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Complaint Review: Pizza Hut - Independence Missouri

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Sat, September 09, 2000

Pizza Hut
Independence, 64056 Missouri, U.S.A.
Pizza & Take Out
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I ordered from Pizza Hut and paid with a credit card. There is a space on the receipt to write in a tip but I paid the tip in cash. The delivering employee wrote in a $3.00 tip after he left and my credit card was charged $3 more than it was supposed to be.

I called Pizza Hut and they did give me a credit but said they had no way of knowing who delivered my pizza so couldn't find out which one did it.

Just remember if you use a credit card to mark out the blank space for the tip if you pay it in cash. Most people probably wouldn't even notice such a small amount.

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I never worked at Pizza Hut, but we had a bad experience


Mon, October 22, 2001

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Cindy

Their relationship to the company: Consumer Suggestion

I never worked at Pizza Hut, but we had a bad experience with a credit card rip off attempt at a Pizza Hut in Eagan, MN last year. We ate in the restaurant and paid with a debit card which takes the money out of your checking account. The person checking us out "accidentally" charged us $73 for our $13 pizza. He then pretended to be trying to correct the error
and charged us another $73. At this point we still thought he was honestly making mistakes and we were being patient. But then he would not take it off our bill, he claimed he did not know how! The manager came out and he also claimed he did not know how to fix it and just shrugged.

We were furious by then. We had to go to the bank and dispute the charges. Then the manager of the Pizza Hut called us at home and wanted me to give them our bank accout number. I refused of course. So then he wanted to meet me at the bank, outside. Again I refused.

We went back to the bank and made sure it was all straightened out and in the end Pizza Hut didn't charge us at all, but we don't believe for a minute that the manager didn't know how to correct an "error," or that they had any business having our acct # or needed to meet us at the bank. For a free pizza we sure paid for it many times over in aggrevation. We never went back there again, in fact, it was over a year before we went to ANY Pizza Hut again.

After reading YOUR complaint, we'll be extra attentive about
the bill and tips if we go again.


Fri, October 19, 2001



Thu, October 05, 2000

I have been working for Pizza Hut for many years now at several stores. I'm still there.

There are delivery tickets on every order delivered AND who delivered it! They are a filthy slimy company right up to the Main Headquarters. They always try to pass the buck, they encourage their franchises to do unscrupulous things. I should know, I see this daily.

I have been told, other franchise companies like Mc Donald's are much more scrutinizing to their franchisees and have a "0" tolerance policy for sexual harassment, reusing old food from the salad bar, using out dated food, and screwing employees from their pay, screwing them out of unemployment and putting them on insurance.

I have been working their stores for over 11 years now. They trat me OK, that's only because they know better!

Yes, I know they might see this story. If they want to screw with me for telling the truth, I have a lawyer waiting

O yes, are there employees out there geting paid cash under the table so Pizza Hut will not have to put you on their insurance plan?

Like this web sites says,
"Don't let them get away with it.
Make sure they make the Rip-off Report!

...in Florida

I have been an employee of Pizza Hut for about 3 years now, I've seen them do it all and much more.


Thu, October 05, 2000

To: [email protected]
Subject: Rebuttal to RipOffReport
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 11:53:08 -0700

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #3262.

From: WesternWoman44

Pizza Hut Independence, MO credit card ripoff *UPDATE ..Pizza Hut Lied to you! 11 year employee speaks out. (#3262)
Pizza Hut (Pizza & Take Out)
9/9/00 (Last Modified: 10/5/00)


I agree with this first rebuttal. That this is a total lie. I worked for pizza hut as a delivery driver for well over 2 years. I watched the management and saw how half-assed the company's franchises can be allowed to run.

They can do anything and go unchecked by the main corporation. Tickets are supposed to be rubberbanded together, and stored by date, credit cards on top, deliveries separated from dine-in tickets.

Delivery drivers are supposed to write their initials, or sign any credit card ticket. They are also supposed to check your drivers license and write down the information on the ticket. You would think that management would be able to tell which
drivers handwriting that this was even if the driver did not sign or initial the ticket. If they are not performing this small detail to protect their customers credit cards, then what is their excuse as to why they aren't? The truth is that they are not doing this so that they can leave things obscure, so that no one can be able to even check.

This is a classic example of the various practices that management of Pizza Hut franchises go though and use, which conveniently goes unchecked by the corporate office. I would bet that your three dollar tip was stolen by the management, who can now claim that there is no way that they can check.

I personally was asked to throw away months of all the latest receipts for all sales by the very head manager for the entire franchise, which left no dependable record of any sales whatsoever except those that were reported (written down,)by the management. Franchises owners of this firm are thieves. They always have to hire family or friends as management so that they can steal in just about every way they can think of. Otherwise
the job as a manager of Pizza Hut under these franchises would never pay enough, and would not be worth it.

They don't provide accurate records on anything that they do, and never have. All records that are submitted are completely fraudulent, and report minimal earnings. The owners keep the
rest, giving the management a cut so it can easily be laundered.

Corporate finds this perfectly acceptable as long as no one that can do anything about it contacts them and complains, or threatens them about it. They have been getting away with this behavior since the beginning of Pizza Hut franchises, and nothing has changed. It is all up to the owners of the franchise, who since they don't have to be nearly as thorough as a large corporation, have a free ride to break all laws, and keep on doing so unchecked.

They steal from the employees, the customers, and even the
corporation itself by lying telling them that the food delivered to them from the corporation, such as the frozen pre-made so called "hand tossed" flour disks were all broken, and had to be thrown away, even though most of them were used and sold, only a few were saved as example, the money was just pocketed.

I have seen managers throw away already used sales tickets, claiming that an employee must have thrown away the whole ticket
book before they could ever use them. All of the money made off of the entire book was pocketed by the management.

Whole sales ticket books are mysteriously missing, either daily, or weekly. All errors are blamed on unknown employees who management claims "must have spilled something on the ticket books and threw them away."

I have been an employee of Pizza Hut for about 3 years now, I've seen them do it all and much more.

Thanks for your web site.


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