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Complaint Review: Liberty Relocation - Bellview Washington

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Dorise - Edgewood, Kentucky,

Liberty Relocation
2018 156th Avenue Bellview, 98007 Washington, USA
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As my husband and I had to re-locate to Kentucky from Houston, we looked on the internet for a reputable moving company, we didn't want to go with a broker, as the price they quote always ends up a lot more after the move, we decided to use, Liberty Relocation as they seemed like proffesional movers, I was initially contacted by Bobby, who was very helpful, and, seemed genuine, he  assured me that Liberty Relocation were not brokers but proffesionsl Movers and said Liberty use their own trucks, due to the amount of furniture we would be moving, it would be loaded  on a large van, and, never taken off until it arrived at our address in Kentucky, this was just what we were looking for as we didn’t want our belongings loaded onto one van then reloaded onto another, as too much loading and unloading could cause damage to our  furniture, after this assurance from Bobby we asked him to give us a quote, he said we would have to put together a list of the items being moved as Liberty don’t come out to do a walk through inventory and this is how they keep their prices down, he assured me that we would be given a very competitive quote as this was a very quiet time of the year for moving companies, I informed him that I already had a walk through inventory done by another company, but, we wouldn’t be using them as we thought they were  too expensive at $7,200 for 2,800 cu feet, he asked me if I could email this to him, which I did, the next day Bobby called me with a verbal quote of $5,300, which he had calculated on 1,500 cubic feet, when I questioned the price difference, he said, looking at the inventory, there was no way  our possessions would amount to 2,800 cubic feet as the other company had calculated, he said the only way we would be charged extra was, if we bought more furniture and wanted that shipped as well, as we had no intention of doing this, the quote seemed very fair, so, I said I would discuss this with my husband and let him know.


On 19th February I received a call from Becky at Liberty, stating that she would like to quote on our move, and, if I sent her a list of our items to be transported, she would give us a Binding Quote, I assumed this was a follow up call after my conversation with  Bobby, and they wanted to give me a more accurate quote, so, later  on in the day I received a Binding Quote from Becky for $5,550,  this would be for loading only, and was to include $500  for packing materials, there was no need for any packing to be done by Liberty, other than, special packaging of 2 plate glass table tops, three (3) TV’s and one (1) large mirror, which were included in the quote of $5,550, as this seemed like a very competitive rate, we decided to go with Liberty, initialled the form and sent it back, accepting the quote of $5,550,  paid $500 deposit, via Paypal, and scheduled our move for 5th March.

The next call I received was from a lady from the moving department, asking if everything was still going ahead as planned, I confirmed that it was, but, I needed to change our move date to 4th March as that tied up with the rest of our plans, she assured me that the date was free, and our move would be scheduled for 4th March, I voiced my concern on the amount of boxes my husband and I had packed up, and we didn’t want to end up with another  bill on top of the original quote, she assured me that would be very unlikely, she said not to worry as someone would call a couple of days before the move to check and see if the shipment had changed in any way, and we could run it by them, so, my husband decided to  do another walk through inventory himself, and planned to discuss this with Liberty when we got the check call, we assumed this would be no later than  28th February, but, no call came, we tried to call Liberty over the weekend but couldn’t get anyone, it was Monday 3rd March when we received a call from, I assumed, the same lady in the moving department, saying that our move would have to be put off until Wednesday 5th as the  crew were finishing off a delivery in Corpus Christi, I told her that no one had called to check if everything was still the same with the inventory, she said not to worry as she was sure Liberty had allowed for excess, my husband had also had a conversation with Bobby and was told the quote we had been given would not change. 


The Van that arrived on 5th March, displayed Allied Van Lines on it,  not, Liberty Relocation, as expected,  anyway, Jack commenced wrapping the furniture in blankets while  the other guys brought a dolly in to load up the boxes, because it had rained the day before their arrival, the ground was wet and dirty, and, they didn’t even bother to cover the carpets, consequently they were leaving dirty streaks all over a cream carpet, they didn't seem to know what they were doing, I would have expected a reputable moving company to have made sure the carpets were covered before they started, cardboard boxes were duly taken outside and placed everywhere imaginable, in puddles of water, on wet grass etc. as there was no loading ramp for the truck, they were having to stand on items of our furniture to get the boxes loaded onto the van, they were pivoting  items on the sharp lip of the loading floor to get the items on board, we saw Jack actually standing on a flat screen TV, flat side up. 

Later on in the day Jack came to us and said that we had reached the 1,500 cu ft that they had estimated and we would be charged extra, we  agreed to let them carry on loading the truck as we expected the excess cost would be minimal, we tried to get hold of the office to dispute the extra cost, but,  no answer, so, they continued loading, eight hours later with so many broken/damaged goods, he eventually came to us with a bill of nearer $9000,  a far cry from the $5,550 we had been quoted, he asked us to pay 60% of the bill up front with a cheque or credit card,  then contact Nicole, the office manager and she would sort the price out, as we would be charged an extra 3% if we paid by credit card, we decided to pay by cheque, but Jack told us that he would need a certified cheque, which of course we didn't have, as we knew nothing about this, Jack said we didn't have to pay this there and then, but, it would have to be paid before they unloaded in Kentucky, so, as we were driving to Kentucky the same day, and, it had been such a stressful day, we decided to just ring Nicole the next day and sort it all out.


The next day while driving to Kentucky we tried to contact Nicole, but, she was never available, we tried ringing Bobby, no answer, left messages, no reply, eventually, after numerous calls, and, even asking for the owner, who, we were informed was on vacation, we were contacted by Kevin, the moving manager and so started 2 days of arguing about the price we had been charged, he said he agreed something had gone wrong with the quote, so, he would give us some discount, and, a final price would be $7,745. 67, we were still extremely unhappy about this, as the highest quote we had been given by another company was $7,200, and, Liberty boast, on their website, that they give the best prices and a fair deal, but after 2 days of arguing about prices, while also driving to Kentucky, we just wanted it to be over with, so, my husband asked for bank details and arranged a bank transfer of $7, 245. 67, (costing us another $30) subtracting the $500 already paid as deposit, only to be contacted, yet again, by Kevin stating we should have paid $7,745. 67, and not subtracted the $500 dollars deposit, if we didn't pay the difference, our furniture would not be unloaded, and, we would be charged for storage on a daily basis, even though Liberty state they store free for up to 30 days, when we asked him if Liberty were prepared to go to court for the sake of $500, he said "yes we are" .


We feel extremely annoyed by this whole experience with Liberty Relocators and feel we were quoted a very low price in order to get the job, we thought we were dealing with a genuine, proffesional moving company, but, instead, we were sent a moving crew that were anything but proffesional, the sales office were not truthful throughout the whole process, we are going through the motions of claiming for substantial damage caused to our belongings, by Liberty Relocation, but, yet again have received little or no help and have just been directed to a website, our furniture, has been moved many times around the world without anycontracted by Libery for the move. 


So for an original binding quote (as it was referred to by the sales staff) of $5,550, we ended up paying $8,245. 00, plus, extremely poor service and substantial damage.  

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