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Complaint Review: GATEWAY 2000 - NORTH SIOUX CITY South Dakota

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Fri, July 07, 2000

610 GATEWAY DRIVE PO BOX 2000 NORTH SIOUX CITY, 57049 South Dakota, U.S.A.
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Here is a copy of a letter sent to Jeff WEITZEN, CEO of GATEWAY 2000

REFS: Client I.D. 22135333 - Sales Representative: 20352902 - Gateway Order: 43179355

System Serial: 0017103411

Dear Sir,

To make a very long story as short as possible, my wife and I purchased a GATEWAY PROFILE 2, on January the 3rd 2000 at our local GATEWAY Store (Union Square Gateway Country "store" New York City).

The main concern in purchasing this computer, was that it would be compatible with our SONY Digital Camera DCR-TRV8. We explained all our needs to our sales person, Imen Bakhouche, who, in no uncertain terms, assured us that it WOULD be compatible. Therefore, based on this guaranty, we made the decision to purchase the Profile 2.

During the first month, I contacted GATEWAY and SONY to find the right connection system. A SONY representative advised me to purchase a package including software for a value of $350. When I then contacted GATEWAY to make sure it was the right package for my PROFILE 2, the Technical Support person informed me that it would not work.

However, in the quest of a connection system during the first month after our purchase, no one at the Technical Support Team from GATEWAY told me that my camera would not compatible with the computer I had. Some technicians told me that it could be done, and some others told me it could not; I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone at GATEWAY!

When I received the GATEWAY Magazine Summer 2000 issue, I had the big surprise to see the same camera as mine, presented page 42 with a computer from GATEWAY (SOLO 9300).

I have recently been speaking with different people from Customer Services, as well as several managers (among them Adam, Batch # 87428). At no moment, did I feel their desire to "repair" an error, which I was not responsible for Their cooperation in solving my problem was null. I just have been told repeatedly of the GATEWAY Terms of Sales and Warranty. I even proposed to pay the difference between the price of my PROFILE 2 and the computer shown on the GATEWAY Magazine. When I was told that nothing could be done for two years, I was more than shocked. The rules of GATEWAY are tight and I understand; but when a sale has been wrongly made, an agreement or settlement should be reached.

-Why should I wait 2 years to erase a mistake made by one of YOUR GATEWAY sales person?

-Why was I not proposed the machine compatible with my digital camera at the time of sale?

-Why did I have to wait for the GATEWAY news letter to know that this system even existed?

-Why did I have to wait for more than a month, and even four, to learn that my PROFILE 2 wasn't able to read images recorded on a SONY DCR-TRV8?

-Why does it take 8 to 10 different GATEWAY Technical support agents before I have been able to have a clear answer regarding an inadequate sale?

-Can any of my legitimate questions be answered?

I regret to inform you that I will send a copy of this letter to The Better Business Bureau, as well as to the Consumer Report magazine Web site.

I hope that this letter will have arrived on your desk, and that maybe I will find satisfaction at GATEWAY.

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spend a little time learning about computers before you purchase


Mon, December 03, 2001

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report: Their email: [email protected] Their name: Matt Their relationship to the company: Consumer Suggestion Rebuttal: The consumer needs a IEEE 1394 interface for this camera. Any major retail store (Staples, Best Buy etc etc) should have this PCI card and once installed in the computer he will be able to transfer the videos to his computer. Doing something with the videos will of course require software and that is at the consumers discretion. This IEEE 1394 interface (often called firewire) was probably available from gateway at the time he purchased the computer. Unfortunately the sales representative either didn't know what the interface was or assumed it was a USB interface. This is a bad situation but I am not sure anything can be done as Gateway will not support equipment that you do not purchase from them. A note to all consumers, spend a little time learning about computers before you purchase. Look for someone in your area that builds custom computers and has a good reputation. Gateway, Dell, Compaq etc etc all get their components based upon price not necessarily quality or compatibility. Many times these companies will put components together that have known compatibility issues and the consumers only defense is to become educated or bring along someone they trust. Good luck

Why should you expect a Gateway tech that works on gateway computers to know about your video camera


Fri, August 10, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #2622.
It was sent by Jared Pemberton at [email protected]


They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Jared Pemberton
Their relationship to the company: Supporter

1. You do not have to wait 2 years, if you got the money then buy another computer that will work with your camera. And to find a computer that will work with your camera why don't you look to sony first.

2. The machine that did work with your camera was not available to be purchased at the time of your purchase, how can a sales person show you something that does not exist yet.

3. Why couldn't sony tell you that your camera was not compatible. Why should you expect a Gateway tech that works on gateway computers to know about your video camera, this is like expecting a ford mechanic to know exactly how to work on a 747, yes they both have engines but they are completly diferent

4. When you the consumer does not know what they are talking about any technical answer you get obviously will not sound clear to you.

5. Yes

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