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Complaint Review: Florence County Sheriffs Office - Florence South Carolina

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- Florences, South Carolina,

Florence County Sheriffs Office
Effingham, SC Florence, 29501 South Carolina, U.S.A.
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The Florence County Sherrifs office is a very corrupt law office. The deputies do what they feel like at any given momont, and they will tell you that what ever they say goes in this county. They do not go by the laws of the books they make them up as they go. Most of them will accept a cash bribe or a so call payoff hush money!

If the FBI would come in and investigate this court system and they way its ran they would find millions of unjust action that the public has no way to fight. The lawyers in Florence county are also link to the sherrifs office so you are fighting a lossing battle most want even accept a case against the county because they know if they do it will hurt there business, they will not win court cases anymore.

This is the only county that will arrest someone because of hearsay.... No eveidence! And a $5000 cash reward is the incenative for an arrest. Dosen't matter if they did it or not.

I work for a hotel and ive seen them tell people from out of state that might be how thing are done where you come from but in florence county that will get you arrested. Meaning that they have no freedom of speech! I have lived here my whole life and have seen so many things that were illegal in this town. Sherrif deputies work part time jobs for drug dealers and so on..... It's realy sad that there is nothing the citizen of Florence can do about this without going out of state to get a attorney to try and fight for them, and it cost twice as much to get a attorney out of state.So you just have to give in and pay there fines even if you know its wrong and you did nothing!


Florences, South Carolina

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United States
The Truth

#2REBUTTAL Owner of company

Fri, January 26, 2018

 Well first of all you can't report any Corruption on Florence County Sheriff's Department to the FBI or Attorney General.The Attorney General is real good friends with Kenny Boone & he decides who gets prosecuted & who don't.Which is why Kenny Boone has been able to operate knowingly in public corruption for so many years.

Concerned Citizen

Scranton ,
South Carolina,
Im glad someone came forward and told the truth 

#3General Comment

Fri, March 03, 2017

 Im glad someone came forward and told the truth about Florence County Sheriff Department. Ive seen so much corruption in this county hopefully something will be done soon.

Concerned Citizen

Scranton ,
South Carolina,
Concerned CItizen

#4General Comment

Fri, March 03, 2017

 To the person that replied. Do you live in Florence County? Your statement was very nasty. Because someone works at a hotel that does not mean their uneducated. And yes Florence County Sheriff Department is crooked, I have lived here my entire life if your not a rat or related to someone with Sheriffs department you are automatically guilty. Ive witnessed corruption first hand with friends of mine especially if their black.


Just a couple of things....

#5Consumer Comment

Mon, April 07, 2014

"If the FBI would come in and investigate this court system and they way its ran they would find millions of unjust action that the public has no way to fight"

Just how large is this county that the FBI would find "millions of unjust ACTIONS?"

Second, if it's this bad, what action did the FBI and your states attorney general say/do when you reported these unlawful actions? You DID report this rampant lawlessness didn't you?

BTW, if you COULD get justice in Florence county, you could win a case for inadequate education from the school system.  No wonder you work for a hotel.

Please go ahead and pass your intimate knowledge of this wrongdoing by naming the deputies that are accepting cash bribes, those working part time for drug dealers and oh, yeah, the names of the drug dealers...what could possibly go wrong?

Sounds like you or a friend were arrested and you now have an agenda.

SC Victim of Freemason Corruption

Dist of Columbia,

#6General Comment

Tue, December 10, 2013

Moncks Corner is governed by the Berkeley Shrine Club Den Of Thieves and all of the Satan worshipping masons/eastern star witches and warlocks in the lowcountry who have sold their souls to the G lodge coven, conspire against us "profane" non members, for their personal financial benefit.

Ive been here, done that.. been punished for standing up to these liars, cheats, and theiving oppportunists WHO VOW IN THEIR SECRET SATAN SOCIETY MEETINGS TO CONCEAL THE CRIMES OF THEIR brethren. Do the research on masons for yourself and then understand why our once great country is now a whorehouse.


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