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SimonSimone - Kalamazoo,, Michigan,

Dr.August KrymisJr.Optometrist
4425 W.Main Street Kalamazoo,Mi#49006 Select State/Province, USA
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Dr.August Krymis,O.D. TBA Optometrist and office mgr Shari of the August Optical Companies located in Kalamazoo/Three Rivers,Michigan have been using unfair business practices,including stretching out length of recieving eye-glasses,as well as having the lenses/prescription corrected.

They both have stated,along with their staff that they return phone calls,Dr.August Krymis even stated that

if his staff in the Kalamazoo,Mi branch didn't go by policy,that I should contact him,but the staff sees to it that he's never given his messages.The last time I called and asked to talk to him I was told rudely,"NO",that a message could be taken,but that is all.

I was told that the eye-glasses were being worked on at "their lab" and it would take approx. 2 to 2 1/2 wks and when I contacted their office on a day that the power went down and Dr.Krymis answered the phone,I mentioned that to him

and he told me it shouldn't take any longer than 6 to 10 days at the most and he contacted Shari(office mgr) to find them. I then had to call back 2 days later and was told they were still looking for them-found out when picking them up that they had been there for afew days,and had been "misplaced".I don't think they were ever returned to the "lab" to be worked on at all!

I called to let them know that I was still having problems being able to see and was given an appt for "a second opinion" by another optometrist and would see what would take place next.I think I would know if the prescription isn't correct considering I'm the one wearing the glasses and not able to see-after 2 return visits for adjustments,etc.

The return visit to have the "second opinion" is convienently set for the very end of the 90 day warranty,so they won't have to honor it,or cause extra costs by me for any corrections.Especially after 2 returns of 2 to 2 1/2 wks each,then going through "phone-tag" to actually speak with anyone that acts like they have a brain,and that's BEFORE they couldn't find them after finding out that Dr.Krymis spoke with me and told me the truth about how long it should take to recieve them from the lab.They make sure to stretch out the warranty so they don't have to honor anything they say they can do to give you the "quality" and "service" they profess to do at their business.

The customer is repeatedly told what they want and don't want with the eye-glasses after the customer tells them what they do want,and is told that they don't want this or that when it should be the customer telling them-considering it's the customer that's paying for them!!!

I'm not only reporting them here,but also at the BBB-Better Business Bureau so maybe they'll be stopped from doing this to more people and taking their money unfairly. There are also too many people-"staff" for their office.It makes NO sense that so many employees would be working at one time in such as small office,especially when most of them are incompetent and have very little knowledge of what the policies are or what to do in any given situation.Most of them are standing around doing very little,and have little information when asked.

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Results of Mar.25,2014 Report!!!

#2Author of original report

Sat, March 28, 2015


Results of Mar.25,2014 Report!!!

#3Author of original report

Thu, March 26, 2015

After several weeks of getting nowhere,my insurance co. Interveined and stated they had been investigating them after I first told my employer what August Optical was doing,and then surprised the owner with a visit to their Three Rivers,Mi.optical office with a witness. After waiting for 2 1/2 hrs of watching his patient visits,we walked into his office to witness him act like he didnt know any of this happened.He stated that he hadnt worked or been into the Kal,Mi optical office in 2yrs and had no ties with them and they ran that office independently from him.We refreshed his memory with the conversation he had with me in that very office when the power went out and he sent the employees home early(about 9 days after first ordering glasses),and he stated,"Oh,that was you I talked to on the phone??" I said,yes but yet you havent been in that office in 2yrs.He started some fancy footwork making excuses about talking with the mgr-Sheri Nelson and finally demanded my money back.He said I'd have to contact Sheri and she would be refunding it to me.I said, I already have and she said you had to authorize it.He said, she is already authorized,so I informed him that VSP Ins. is already involved and investigating and is handling this so he told me to contact her and she would refund my money.I did,and she stated that it would be afew days due to the fact I paid for the order with my Visa-which I also got their offices involved.After more excuses and making a report/claim with Visa my money was s refunded to my Visa card.Then,we found out that the Kal,Mi office mgr-Shari Nelson had multiple arrest warrants on her since Mar.31,2014 for Drugs,Probation violation,and Theft from Financial transaction devices(ATM-credit/debit)machines and she'd been working at the Kal. AND Three Rivers,Mi.offices all along,which leads us to believe that she'd been receiving cash "under the table" instead of an employee paycheck from Dr.August's optical company.

She was recently arrested for the outstanding warrants and was given probation-AGAIN!  and you can about bet that she's still working for cash at August Optical Co.-even though one of her conditions of probation are that she has to find employment and start paying her fines,which sounds like the Kalamazoo Co.Courts are NOT aware that she was employed by August Optical- at least NOT on tracable paper paychecks- which would also be considered TAX EVASION????


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