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Complaint Review: Ocwen Federal Bank - West Palm Beach Florida

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- Hartford, CT,
Fri, June 21, 2002

Ocwen Federal Bank
West Palm Beach, Florida West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A.
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Ocwen Federal Bank has ripped me off over the years, and from what I can see in the hundreds of posts in this forum, it is the routine practice of Ocwen to use deceptive and unfair practices to rip-off homeowners and borrowers. So many people who hold Ocwen mortgages have been wringing their hands in disgust or despair.

Well, wring your hands in disgust or despair no more. Someone is doing something about Ocwen's horrible and larcenious practices. I have sued Ocwen in a putative CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT. The lawsuit was filed in CONNECTICUT on June 5th, and we hope that we can convert it into a nationwide class action which would then allow everyone who has been victimized to participate by proxy, no matter where you live in the U.S. We have sued Ocwen for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

A hearing on my request for a PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION against Ocwen is coming up in mid-July (less than a month away). If I can get AFFIDAVITS or other notarized or sworn statements (summaries) of your horror story involving Ocwen's handling of your loan, we can use it to persuade the Court about how terrible Ocwen is. I am NOT INTERESTED in your Social Security Number or Loan Number at Ocwen or anything of the sort. What would be helpful is for you to file your own Rip-off Report(much like many of you already did in your post at www.ripoffreport.com)

I urge everyone to post your own Rip-off Report about Ocwen's abuse, particularly NEW YORK residents would be preferred because the Attorney General there is very aggressive and our lawyers could bring a second class-action in NYC. Lawyers will be contacting Rip-off Report so you can contact us.


Hartford, Connecticut

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Mon, September 02, 2002

In early July, 2002 I announced that my lawyers had filed a class action lawsuit in Hartford, Connecticut. I also mentioned that we expected to be in court on July 18, 2002 for a hearing on our preliminatry injunction motion to try to stop Ocwen form continuing to rip everybody off. In the two months since I posted that announcement, many people have lost their homes to foreclosure; several others have been forced to sign Forbearance Agreements with Ocwen; some of you have filed for Bankruptcy, trying desperately to save your homes. Well, the wheels of justice turn slowly. We all know that when we see a child rapist take months to be brought to trial and years more to be put to death or sentenced to life without parole (whichever your preference is). So it is with our putative class action lawsuit against Ocwen. The lawsuit is by no means dead. It is very active, and in mid-September Ocwen's lawyers plan to try to knock it out of the courts. Shudder at the thought! But take comfort in the fact that my lawyers are equally determined. THEY KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO OWN A HOUSE OF YOUR OWN (YOUR CASTLE) AND HOW TERRIBLE IT IS WHEN A RIP-OFF COMPANY STEPS IN LIKE SOME T-REX IN JURRASIC PARK AND TRIES TO STEAL YOUR SHELTER. Someone (guess who) stole the original complaints right from under the noses of the Court Clerks, but the lawyers had backup copies and promptly filed them again. They also took hint and dispersed all their Ocwen-related paper files and floppy disks to offices in Massachusetts and New York. All MY RECORDS are now safe in a vault in New York, and I urge you all to compile and safeguard your records as well. You never know when the Big Bad Wolf will come by and huff and puff with stinky breath to try and blow your house down, or worse, dress up like Little Red Riding Hood's Grandma and hide INSIDE your bed, ready to eat you up. Bottom line is, my lawyers are standing up to T-REX much the same way as occurred in Jurrasic Park III. How many actual roaring, predatory dinosaurs are left around today, versus real people? You get my point! Feel free to email me at [email protected] K. Hanson


Mt. Holly,
New Jersey,
I Am All With You!

