what we paid. They closed within a couple weeks of our sale. Of course, I am comparing the same house which is Plan 3419. As of now, we are on the smallest lot and paid the highest price for this model. My husband contacted our sales rep, Danny, and questioned him about the huge discrepancy in the price in such a short time frame. He said that he was waiting for this conversation and was also very surprised when he heard how much Pulte was lowering the prices of the homes. He said that Pulte was taking a loss at that price. This is hard to believe since Pulte is still offering $130,000 + off of the list price. My husband asked why we were not offered the same price due to the fact that the lower prices were offered prior to our closing. Danny said that he knew about the pricing but could not tell us due to the fact that he would lose his job. Lowering the prices of the houses to this extreme has completely changed the dynamics of the neighborhood. Pultes slashing of prices has been devastating on many levels.

Following are a few more examples of how poorly we have been treated. We signed for comfort height toilets in all bathrooms. The sales rep made a mistake on the price and your sales manager would not even compromise on the $300 mistake. It was a very small monetary mistake, but large to us. Danny McCall also told us that the granite was 3cm and we later found out that it was 2cm from the construction superintendent. There were no actions taken to correct this mistake. Later, we discovered Pulte was reconfiguring one of the neighbors RV gates without cost to the customer. Also, Pulte made a mistake on one of the other neighbors showers which was to their financial advantage. We were also told prior to signing the contract that the landscaping on the outside of the community was going to be completed, but the manager of the lands department quit and they were way behind on deciding how they were going to finish it. After our contract was signed, we were told the landscaping was finished and nothing else was going to be done. I voiced my concern about what they had promised, how cheap and unfinished it looked, and that the dirt was already washing out when it rained. I was told that this was a rural community and the county would not allow anymore landscaping. Then in a different conversation, I was told that the homeowners association could have someone come in and do what ever the community wanted (of course at no cost to Pulte). As of now, it is a parking lot for the horse stables across the street. There are several communities within this rural area, as defined by Pulte, whose builders have completely finished the landscaping on the outside of their community. Why cant Pulte finish the job as they promised?

As things are now, my thoughts are focused on how and why we were discriminated against in so many ways. Who would have thought that the supposedly happy experience of buying a Pulte home would be such a devastating experience?

Bottom line, why did we pay $172,400 more than the neighbor next door with the same house, similar options and same size lot? Why did we pay $159,315 more than the neighbors across the street on a larger lot with similar options? Why does Pulte make empty promises? We closed within a couple weeks of each other.


Las Vegas, Nevada


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New Jersey,
United States of America
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#2Consumer Comment

Tue, June 19, 2012

All the builders I have worked for do the same things, it is nothing new. Let the buyer beware, you are not the builders' primary or even secondary concern once you sign on the dotted line and cough up your money. Nothing a sales person says can be counted on as the truth, they will say anything to make a sale, most do not know the difference etween 2cm and 3 cm, moreover they don't care.


South Carolina,
"Mistreatment" based on race, ethnic background, etc. is illegal but this does not apply to you ..?

#3Consumer Comment

Mon, December 24, 2007

Being taken financial advantage of because you are too trusting, you do not perform enough due dilligence, or you are not good enough at barganing is usually "too bad". I have looked at many, many houses over the years that I never even made an offer on. They all had warts, questions, or issues of one kind or another. Some were new, some were used. Other people who bought some of those new houses wound up in bad situations because they were simply too trusting. One couple bought a new house sited on a lot that I did not like, and two years later the earth of their front lawn had pushed their foundation wall in and the house was condemmed. But their bank still wanted them to pay their mortgage, and I believe their homeowners insurance would not pay for the problem. So your situation could be worse. P.S. Never trust a real estate agent or rep unless YOU are paying them for their services. P.S. The builder [general contractor] who sold us our present house tried to pull a crafty deal on us by using his influence to prevent us from obtaining the grading to improve of one of our lots as was stipulated in the sales agreement. I had a Plan A [we believe he would honor the sales contract] and a Plan B [ we use an aftermarket contractor who did not do work for general contractors to improve the lot]. We invoked Plan B. He got REALLY ticked but could do nothing.

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