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Tue, August 03, 1999

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My husband and I rented a house at 1252 Nordica Lane in Cincinnati, Ohio in March 1996. After living there for three years we deceided it was time to purchase a home at this point we had a baby and another one due in January 1999. Our Lease was up in March 1999, we found a home we wanted to purchase and wanted to move into it before the baby was born.

I sent a letter to the Mackenzie's asking if we could be released from the lease so we could move into our new home their response was NO per the lease we could not move.

So we decieded to move and continue to pay the lease for the

months of Feb and March. We started moving out at the end of

January, Tummler-Mackenzie's was in the house three times in that month inspecting it. We paid the rent on Feb.1st at this time we were still in the process of moving out. On Feb 5th my husband went there to get more of our items and found every lock on the house and garage was changed. We received a letter on the 6th stating we were no longer allowed on the property and had 48 hours to get the rest of our personal belongings or they would dispose of them.

Of course we had to call them and make arrangements to meeet

them at the property, they took pictures of us moving our things

out. Later that month we received a statement from the Tummler-

Mackenzies for 6,000 this was after our deposit was deducted

(600.00) We were being charged for everything in the house to be

replaced including the locks being changed.

We paid an additional 15 per month for our two dogs to live on the property but we were charged for damage they did according to the Tummler-MacKenzie. We were charged over 1,200 for the kitchen floor to be replaced (this was the stick on vinyl flooring) in a very small kitchen. We were charged for a curtain rod (22.00) this house was extremely old and run down to begin with. We were not allowed to change the curtain rods and they had to be over 30 years old you couldn't buy curtains

to fit these rods.

We were also charged to relight the hot water tank, garbage in the front yard, long grass (this was in the month of jan, feb) We were charged for the carpet to be replaced but they never replaced the carpet they took it out and left the hardwood

floors, the carpet was old when we moved in 3 years ago. It was of cheap quality, tan color and was worn down. The list goes on and on.

We spent several hours cleaning the house and was still in the

process when they changed the locks. They changed the locks so we could not take pictures of the way we left it because they knew they were going to do this to us. But yet we were required to pay the rent but was no longer allowed on the property.

They sent us a letter stating we could contact them and make

payment arrangements to avoid court cost, lawyer fees.

We sent them a letter refusing to pay for these so called damages. Naturally we got a lawyer we had no choice after we received court papers and was told we would be found in default if didn't have a lawyer to respond to the court documents within 30 days. After a long battle they have settled on us paying them 1900.00 and want us a sign a statement that we won't disclose this to the new tenants living in the property.

It is going to be cheaper for us to pay this then to go to court as it would be 3,000 for the lawyer to take it to court. Over the three year period we lived there they were on the property on SEVERAL occasions they were always finding excuses to come over, they were there every April and Oct to change the atteries in the smoke detectors. I seen Jill Tummler Mackenzie drive by several times as well to see what we were doing.

They had no problems with us as tenants, we were asked to sign a LONGER LEASE in 1998 (this was after we fulfilled two leases)but we refused but was required to sign the year. They didn't mind taking our 665.00 every month but as soon as we wanted to move it turned into a nighmare. It is sad to think there is people like this in the world who can rip innocent people off and get away with it.

I hate to see this happen to anyone else but I know it will because Tummler-Mackenzie are two swindlers and they will rip you off, I feel bad for the new tenants what if they can't afford a lawyer. I have learned alot from this experience, check your landlords out before you sign a lease, also in the state of OHIO you can do a self eviction and this is what they did to us by changing the locks.

Jill TUMMLER MACKENZIE and MICHAEL MACKENZIE should be banned from Renting Property!

Angel Brown

[email protected]

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