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Complaint Review: Clayton Homes of Florence - Florence S C

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- florence, sc,
Sun, November 19, 2000

Clayton Homes of Florence
Palmetto st, Florence. S. C. Florence, 29501 S C, U.S.A.
Manufactured Home Dealers
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To whom it may concern:

In August of 1995, my husband and I purchased a mobile home from a clayton home repensentive (Baker Homes Of Wilson, N. C.) When we moved to Florence, S. C. we wanted a home like the one we had lived in for four years. So we went to Clayton Homes Of Florence.

We took them the floor plans of the home we had. We were told they would have to order the home. We told them that we had our own finance company and had already been approved and that they would not finance the home until it was put on the land and had to been inspected.

We were told we had to sign papers for them to order the house and that it had to be finance with the finance company before they could order it. They ordered the house and brought it to their lot. I was still in N. C. and my husband went out to the lot and looked at it he said as for as he could tell it was the right house, but it had not been put together at that time. When they put the house on the lot it was a Somerset and not a Hearthlander that we had ordered.

It was a cheaper version of the one we wanted, so I told them it was not the house I wanted and that they could come and get it.

They talked very ugly to us and told us there was no difference.

Then after about a couple of weeks of arguring back and forth, the manager at that time called my husband and told us to come out to the office. Ernie Davis at that time, he said they would build us a porch if we would take the house on the lot. He was told we did not want it, he got ugly about the sitituation, but ordered us a house. I asked if him being upset with us would cause us any problem if we had problems later with the house. He said no, that Clayton Homes stood behind their houses.

Well we did not know at that time that there was different qualities of the Heartlander, no one had explained this to us. When we saw the house we could not believe the difference. He told us that it was the changes that had been made over the years since we had purchased one. So we decided to go back to the lot where we had purchased one in 1995 and Mr. Barnes said there was different qualities in the Heartlander and that he only sold the deluxe.

He said that he sold the deluxe for 39,999 dollars with everything in it and if we bought it without the fireplace and the furniture that he would sell it for 34,999. He could not beleive that we had been charged 49,000 for the home without no fireplace and no furniture. And that also we had got the cheapest model of the Heartlander.

Since we have purchased this home we have talked to four or five people that was suppose to be some kind of a manager, we have been told they could not do anything about the price of the home. That they had took a loss from us refusing to buy the house that was first put on our lot. It was not our problem that they tried to cheat us that way. But they ripped us off after all.

First of all they broke the mirror in the hall bathroom and it cut the bathroom floor. They order a mirror and floor covering to go on the floor, well when they put the floor down they did not pick up all the trash off the floor, there is a lump in the floor. He also did not take up the molding and when he put the floor covering down he put another piece of molding on top of the one already there and it is not as big as the first piece of molding. The next complaint was the carpet it was stretching. They have sent two different service men out here to stretch the carpet and it is still stretching. It never was scotch guarded. And we can not clean the carpet.

I talked with a guy who sells carpet. He told me if it was cheap carpet or cut on a bias, that it would keep stretching. It looks terrible.

The next problem is the house came without 2 screens, we have been told by at least 5 people that they were ordering the screens. It will soon be a year and we have no screens yet.

One of the problems is the comodes is for midgets, when we asked about them the goverment will not let them put a bigger comode in the new houses, but they are in some we looked at on the sale lot. It is very embarasing to have to keep a plunger in the bathroom so a vistor won't be embarassed when they cannot flush the comode.

One of our outlets is falling out of the wall.

We had asked that osb board be put around all of the house, well there is none on the ends of the house. When we first moved in there was spiders and crikets coming in the house, my husband has put something to keep them from coming in until we can settle this matter.

The door into the washroom is bowed and when it rains we can barely open the door, because it sticks.

They have had about 4 managers and 5 or 6 service men in one year. Everytime we decide to call about the problem we have to talk to someone new.

One other problem is cheap cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom, we complained about them and a guy came out and replaced them with the same cheap cabinets.

We feel we have been overcharged 14,000 dollars for a house that is 14,000 dollars cheaper than the one we paid 32,000 for 5 years ago.

