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Tue, October 24, 2000

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The company goes by the name of M.M.T. Music Group/and Songbird Promotions. The so called executive vice president is a guy by the name of Bruce Goodwin. They placed an ad in the paper say that there will be a talent show April 2, 2000 and that you can win a record deal or recording session.

The company had me sell tickets to everyone I know to come to this talent search and they didn't check for tickets at the entrance. The group that I entered in this contest for $100 dollars performed two songs because I also raised $420 extra dollars.

After the performance we waited around to take to Mr. Goodwin and he just told us that we will get back to you and walked away. First they show up late for the event and then nobody wins, nobody gets signed by the company, and nobody gets a card or phone number to the record company. That's when I figured we got stuck. For a total of $520 dollars.

Help me get some justice! The phone number to M.M.T. Music Group is (850)482-3004, the company is based out of North Florida. The place of the Talent show was the Four points Hotel in Texarkana, Tx; Number (903)792-3222. They my be able to help you find these crooks. Thank You. Robert

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Fri, February 22, 2002

While I cannot ascertain too many FACTS, I WILL say that I was given all of the contact information before /after the show, and contacted by MMT after a few weeks. They did not ask for any further monies, only a current photo, any type of recordings that I have available (no matter what the quality), and even advised me not to go through any expense to "polish" these. Since sending them this, I have not heard from them, but I moved just a few days after mailing, the postal service is about two weeks behind on forwards across twenty blocks, and my phone number has changed. Though I do not consider myself a music judge or talent evaluator, I would be glad to listen to the complaintant's music /watch video/etc., and give him a valid opinion of Joe Schmoe At Large. Perhaps my mail is late...perhaps my talent is feeble... perhaps I just SUCK, who knows? Perhaps I will ask more and GRIPE less. Just HAD TO say it. Thanks, Lee A. You may inform him that All Contact Info for MMT and Songbird that was given to me, I offer to him and the Public at Large. If you want more information you may contact me through the Ripoff Report via [email protected] (Sorry, but I can't give out my personal contact information on this website.)

THEY LOVED MY PERFORMANCE? ...EDITORS NOTE: ..they should be filing the UPDATE if they were satisfied.


Tue, October 24, 2000

I read your article on MMT music group and it''s not a fraud. I also went to the contest, but I went in Bristol TN. they loved my performance and told me that they would get back in touch with me and they did!!!!!

I''ve gotten two offers from them now and they''ve worked with me just fine. I guess they just didn''t think he (the person who filed the report) wasn''t good enough.

I only sold eight tickets for their show and sung one song. I thought if they wanted me for me they wouldn''t care how many tickets I sold. and they didn''t! it''s just common sense not to go all out on something like this unless you know you''ll make it!!!!!!!!!!!

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We changed the case in this report. We have asked that you all NOT put your comments in all capital letters. It makes it very difficult to read.

Also, the people who filed the report should be filing the UPDATE if they were satisfied, not you!

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