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AmandaLV - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

GE Capital
PO Box 960061, Orlando, Florida 32896 Internet, United States of America
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I've been charged late fees the past two months on my Care Credit card even though I pay my monthly bills far in advance - usually twenty days or so before the due date.

This May 2012, I paid my bill that was due on May 26 several weeks early - on May 5. I should also mention that I paid more than the minimum due and I have never missed a payment in the six months I've had a balance on the card. There is no way I'm past due, quite the opposite.

Nevertheless, later that month I began receiving numerous calls a day from an unknown number. I didnt answer since I couldnt see who it was. They finally left a message saying it was GE Capital and to call them back. I immediately became suspicious and looked online at my account. It said I was past due and that I had been charged a $25 late fee.

I immediately called GE Capital at their accounts center (took me three tries of waiting 40 minutes and a reroute from their call center in India, but I got there.). The man who spoke with me was nice at first, but after I explained my situation, basically saying the same thing I said above, he simply said, "Well let's set up a payment to be processed today". I explained to him that I didn't want to make a payment, because I shouldn't have to. I wanted the late fee to be removed and my account to be fixed so it shows that I'm up to date. He interrupted me and said "M'am, I've explained your situation to you. You are late on your payment." I asked him to explain to me how I could be late and he interrupted again and repeated "M'am, I've explained your situation...". He was extremely rude and refused to listen to me.

So after going back and forth like that a few more times, trying to outright trick me into giving my bank account info so he could get more money from me that day, he said he was going to speak with his manager. When he came back on he said that it was a mistake on their part, that they would remove the late fee, and set up my next payment to come out on the next due date, June 26.

This was early June. A week or so later, having never received a letter of confirmation or anything, I called their regular call center to see if the payment had actually been set up. The woman (who to her credit was very nice) said the payment was set up and that there was a note that the late fee would be removed once it went through.

Today is August 2. That payment, although I have received mail and email confirmation of it and see it's been credited on GE's website, has not come out of my bank account. The $25 late fee is still there, and now it's showing another late fee for $35, saying they have not received my payment for July! And the numerous phone calls a day have started again!

I'm going to call them tommorow, so perhaps I'm jumping the gun posting here, but given my last experience with their finance department, and seeing all the trouble they've caused other people on this site, I'm going to be loud and vocal about this early on, because I refuse to spend hours of my day trying to fix their mistakes over and over again, especially I'd they're going to treat me like some delinquent.

I know they read these boards and sometimes respond, and I will change my mind and come back to say something positive if I get a response from you, GE, that permanently fixes this problem I'm having.

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Fri, August 03, 2012

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Im sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account.  We would like to look into this.  Please email me at [email protected] with the following information:
- The full name associated with the account
- Mailing address associated with the account
- Your contact phone number
For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.
GE Capital

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