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Complaint Review: OcWen Federal Bank - Orlando Florida

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- Germantown, MD,

OcWen Federal Bank
12650 Ingenuity Drive Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
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My nightmare began when my mortgage was sold three years ago to OcWen. Immediately,they claimed I was behind in payments,despite my sending proof of cancelled checks and money orders. They continued to incorrectly post my monthly payments as late and often took 16-30 days to cash and post my payment. To add insult to injury, they then demanded late fees.

They threatened forclosure. I had to file bankruptcy to protect myself,even though I didn't have other bills. They filed foreclosure illegally 30 days after they were notified of my bankruptcy. My mortgage was adjustable every six months.

When it would change, they would cash my check, hold in in a "suspense account" and then claim partial payment and late fees!!!!!! They sent a realtor to my door on a Sunday afternoon to "list my house" even though I was under the protection of the court. They have started an escrow account without my permission and charged me $2,000 for insurance even though I have always had my own and proof was sent several times by my lawyer and the agent.

There was never a laspe in coverage. I have spent thousands in legal fees with lawyers to protect myself.

It doesn't end there. I tried to refinance and they would not give an accurate payoff or tell the new company I was really current. They charged legal fees for a foreclosure that never happened,late fees,courier fees and a number of assorted "junk fees" no one could figure out.

Where is attorney Ashcroft?? Why aren't these people being investigated?? Where are the class action suites and state attorney generals? This company cannot be allowed to continue these practices in the USA and get away with it! They know exactly what they are doing and are "bottom feeders".They are not in truth or fair practices!!


Germantown, Maryland

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predators and crooks!


Tue, August 27, 2002

Well, they have done it again! I just received a certified letter from an attorney representing OcWen. It states that my house is scheduled for auction at the county courthouse on September 11, 2002.( How appropriate! Who are the terrorists here?????) They also included an ad they are running in the paper advertising the auction. The best part of all of this is that they do not even own my loan anymore!! I refinanced and they were paid off at extortionist rates. My original loan was $199,000 and they stated my payoff was $214,000 after paying on it for the past five years at 12% interest!!! Needless to say, I had no choice but to pay to get away from them, or so I thought!! I am overwhelmed. I sent a notorized letter to the Hanson lawsuit. That takes too long. In the meantime, I may loose my house illegally and I have been humiliated publicly. I now have to incur more legal fees! What I don't understand is how a judge can set a date for auction without me being notified prior to it and being offered at least my day in court to prove they no longer even own the loan!! It seems the judge must be as crooked as them. I feel so powerless and am so depressed. I do not understand why these people are not in jail! I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any media connections? Anyone thought about OReiley Factor, or 60 minutes, Dateline or something like that? This is as big a scandal as Enron. I know read that they are trying to escape all of their liability by moving to India. Where is the attorney general's office?? I get no response!


Wed, August 21, 2002

Just a follow up to my woes with OcWen. I am desparately trying to refinance. I was in bankruptcy in order to protect myself from OcWen,even though I have no other debts and am current on my mortgage.

I have never received a statement from them in three years. It has taken me thousands of dollars in attorney fees to get to the point of a payoof. I have never seen an amoritization of my loan and have no idea how payments were applied despite my asking for that information in writing and through my attorney. I never got it.

When a payoff did come, it was almost $25,000 more than I borrowed in the beginning and I paid on the loan for five years!! I was charged three times for a payoff quote, unexplained legal fees and an escrow for insurance despite the fact that I pay it out of pocket and had the lawyer and the insurance agent send all the proof many times. I am now receiving harrasing phone calls and threats to foreclose.

They have also marked my credit incorrectly several times, making it nearly impossible to refinance or buy anything else. I am at my wits end.The attorney from OcWen is now trying to add several more thousands unexplained legal fees after the payoff quote was already give, saying they were left out.

I am joining the class action law suit and hope that Attorney Ascrofts office gets involved and jails some of the executives. There is no doubt in my mind that they know exactly how they are cheating and stealing from innocent people and feel they are above the law.



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Sun, July 07, 2002

I have filed a mega-million Class Action Lawsuit against OCWEN, in the federal district court in Hartford, Connecticut.

The lawsuit is seeking over 99 million dollars from Ocwen for all the victims of its ripoff. By the way, Ocwen has also ripped off folks in England. A consumer group there called National Association of Mortgage Victims has sued Ocwen in a class action. CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS DO WORK!

Kweku, Connecticicut
[email protected]


Sounds familiar. I'm lucky I have an attorney who is motivated. EDitor's note below

#5Consumer Comment

Wed, July 03, 2002

Wish there was a way to file a class action lawsuit against them. Are there any law firms willing to take on these folks?

Hourly lawyers is NOT the way. Mine is on a % and she has been earning her percentage all the way. No other attorney was brave enough to take on such a fight.

Aren't there any law firms to stop them from these actions? Ocwen is not sincere in any legal "negotiation". Agreements to them are made to be broken.

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