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Complaint Review: Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. - Boston Massachusetts

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- Tempe, Arizona,

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Liberty Mutual is the most immoral insurance company, right to the highest levels of their executives. Nothing is too low for these people to stoop to in order to achieve thrir greedy goals. Nothing is important to these people but money. It is immaterial to them what they inflict upon people in order to achieve what they want. There should be an investigation of their totally unethical business practices and the top executives should be made to pay.

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Deborah M.

San Antonio,
Waiting for Inxestigation: Workers' Compensation Claim

#2Consumer Suggestion

Thu, August 21, 2008

If you force Liberty Mutual to investigate injuries that are covered by insurance policies and, or, state law, then you might be compensated. They try to wait you out, see if you'll fold under pressure, and give up on your claim. That way they can do, whatever it is they do, instead of investigating the facts, police reports, pictures taken, etc. My workers' compensation claim is, and has been ignored by Scott J Mcgrath, Liberty Insurance agent, in Indianapolis,IN. As per Tennessee Code Title 50 chapter 6, insurer, Liberty Insurance in this case, must have personal or telephone contact with my employer, USXPRESS, based in Chattanooga, TN and under the jurisdiction of TN law, and injured employee, myself, within two (2) working days of notice of injury. Notice of denial, form C-23, within ten (10) days. Notice of compensation, fifteen (15) days of notice, and compensation pay within fifteen (15) days of notice. This did not happen. Any of it. Oh he says that he tried to call but not within the two days required by law. Not within five days either. I have a daughter in college and three grandsons who depend on my paycheck. We are trying to stay hidden from my daughters X-husband who has recently been released from Levinworth Penitentiary, and we all know that a restraining order will not stop a madman. It's August 20th today and we've been waiting since July 16. Waiting for some clue from Liberty Insurance of claim status. USXPRESS hasn't contacted me in weeks, except to tell me that they were going to terminate me within 3months if still suffering from injury. Aren't they a peach? Gotta love 'em for that. It makes an employee wish they had never filed a claim, and, never report another one. If I were able to work, I would be out there


St. Louis Park,
Blame Those Who Submit False Claims for Investigation Protocols!

#3UPDATE Employee

Sun, July 08, 2007

It seems to me that too many people blame an entire company and even the whole insurance industry just b/c their particular claim got investigated and/or denied. Companies can't always just take people's word for everything and have procedures in place to investigate claims precisely b/c there are many people who submit exaggerated and even false and fraudulent claims. Unfortunately they and their lawyers often make it difficult for the rest of the people who have valid claims. It is also true that different states have different requirements and guidelines that the companies must follow. And there are plenty of people who have injuries and accidents who have received compensation and gone on with their lives. The bottom line is that some but not every accident or injury results in huge financial compensation--sometimes not any at all. That may be the law in your state, or it may just be the nature of your injury or your accident. Don't blame the messenger for every disappointment.


Ballston Spa,
New York,
To people who put down insurance...

#4UPDATE Employee

Thu, August 15, 2002

Just have to say - I work for this company and there are so many people that do not understand that we have regulations to follow in each state. Unfortunately, we cannot give everybody what they want but we MUST follow regulations. We are not a company made up of unfeeling people as so many people would like to think. We, as employees, have problems ourselves and have had claims, too. Just because you do not understand something, please do not take it out on us.


new haven,

#5UPDATE EX-employee responds

Fri, May 10, 2002

I will be glad to answer questions but I do not want to put anything in writing here


Rude and ruthless Harrassment

#6Consumer Comment

Thu, April 11, 2002

Liberty Mutual has denied my claim twice...their practices are allowed under the law. They had a 'caseworker' override the opinions of multiple medical doctors. They have forced me into hiring a very expensive appeals attorney. It appears that they are taking pictures of me and harrassing me, but hard to prove. Now they are trying to say that severance pay is compensation and they should not have to pay me during the severance period. Since when is severance pay part of disability? They also tried to get me to sign a release for my bank and credit records. What does that have to do with my medical condition? Nothing can be proved without substantial money on my part-- and the law allows them to get away with it.


So true

#7UPDATE EX-employee responds

Tue, March 19, 2002

I am an ex-employee and ex-consumer of LIberty Mutual Insurance. They do in fact treat customers rather poorly not to consider their employees who like me who was set up and wronfully terminated. I advise everyone that i know not to do business or work for that company


can you be more specific?

#8Consumer Comment

Fri, March 01, 2002

i am an attorney with a client and claim against this company. i would greatly appreciate facts or cases against them showing bad faith. the simple statements about immorality may be true or not, but specifics would certainly help

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