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Complaint Review: IMP affiliates International Masters Publishers - Wallingford - Dallas Nationwide, CT, TX

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Sat, October 07, 2000

IMP affiliates International Masters Publishers
Wallingford - Dallas, Nationwide, CT, TX, U.S.A.
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I have gotten various mailings from IMP affiliates, and sent a "Do Not Mail" request to this company, yet they fail to heed to this simple request.

Just today I got a package in the mail from "In Classical Mood" that contained CD's and a bill along with them. I did not order these CD's. The only previous contact with this business was when I mailed them a "Do Not Mail, Do Not Share" letter.

I have filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB.

Just words of warning: Be sure to read your junkmail. Sometimes you are automatically signed up for products/services by not responding with a 'no thank you'. And sometimes even if you do, some businesses will ship the product anyhow. This company is just one of many using this unfair sales tactic to defraud consumers.

I don't personally recommend using the DMA suppresion list. This is how the above company got my name in the first place. How did I know? I wrote DMA to request that my name be put on the suppression list (there was never a list to be removed from). I used my nickname and did not give my apartment number. And lo and behold a couple months later in comes the junk mail with the nickname and no apartment number.

International Masters Publishers

26 Barnes Ind Rd N

Wallingford, CT. 06492

In Classical Mood

P.O Box 650366

Dallas, Tx. 75265-0366

Telephone: 800-834-2086

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Dealing with this Company

#2Consumer Comment

Sun, August 08, 2004

I am involved with a return to this company from a gal who passed away and her room mate is having trouble returning the continues barrage of stuff coming from IMP. He has written letters explaining the circumstances, but it seems to fall upon deaf ears. They were two elderly sharing a place so they could afford to live. Both were on Social Security fixed incomes that together totaled way under the poverty level. IMP continues to send merchandise and charges pertaining to the merchandise. He has done this out of courtesy, as he is not involved in any way with this company. He feels he is being targeted by the company and all he did was write a letter letting the company know one of their customers had passed away and they need not send any more stuff. In dealing like this I always wonder if the people on the other end are just stupid and never read the whole communication, or they really are of a dubious sort. Things like this make one wonder. It would seem after attempts at setting this straight they would have had ample opportunity to straighten this out, but no, now he has the problem. He faithfully sends the stuff back un-opened and responds accordingly, but it seems there is no one home on the other end. I would love to see a rebuttal from the company and see someone is accountable, but it looks as if they do deserve their place in this web site! Thanks for the place to voice our opinion. Services like this are needed with the unscrupulous advertising policies used by so many in this day of electronic advertising. I have had my dealings with a few, and as always it seems as if they never make mistakes. I just wish the rest of us were as perfect as the ******* answering the phone on the other end. ******* = Whatever fits for you, as I could have used so many different colorful metaphors and euphemisms I just couldn't decide on one. Best Regards,


"Rebuttal" wasn't a rebuttal at all.

#3Consumer Comment

Fri, March 26, 2004

I was interested in your critique of this company as I am a former subscriber to the In Classical Mood product, and I was actually engaged in a search to see if I could resume that subscription. The so-called rebuttal that was appended to the original complaint neither rebutted nor did it add anything substantive to the complaint. I want to say that I found this company and its service not only in complete fulfillment of their agreement and promise, but they went overboard in sending me more than I had contracted for -- and sent it as a GIFT, not as any kind of gimmick or trap. I had expected a further solicitation from them, but never received any. That was about two years ago, and so I suddenly decided to find them on my own. I want to say, further, that their product was of the highest quality, and well worth what I paid for it. In fact, it is the finest selection of classical music that this musical ignoramus has been able to find.


Mail Fraud is a Crime

#4Consumer Suggestion

Wed, June 18, 2003

As an employee of the U. S. Postal Service, I can tell you that "IF" this report is true then a formal complaint should be filed with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. It is their job to protect the public from such practices. At the least their mailing privilege can be removed and at the most, criminal proscution. Call your local Post Office and tell them you want to speak with the Postal Inspection Service. Tell the Inspection Service that you want to file a formal complaint and ask that they mail you the appropriate forms.'WARNING'- Filing a false report is also crime.

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