We have been to other Clayton homes in the past year, we were told that they sold the deluxe model for 45,000 fully furnished.

I have wrote Kevin Clayton, the owner of the company, talked to several people who work for the company, and they don't think that we should complain.

I have wrote the Better Business Bureau, Comsumer affairs and The manufactured housing board and no one has helped me yet. I have received 3 cards from the Housing board saying they would let me know something in 30 days and I haven't heard anything yet.

You know if I am poor enought to buying a mobile home I don't have the money to hire a lawyer. but looks like we are going to have to do without something to hire one, because no one cares if we have been ripped off or not.

I fell we have been ripped off and that someone should listen to what we are saying.

Betty R. Hunt

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South Carolina,
Clayton Nightmares Seemingly Abound

#2Consumer Comment

Fri, January 28, 2005

This is a mixed bag of a response. My condolences and a suggestion are my first offering for the three of you who complained about Clayton: the Manufactured Housing Board (or "State Administrative Agency") is your first recourse, but as you may know by now, they typically just forward your complaint to the manufacturer/dealer, who then assert they've taken care of it, and then your case is closed unless you continue to protest. And the board won't give you much of a hearing on anything other than safety-related issues. There are some other resources for you to get ideas from. Try this links page which has a number of consumer/manufactured home owner groups on it: "http://bellsouthpwp.net/j/_/j_b/housing%20links.htm" Of particular interest might be the links to TAISMHO or HADD. There are also some excellent Consumers Union articles, but it may be too late for the latter to help you. Second, I'd very much like to hear from other Clayton customers in South Carolina (or North Carolina) who have had problems. There are two reasons for this. First, I am also a Clayton customer who went through a protracted nightmare with my "dream" home, and I'm considering legal recourse against this company. There is strength in numbers -- and corroboration as far as the legal system is involved. I have video, pictures, and documents galore, and I would like to work with others of similar mind. Second, Clayton Homes inspired me to write a book which is due to be published this spring by McFarland Publishing -- and I would be interested in any other intriguing narratives about Clayton (or any other manufactured home brand) for either late addition to this first printing or for a second edition of this consumer oriented handbook. Basically, it tells you what the manufacturer and dealer DON'T want you to know. So please, if you are interested for either of the above reasons, please go to my book's website and e-mail me ASAP. My book goes to press in about four weeks, and my window for filing a lawsuit also closes fairly soon. You can reach me or read about my own Clayton ordeal at: http://bellsouthpwp.net/j/_/j_b/index.htm Whether or not you decide to contact me (and I know the odds of you even seeing this are remote!), I do wish you some reversal of fortune in regard to Clayton. Too many people have been promised a "Dream Home" (by many manufacturers)only to find themselves in a nightmare which will haunt them for the duration of a thirty year mortgage. Best wishes.


Almost a victom of Clayton

#3Consumer Comment

Sun, January 09, 2005

I too was almost a victom of Clayton homes. My husband and I decided to visit a local lot and found a home that was exactly what we needed. We were told that the home cost $79,000 but due to some minor problems caused by vandals the price was reduced by $10,000 with delivery and setup included. We thought this was a great deal and put a small deposit down to hold the home. We talked with the salesperson about any additional expenses such as septic and electric and agreed on how much everything should cost, and had it all in writing. We asked again if the price included delivery and setup they said yes. The day we were going to sign we talked with the owner of the lot and he said that the price did not include delivery set up and that it would be an additional $15,000 when we told him what the salesperson said he basically called us a liar and said there was no way they could sell us the home for that price because he would be loosing money. The salesperson admited that he made a mistake but he still would not listen and was furious with us for not signing the papers. Watch out everyone, they try to trick you at the last minute thinking that since you have already made plans on buying you will pay anything. Don't sign, walk out.


