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Complaint Review: Kenworthy Carburetors (owner is Joe) - Redwood City CA.

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- Moss Beach, Ca.,
Tue, July 04, 2000

Kenworthy Carburetors (owner is Joe)
610 Broadway Redwood City, 94038 CA., U.S.A.
Auto Repair Service
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I'm a single mom of two kids,and I guess I'm also naive. My vehicle was a 1986 Jeep Cherokee which I bought from my Uncle. When I bought the Jeep,( April 23,1998)it had approx 150,000 miles on it, but was kept in fair condition. I commuted around 100 miles daily & noticed wear & tear of the Jeep. I could barely afford food for the kids, so paying a "mechanic" to tell me what "he thinks the problem might be", was overlooked. I simply couldn't afford it. I was living paycheck to paycheck & digging for change to dump in the gas tank. The day that my Jeep did break down, an acquaintance of mine had mentioned this guy named Joe Mugammon who did trade-ins with people. He happened to be located very close to where I was working which by the way I was fired from that job, reason being, no reliable means of transportation. Out of desperacy I went by this so called auto shop & was told that 'Joe usually doesn't get here until 9:00p.m. I went home fed my kids, left my daughter with a friend & took my two year old son with me to check out this night owl. I approached him & he said he was Joe. I told him, a friend of mine said he could help me out with a possible trade in. When he turned & saw that I was driving a mint conditioned Cherokee, his eyes popped out of his head more than they alrady had been. F.Y.I...this man is a drug user, speed/meth or whatever you call it these days. He told me that today was my lucky day because, his girlfriend has been wanting a Cherokee. He told me to take a look at any of the cars, but when I showed interest in one he would defer my interest & feed me lines of bullsh.. His exact words were, " a single mom needs a reliable & suitable passenger seat car." He showed me about six different junkyard cars, then I questioned Joe about the Isuzu Trooper, he said that was what his girlfriend had been driving the past couple days. She was real nice, but just as good as Joe was at being a con artist. I test drove the Trooper around the block, it seemed to run okay. At least the brakes were safe. That was one of the problems with the Jeep,along with $15.00 daily in gasoline. I just couldn't afford it. I was upset that I was giving up my beautiful Jeep that I saved my hard earned money to buy, not to mention, I've always wanted a SUV. I had to be smart & make a decision. The next couple of days I did the pro's & cons thing. I couldn't afford to get repairs on the Jeep or blowing my paycheck on weekly gas. Joe Mugannom new this & he prayed on me. He tried the fear of loss technique, which I fell for, hook, line & sinker.. He made it seem as if he was doing some repair work on the Trooper, when actually he was taking parts off of it. I didn't have a clue as to what parts were what. We did all the necessary paperwork & the trade was done. After almost a week of driving it, I noticed abnormal car behavior. I phoned Joe Mugannom & he wasn't in, so I left a message. I called everyday until that Saturday, I physically went there & was told to leave the Trooper so Joe could look at it. I popped the hood for the other worker and he told me that it ran great for him when he took it to Eureka, Ca. I went back to Joe's after work that day & the Trooper still remained in the exact same spot I left it in. He had'nt looked at it one bit. I said to Joe's dad, who is the past owner,when is Joe going to be back, I can't keep getting jerked around. Weeks went by of me phoning & leaving umpteen messages, but no reply. I have recently met a friend who owns an auto body shop in the same area & he told me to contact the D.M.V or someone because there is a rule called the "Lemon Law" & it is illegal. I had found out that he didn't pay a dime for that Trooper, his girlfriend had only been driving local, not freeway miles. He is supposedly on record & the Redwood City P.D. is very aware of this guy. He's a big drug dealer. He has pulled schemes on alot of hardworking & honest people & he needs to be humbled. I've recently had my Trooper checked out & it is illegal. He took the smog pump off, so I'm not able to register it. There are many other probs with this vehicle but I need to speak with a real person about it not type, Makes my hands fatigued. I've gone by this mans auto shop alot of times in the last couple weeks & never is he there. The other men see me coming & treat me with disrespect. I'm being ignored by this b*****d & it is only making me more frustrated. I thought I would run this complaint by you first in hopes you can help me. If not I'm going to resort to my first choice & have this matter handled in different way.. Please help me. :(

Very mad & extremely broke single mommy.

Christina [email protected]

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