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Complaint Review: City Of Mesa - Mesa Arizona

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City Of Mesa
Mesa, 85213 Arizona, U.S.A.
Although it is not really a "secret" anymore, I wonder just how much time and money has been spent to pass and enforce the code restricting my use of "MY PERSONAL PROPERTY".

A year or so ago, I remember hearing about the code our wonderful council decided they could impose on every home owner in Mesa regarding storage of vehicles in, on, or around one's home. Now I can certainly understand disallowing garbage, fire hazards, hazardous materials, or other safety hazards in residential areas, but to tell me after living in my home for ten years that I will no longer be allowed to keep my boat, jet ski, utility trailer, or travel trailer in my driveway, to the side of my house, or without heavy restrictions- in my backyard, infuriates me. And while I do have yard space, it will cost me $700.00 or more to install a special gate, or of course I can pay a monthly fee to store it off and away from home!

I am a single mother, law abiding, and mind my own business. I keep my yard neat, and maintained. I live on a corner lot and put up with everyone's dogs using my yard as a toilet, and kids, neighbors, and many others using my yard as their trash can! And now my reward is to be told the city doesn't want me storing my boat in my driveway? What about those people who do not have yard space. What happened to Grandfather clauses! And HOW MUCH MONEY is our fair city paying someone to drive around looking for offenders. And WHY was I the only homeowner to receive a letter telling me I had until the end of the month to remove my boat from my premise when there are 5 others just on my street who received nothing?

Talk about a RIP OFF! I think it is lovely that Mesa is so Beautification minded, but direct those efforts where they matter, and leave us good citizens, homeowners and renters alone. At this point in time, I am not financially in a position to move MY boat and it is going to sit in my driveway, like everyone else's. I just painted my house and put up new fixtures. I imagine when the inspector comes back to my house about the boat, they will now tell me I picked the wrong colors and style to suit them. Oh Well.

.........EDITORS NOTE:

Is somegood OLE boy in the RV and boat storage business?

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leave mesa to rot ..useless, impotent mayor, a gutless city council, an entrenched LDS "GOBN"

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Wed, May 22, 2002

My suggestion: this city has a useless, impotent mayor, a gutless city council, an entrenched LDS "GOBN" n**i pack of weasels as administrators and police, and a city manager who, if he weren't so carefully protected, would be locked up in prison forever, along with most of the local scumbag cops. Leave this dung hole! Let some nice young Mormon family have your property for peanuts, or wait for the sleazy scum who run this town to steal it by eminent domain. It's a sewer, and I am leaving. It's the only place I have ever seen where there were too many cops, and no actual law enforcement. If you aren't Mormon, you are a victim, just waiting to be ripped off. There is no point in casting light upon these cockroaches; they are already a tiny minority, and nobody here wants to get rid of them bad enough to get up off their lazy butts and destroy them.

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