South Carolina,
We Also Victims of A Poorly Manufactured Clayton Home

#4Consumer Comment

Sun, February 29, 2004

In June 2002 we bought a double wide from Clayton Of Anderson, SC. Our home was set up improperly and after state inspection, 10 non-compliance violations were sited. The house was not anchored properly underneath and the roof was not sealed or tied down. These items were worked on and eventually fixed. We were also told when we looked at the home and wanted different coloring siding that we could only have the house on the lot as it was discontinued. Later we discovered from regional manager that was not the case. Our delivery and set up costs were padded to cover what they later said was a loss to them because the home was offered to us at the wrong price (too low). After living in the home for a short while we began to discover poorly made cabinets, windows that would not open, bulges in carpet and kitchen floor due to nails popping up from floor not being sanded before veneer laid, plumbing leak in master bath, sliding glass doors to back deck not caulked at bottom and water leaked in when first rained, wall sockets loose or popping out, ceiling panels warped, gaps in joining wall panels, trim put only on one side, drywall not sealed underneath kitchen or bathroom cabinets (we had spiders), air leaks and gaps in window framing, roof sagging, air/heat pump not installed properly, door trim cockeyed and popping off, and the worst so far - the plumbing in the showers is installed upside down so cold is hot and hot is cold, etc. etc. Clayton claims to have the "better made" home "free of factory defects". This is written on their on web site. We too have talked to David Booth, president at the time, regional and local mgrs. factory reps etc. Top level people are reluctant to deal with us. At this point we are still trying to get problems resolved but every repair that is made only comprises the homes structure as it does not seem to last. We are very unhappy with the quality of our home and as it continues to detiorate the resale value of this home is reduced. At the point of sale we bought a NEW home promised to be a DREAM home free of factory defects and due to poor workmanship, bad set up, factory defects and bad maintenance crew we now have what has turned out to be a nightmare and a lemon. The rebuttal you recived from the salesman is typical of someone using attack back at you as a defense mechanism to protect "underlying guilt" of improper practices whether on his behalf or in defense of others in his field. The point is we both were promised a good product, paid for a good product and should be expected to receive a good product. We have a paper trail and pictures and documents that could fill a file cabinet to back our complaints, including Clayton's own work orders on this home. The suggestion by this person that you are (stupid) or a certain caliber of person looking for something for nothing is insulting. I suggest that person needs to do some research on the other side of the fence as there are many more like you and I out there but most do not know where to go for help or are intimidated by the corporation Clayton. We are continuing our battle and will not be satisfied until they make their mistakes right one way or another. BBB, Consumer Affairs, SC Manufactured Housing Board, Defective Product Liability web sites and possibly the media are resources that can help. I hope you have found some satisfaction with your problems with them and I welcome others to come to this board and express their complaints against Clayton Homes.

These people are typical *EDitor's Comments to this REBUTTAL


Thu, October 11, 2001

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Bubba
Their phone number: 706-540-1589
Their relationship to the company: Supporter

I have sold manufactured homes for five years. I have sold Hortons, Fleetwoods, Claytons, Pioneers, Sunshines, Generals, Grand Manors, Cavaliers and Champions.

These people are typical of the "get something for nothing" segment of our customer base.

They should stop going to dealers after they have signed their contracts. Do they really expect to get a home for the same price as 5 years ago?

Did they really expect a company to order them a home without a deposit or financing it first?

These people are probably on disability, while at the same time working jobs.

Their illiterate ramblings are typical of a small, but vocal segment of the manufactured homebuyer.

EDitor's Comment to the above REBUTTAL::::::::
The person who wrote this REBUTTAL, above, sounds like your typical car salesman. He has most likely Ripped off vast numbers of consumers over the years, thereby amassing himself a small fortune on the backs of their misfortune. His ridiculous insults to the victimized consumers who filed the original Rip-off Report shows his true mentality and disrespect for others.

The author of the above REBUTTAL is typical of salesmen, who fraudulently change the consumers contract, charge them for items they will never get, will sell them an inferior product, will screw them on financing or anything else they can trick them into, like sell them one thing and deliver a different less expensive product just like the victims above.

The author of the above REBUTTAL obviously lacks the mental discipline required to meet the least demanding rigors of logic, as demonstrated by the responses and undoubtedly will most likely suffer the same fate in one way or another. What goes around comes around, Bubba.

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