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Complaint Review: Home Depot - Buford Georgia

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- Flowery Branch, Ga,
Fri, March 03, 2000

Home Depot
Hwy 20 Buford Ga Buford, Georgia, U.S.A.
Home Improvements
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Back in Oct of 1999, I went to the local Home Depot and inqured about their sub contracters for a roofing job. They gave ma a name and #. So I called the man, he came out , we agreed on a price, he came back with a pull sheet for materials sitting on the dock of Home Depot to be paid for and picked up. Gave him a check for 795.95 for materials and he asked for 350.00 up front labor charge for his workers. Gave him the money and that was the last I saw of him. After calling contarcter thousands of times to no avail, called HD they said that they didnt hold a gun to my head to make me call that contracter, and that it was not their problem. After threatning to never buy anything from HD again, they told me that one customer (thats not a contracter) was not important. Please tell everyone you know to buy from anyone else but Home Depot. I maybe one consumer but I need to hurt them in their pocket like they did mine. I have since taken contarcter to court but will only get a fraction of my lost money back.I have learned a valuable lesson, even though we go to these places for expert advice, they are not there to back you when problems occur, they wash their hands and give you that same old reply, we didnt force you to take the advise we gave. PLEASE dont let anyone else do this to you. I had to borrow the money from my sister to put a roof on, because i was told it would cost me less if i took it off myself. So here i was with no roof and now no roofing materials. please check every contracter out every way till sunday before ever handing any money over.

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San Antonio,
Home Depot uses mostly Sub Contractors

#2Consumer Comment

Sat, May 19, 2007

Home Depot actually just hires the lowest bidder in my opinion. They do not actually do work themselves but sub contract it out. So sometimes it's better to do the leg work yourself and save some money. But often you must consider the amount of business they do. Thousands of transactions everyday go on in a large box store. I am not agreement with Home Depot but I still shop there for certain items. I would not hire them or anyone who does not do the work themselves though. Just my advice as a home improvement provider.


Please see my 22 page Rip-Off Report, Columbus, OH

#3Consumer Comment

Sat, April 14, 2007

I have found people at the store quite helpful, and I don't expect everyone working at the store to know everything about everything--referring to one complaint that an employee had to ask for help!! Asking for help is the right thing to do if you are unsure or not knowledgeable about the matter at hand--knowing who to ask is the critical part of the process. Mark Smith, at the Brice Road Store in Reynoldsburg, OH was quite nice, and after repeated attempts to get a representative to come to my home--by requesting Corporate to do so--I called Mark. He was willing to come to my home--about five minutes away; however, he called me the next day to say he was sorry but he had been informed by Corporate that they were handling it (NOT--they were bouncing me around from one complaint resolution specialist to another--see my own report for full details)and that he was NOT to come to my home and was told to stay out of the matter. When Home Depot finally hired a "Zone Services Manager" whom I contacted several times with no response, I went to Mark and asked him how to get a response from Brent Lee, Zone Services Manager based in Cleveland, OH. I took a packet of information with me, and he contacted Brent Lee who then did call me and schedule an appointment, showed up on time, made several notes and pointed out some problems I haden't even realized existed at that time; however, he was told after a conference call that Home Depot would NOT make any necessary repairs/replacements, and when I asked him for a copy of his original notes, he informed me everything had to go through Corporate--I did not waste my time contacting them--speaking with Corporate is like talking to a brick wall!!!! Contrary to what some comments have been regarding the independent contractors, I called the store about the fencing (they were offering 12 months/no interest or payments), I was given an 800 number to call. I was then contacted by The Fence Company of Connecticut. That company has had three addresses since my involvement with them!! The Fence Company was contracted by Home Depot, and I was using Home Depot's Credit Card Services, Citi Corp. Home Depot IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WORKMANSHIP, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND FOR ALL MATTERS INVOLVING THEIR SUB-CONTRACTOR!!!! I put my account with Citi into dispute two or three times, and each time, Home Depot instructed them to remove my dispute--I NEVER gave them permission to remove my dispute. I STRONGLY advise EVERYONE to REFRAIN from having ANYTHING installed through Home Depot!!! I won't even go there for anything except an emergency now; I travel another 5-10 minutes (depending on traffic) to Lowe's!!! I'm on my soapbox here, and some of this information is redundant to information in my own Rip-Off Report, so I'll close here and ask you to please read my Rip-Off Report. Patricia Columbus, Ohio


home depot pro desk

#4UPDATE Employee

Sat, July 29, 2006

you have to be kidding me... i have worked for home depot for years and shopped for even longer. yes we have our issues as do all companies but this is one we do not.. i worked in the special service area for awhile and we do not have out customers call contractors. we just can't do that its not SOP. most of the depots have boards up that contractors put names on but my store does not.. if you need roofing in such installed thats when you call 1-800- 79 depot... and they have the pros come out.... if this did happen, in my store at least we would have made things right... so when i read this i couldnt halp but joke because nless you live under a rock this wouldnt happen, company would say things like that.. its not good customer service and fankly we like out customers... and to say that everyone is q***r that works at home depot or shops it come on why would you say somthing like that. grow up..