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Sun, June 30, 2002

After numerous letters, phone calls and exorbitant legal fees, Ocwen late fees etc....I am losing my home of 12 years. I've given up all hope in trying to keep it. I tried a Chapter 13,but Ocwen was going to foreclose after my reorganizational plan anyway! ( I have the letter to prove this). I've written, Congressmen, Thrift, Ocwen and others to seek help. But they all "stick their heads in the sand" and lie like crazy! I finally resorted to filing a Chapter 7 last month, in order to regain some sanity in my life and move on. Do you know that someone from Ocwen continues to call me to see if I am willing to "work things out"??????? This AFTER my Chpater 7 filing, AFTER they have my house up for Sheriff's sale (unbeknownst to me until I read it in the local newspaper)and AFTER I told her that she is to contact my attorney. She continues to call and does not state her name etc. They can't have it both ways! That is, they cannot sell my home AND try to "work things out" at the same time!! In short, yes, I am DEFINITELY looking to join any class action suits. Rip Off Report knows how to get in touch with me. When I move ( and I don't know where that's going to be yet) I will come back and update my personal inforamation as I do not want to pass this one up!! God Bless


Thank God For You

#4Consumer Comment

Sat, June 29, 2002

My disable mother has to vacant her home by July 5,th. she has lived in this house 25 years, There is no words to express the feelings we are going through, all we can say that it is a bitter pill to swallow, knowing these people just sold my mothers home, even after she signed a forebearance agreement, and sent in the the requirement money to reinstall her loan.

Rip-off Report is actively working on other angles to stop the OCWEN


Sat, June 22, 2002

In the past, lawyers and other individuals were allowed to post names and phone numbers that lead nowhere, which gave false hopes to victims of various rip-offs. Furthermore, many attorneys have been allowed to pursue their own agendas with these companies, which were clearly not the interests of the victims. Ultimately, we heard back from the victims how they never got any money back, even though the attorneys had won their suits (the attorney's fees ate up all the award).

Additionally, attorneys for businesses and other corporate shills have posed as victims or as attorneys trying to trick us into believeing that they were starting a class action against the business for which they actually work, to try and throw us off the track. We have a superb track record at ferreting those situations out and as a result, our acumen is much better now. We would like to point out that this is exactly what happened with OCWEN. At first they even lead us to believe that there would be a settlement, but it is our belief that they have a firmly entrenched position and will not give in unless we exert considerable pressure on them.

We should also point out that it is for this reason that we need to encourage all those who file reports to ensure that you include complete contact information; proper name, phone, e-mail and address. The main reason for this is so that if we are able to negotiate a settlement, as we have done in the past, we would be able to contact you. Therefore, we do not support the idea of a support group concept where people, who don't know what they are really doing, counsel one another. We know what works and generally do not encourage folks to pursue the legal route as the victims usually lose again, even when they win.

Pursuant to the OCWEN situation, Rip-off Report is waiting for any bona fide law firm to contact us with documentation of a legitimate, well-thought-out lawsuit, and who are willing to work with us to ensure that all the victims are appropriately compensated. Rip-off Report will then e-mail all the victims to contact that law firm. We will not give out your personal information. Rip-off Report is actively working on other angles to stop the OCWEN rip-off to it's customers, devastating the lives of so many. We want to assure you that this is not the only avenue we are pursuing, but it is sometimes a necessary evil. Especially with those paarticularly stubborn companies, which don't give a d**n about the needs and welfare of their clients.

ED Magedson
[email protected]

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Don't let them get away with it!
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bel air,
A lawsuit, ..It's about time!

#6Consumer Comment

Fri, June 21, 2002

Thanks for submitting the information! I have previously submitted a rip-off report, and would very much like to join in whatever action is necessary to prevent Ocwen from continuing their predatory lending practices. Please ask the lawyers to post contact information on this site for the victims.

I lost my home of 13 years for a mistake they actually admitted to! And I would hope that Torrence Ashleigh, an Ocwen employee who posted a rebuttal insulting Ocwen victims, has lost his job. And if not, it demonstrates to me that the Ocwen "entity" is littered with Torrences'.

See the EDitor's Comment to this below:

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