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Complaint Review: Pizza Hut & Granton Marketing Canada Limited - Sayreville New Jersey

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Wed, July 26, 2000

Pizza Hut & Granton Marketing Canada Limited
Sayreville, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Pizza & Take Out
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A young woman came to my door telling me that she worked for my local Pizza Hut and that they were running a promotion to inform the people of my neighborhood that the Pizza Hut was not delivering to our area.

I purchased $20 worth of coupons from her under the belief that I could get pizza's delivered. When I called my Pizza Hut today to get a pizza delivered I was totld that because my mailing address is South Amboy that they would not be delivering to me.

I informed them that I actually live in Sayreville, we pay Sayreville taxes use their schools and libraries, and that they were not more than five minutes from my house. They said that they would not deliver and that the woman who came to my door did not even work for them. They told me that she worked for the marketing company and that if I had a prblem that I would have to contact them.

Of course when I contacted them they were closed for the day, so I left a message. Many others in my neighborhood also purchased these coupons do to the false information that they could get pizza's delivered.

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Los Angeles,
Granton Marketing and Kelly Advertising is a PYRAMID scam ..horribly dishonest people!

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, November 19, 2003

Yep... I fell for it... Answered an ad to what seemed like a successful marketing company offering room for advancement- and it turned out to be just a scam! First calling to inquire about the ad you are told about the many oportunities with the company and upon meeting with them and successfully completing the interview process you will be "fitted" for a specific job position. Then once you turn in your resume and schedule a preliminary interview they tell you that you seem very qualified for their company and they tell you that everyone spends 3-5weeks learning the entry level position before they are promoted to a new managerial position. Then you are immediately scheduled to come back for a second interview. You are given an offhanded remark to wear business atire because you will be meeting fellow employees as well as clients (unsuspecting people at the doors you knock on)- And that you must clear your entire day to learn about what the company does.So I thought, "11am to 5ish, right?" WRONG! So I show up the following morning along with about 10 other dressed up people, most in high heels and suits waiting in the waiting room. Then they get you to sign a waiver that says that if you spend the day"learning about the company" you don't get paid for your time. You're thinking, "well, okay, whatever, maybe there's a lot of breaks and stuff to read, right? Maybe it's worth not getting paid. I mean, this is an interview, right?-but why am I signing a waiver?" Wrong! And what do you learn about the company? You get to learn how to go door to door selling coupons!!!!! Yes! Coupons! Like buy one dinner at this restaurant and get a free one! Or what they call "VIP" cards. I am then told as I am hustled door to door (in my interview clothes)by someone I briefly met just moments before, that the companies such as Pizza Hut, and various other companies don't get the money for the coupons. Granton Marketing does. This is marketing? Sounds like sales to me. They tell me that if you do it for 2 months then you get to train people to sell coupons! Since I didn't drive to this neighborhood, I am stuck with them! They trap you in these suburban neighborhoods so you have to be with them for the entire 9 hours! CRAZY!!! I tried to ask questions only to be told that my questions will be answered later that day when we will sit down. Then I am bullied and put down after I complained about being dehydrated, sweaty in my blazer and dress pants and wearing sneakers that they provide the last minute that are too big! They told me, "I never complained! I worked until my feet bled from my high heeled shoes" "We look for people that have great attitudes and can work with negatives all day out on the field" When I wanted to leave early, they told me that I would have to wait a few more hours until they breaked for lunch! Beware of these companies that are really just a pyramid scam! They try to win you over by telling you that if you work hard (at selling coupons) you'll be promoted. You get promoted when you get a lot of people below you selling coupons. When really they are just getting free labor! Confusing? Yeah, take my advice, don't take the time to see what they are about. You'll just go home with blistered feet and distrust for all marketing ads that you see. If it seems too good to be true, it is!!!! This happened to me today with Kelly Advertising and Granton Marketing. They are horribly dishonest people! Take care everyone and good luck!

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