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Complaint Review: Family Dollor Stores INC - Charlotte North Carolina

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- Parkers Lake, Ky,
Fri, November 03, 2000

Family Dollor Stores INC
P.O Box 1017 Charlotte, 28201-1017 North Carolina, U.S.A.
Department & Outlet Stores
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I receive a call Oct.27,00 a little after 12:00pm from Family Dollar Stores,INC.She asked me if i ever got my BEREAVEMENT pay,i told her no, she asked me information so i told her,she then told me she was going to check into it and call me back. Today is Nov.3,00 and so far no one has even called,we have a answer machine where they could leave me something on what is going on.

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Manager Trainees Abused, Harrassed, Encountered racial slurs, Police falsely called and there is no justice but punishment to the victim!!!!!

#2UPDATE Employee

Mon, August 25, 2003

I have been a manager trainee for Family Dollar for about 2 months, I was highly reffered to the company. I was told by the district manager at the time of hire that I would be a very valuable asset to Family Dollar. When I first started my training I was sent to a store with a manager that was very unprofessional a manager that did not believe in a diverse atomosphere towards minorities and a person that has goals and dreams and who don't see a store management position as a job more so a career path to step up the ladder. The store manager was intimidated by me for one I was an African American who had dreams I was young mature and intelligent and I knew right from wrong. When I first started she had her boyfriend all in the stock room kissing and hugging him in front of me,I was told to give my manager keys to employees and allow them to do manager functions under my name I refused and told her no that is against company policies and procedures, I endured all the work I was a manager trainee and I was never trained instead I was hired to help her clean up her store. I unloaded a 1000 piece truck by my self while her other employees was in the front laughing and standing around.I was treated different from the others.I called my District for a better resolution and he moved me to another store. So I was sent to the other store to endure more work again I'm a manager trainee and I was sent to another store for 3 weeks to prepare them for inventory.I did not learn any thing at all I was abused again.I was sent to another store and I endured racial slurs I was mistreated differently from the other caucassion employees. I was abused verbally and mentally when I made a mistake I was told that I was stupid and that I will never be successful I was told by my trainer that he hates me and that he does not like people like me I was the only African American in the store. He yelled so hard at me everyday that he turned red and he was so angry that he could of hit me. I witnessed two times where he called me a n****r he lied to upper management about my performance, he denied me hours worked. I witnesses a retarded guy being abused by him this guy worked so hard and he was never on payroll and he has been there for over a year.And that his Assistant manager is known to be his daughter. Every incident that I have mentioned so far is against company policies and procedures. I reported the abuse to my District Manager and he failed to get me out of the situation in fact I had to endure the abuse for 2 more weeks. and because of this trainers hate for me my Promotion was denied at the time. My Defarmation of character has been abused and the police was falsely called on me. Everything that was said about me is a lie there are no documents to prove nothing that he said.I need some advice on my situation.


Our rule book is explicit that it has to be mother, father, spouse or children.

#3REBUTTAL Owner of company

Thu, April 17, 2003

Sometimes it does not seem fair to us that have lost a loved one that we also lose our pay. I have been in the same position. In my case it was a stepfather. He was not blood relation, therefore I did not receive pay. The manager of the store has phone numbers for Human Resources that an employee can call and ask any questions concerning payroll, health benefits, 401K deductions. There is also a poster in EVERY store for the company hotline when there is a problem with a fellow employee or management. This poster is required.



Fri, November 10, 2000

This has to do with rules with family dollar stores that they have in there handbook that they make everyone read,they had us sign to show we read and know what it said.I can't understand why Helen can have her husband come in and help unloaded the truck that comes every week,sometime more.In the handbook they make you read on page three,RULES AFFECTING YOUR JOB,Company policies require that the managers and all store associates discourage lengthy visting in the store by members of their families.The same applies to social visiting by friends.In both cases they are not allowed in the office or stockroom.Associate may not hold store merchandise in the stockroom,office or cash register area for later purchase.Helen was to scheduled meal breaks for us,we didn't get one unless we just went up to her,told her we were going to take are lunch.They said they have an "OPEN DOOR"POLICY i can tell you they DON'T.They tell you that there is no smoking allowed at any time or place in the store,then why do i see Helen smoking at the front in the door way?Also she smoke in the warehouse,she just close the door.Why Judith Foster can come short,Helen never wrote her up,she did on a few associates.Two associates she didn't,i can back up everything i told you,Wed.i was asked my a lady,did Helen husband work there,she said that he told her that it was his store,the policy tell you that you can't hire relatives,like spouse,plus she let her grandson that is 5or6year old.WHY can she keep her job,i get let go for lies,how can she get to keep hers.

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