Home Depot Contractors are Incompetent

#5Consumer Comment

Tue, August 09, 2005

I am having to deal with the Home depots installers on some doors I had them put in. I can tell you it is wrong for Home depot to ask for the full compensation (cost) up front. I had paid for the whole job. This is not how Home depot operates. So the consumer has no recourse. These installers came into my home & broke my chandelier & they are doing NOTHING about it. I had already sent documentation to the State of CT. BBB, Consumer Protection & I will be going to local news to have this broadcast of the incompetence their installers are. I am also going to write to my states Atty General & see if the Home depot can change that policy about paying first. If a consumer fails to pay at least these people can put a mechanics lien on your home. What can I do to get what I have paid for. The door was cracked, they didn't finish the caulking on the door & they broke my personal property. I am looking for restitution & I won't quit until I see results. What I am looking for is the repair & for Keil Construction AKA K S Woodcrafters AKA Kurt Wedermeyer lose that contract with the Home Depot. It makes me wonder why this contractor goes under so many different names. I have to say there is a worker @ the Home depot that is working hard with me to get this matter resolved. But this is for everyone to know BE CAREFUL!!! Stay on top of things & make sure your product is inspected before they deliver it to your home. Have them call you to look at your order, because the installers DON'T & they DON'T CARE.


That is why HOME DEPOT Started At home services

#6UPDATE Employee

Thu, January 20, 2005

I am a sales consultant in minneapolis minnesota. I work for the HOME DEPOT AT HOME SERVICES. I sell installed roofing for the Home Depot. What is being described is what happened before the home depot got into the business of installed products. At one time there was a contractors board in Most of the stores for people to contact to get roofing siding windows installed from. We sold the materials and this was utilized as a way dffor people to find good installers. However too many people were ripped off. Building contractors have generally a notorious reputation for treating people as one time customers. Simply put why bother as that person will never buy from you again regardless if good service is provided. The home depot has a lot more at atake than a load of siding or shingles. We were losing customers because of this. About three and 1/2 years ago management in Atlanta decided to create a program that would be handled by the Depot and insure that contracted projects would be delivered in a timely manner. They created At home services which as grown into the biggest roofing windows gutters and siding contractor in the United States. Now when you purchase installed products from the Home depo, the full faith and credit of the HOme depot is behind each JOB! Simply put the Home depot warrants and guarantees the performance of the projects contracted. You buy it just like in the checkout line with the warrantys held by the HOME DEPOT. Unfortunately for the first guy in this string no such program existed and you are out your money. At Home services is not the least expensive but it is the most secure quality value out there in the contracting industry.


Why Lie!!!?

#7UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, January 19, 2005

I'm an ex-employee of home depot and I must admit that everything isn't smooth, but which company is perfect? However home depot does not refer its customers to contractors. All customer information is taken at the store/phone and they are told a contractor will contact them within 48 hrs. The contractor then contacts the customer and does his inspection. A proposal is them drawn up and given to the customer to be a approve. once the customer agrees and signs off, that proposal is then sent to the home depot. all the installer does is act as an employee of home depot. all moneys are paid to home depot and at the end of the job and everything is approved the contractor then gets paid by home depot. If any fraudulent activities is suspected home depot investigates exstensively for as long as it takes. Each and every documents must be sent to the homedepot by contractors (proposal, lean wavers..etc.) if ONE document is missing, the contractor is not paid until everything is cleared up


Being queer and shopping at home depot

#8Consumer Comment

Sun, October 17, 2004

You got something against queers? Er, I prefer being called gay. I like shopping at Home Depot, smaller hardware stores give better service I must admit. Have a Blessed Day.


Who really care???

#9UPDATE Employee

Sat, October 16, 2004

In short, I think everyone who work for or shop at the Home Depot is q***r! Sorry, thats how I feel...If you rebuttal this report, then you must be q***r yourself.


Admit that you are wrong

#10UPDATE EX-employee responds

Fri, October 24, 2003

I worked for or around The Home Depot for 16+ years and while they do have issues (like all companies)they do not with this allegation. It is explicit to ALL Depot employees that they are NOT to refer business to any contractor. Now, they have their own install services which Depot investigates before hiring as a contractor, i.e. licensed, insured, bonded etc... This is to prevent just this sort of thing from happening. It seems to me you should have either used their install services or investigated the contractor you hired.....


You Hired The Contrator Not Home Depot!!!!!

#11UPDATE Employee

Fri, September 12, 2003

It is clear to me what has happened here. Home Depot has a board in each store that contractors post business cards on for customers convenience. Home Depot in no way recommends or stands behind these contractors, how can they? These contractors don't work for Home Depot, Home Depot doesn't even know these people, they simply come in the store and post cards on the board. It's up the to consumer to check them out the same as is if they were hiring them out of the phone book. So the real problem is the contractor was hired without being checked out properly and thats unforunate. If you were hiring Home Depot to install the roof you would have had a legitimate contract. It's very unfortunate this person was dishonest but this was in no way Home Depots fault and there was absolutely nothing they could have done to prevent it. You were ripped off but not by Home Depot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My suggestion, don't just hand over your money to just anyone off the street, you're musch better off going to a large retailer you can trust.


always friendly and incredibly helpful. HOME DEPOT ROCKS

#12Consumer Comment

Tue, March 04, 2003

I have been shopping with home depot for 5 years and I love the stores. The employees maintain a personal relationship with customers and they are always friendly and incredibly helpful. HOME DEPOT ROCKS



#13UPDATE Employee

Fri, October 04, 2002

the subcontractors have nothing to do with Home Depot. How can you hold them responsible for something that a contractor did to you. All he had was his business card on the wall or something he is in no way related to the store. HELLO!

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