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Complaint Review: CiHost Web Hosting Company - Bedford Texas

Reported By:
- Gallup, NM,
Fri, December 31, 1999

CiHost Web Hosting Company
Bedford, Texas, U.S.A.
Internet Services
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CiHost told me on 12/1 that my Auctions site was using too much

resources and that I would have to go on a dedicated server or they

would shut me down because I had too much traffic. I finally

agreed & sent in the paperwork and credit card number.

On 12/13 CiHost sent me an e-mail telling me not to use my site

because they would be doing some up grades. Since that time,

no one has been able to post an auction, view one, bid, register

or anything else. By the time they shut down completely 2 days ago, I had

no business. They kept telling me they would be done in 2 hrs.

Getting thru on the phone has been impossible. They charged

over $900 to my credit card ( It was to be 3 mo. @ $99/mo), I have

no dedicated server, and no business. They asked me to fax proof

that they had overcharged me so I did. They said it was not recvd.

I'm really frustrated and there seems to be nothing I can do. I

have never been able to speak with any higher ups, just with sales

people. I am beginning to find out that others have been ripped off

by CiHost charging their credit cards without authorization and others

also have been ripped off and victimized in other ways.

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I'd just like to clear up some erroneous information in Mr. Faulkner's previous rebuttal.

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Sat, November 01, 2003

"average employee tenure now over 2 years (including call center employees)" Then how would you explain the almost weekly "employee update" emails? On more than one occasion, multiple people were fired in the span of a day. I worked under FIVE different NOC managers during my time there. Some lasted for mere weeks. Please disclose the genuine turnover rate in the past two years and repeat that statement. "Mr. Caviness NEVER took client phone calls because he never worked in the call center" I already refuted this. I find it interesting that you are apparently unaware that I worked in the call center. Or you're lying. "As everyone knows, ex-employees who are terminated will say anything to make themselves feel better." What about employees that voluntarily leave knowing full well that they will be terminated for doing so? Let me assure you - my decision to leave only resulted in happiness and gain. Of all the former C I employees I've spoken to, I have yet to meet one that felt even the barest pang of regret after being terminated or resigning. In fact, there are many examples of such individuals, myself included, that moved on to things much greater than the often miserable and ridiculous conditions of C I Host. "We did what any good company would do and replace him with someone COMPETENT to help our customers." Is it customary then for C I Host to bestow incompetent employees with awards and positive reviews? You would do well not to lie about this, because I can produce pictures of the trophy I received and the check stubs which demonstrate a pay rate that steadily increased during my time there. But of course, I probably fabricated these things to make myself feel better. "I am sorry that he is jealous and bitter" I don't mind being called bitter, because that is an emotion common to people who cross paths with C I Host. Though, I am perplexed by the accusation of jealousy. What is it, exactly, that I'm jealous of? Your boisterous wealth? Fancy cars? Or am I jealous of C I Host itself? That certainly is an error in judgement, because not only do I now abhor the webhosting industry thanks to my experiences at C I Host, but I find that the entire greed-driven, dehumanizing and exploitative world of business leaves a bad taste in my mouth. As for your success (as if such things are measured by material wealth), the words of Saint Augustine come to mind: "For certainly your desire for peace, and prosperity, and plenty is not prompted by any purpose of using these blessings honestly, that is to say, with moderation, sobriety, temperance, and piety; for your purpose rather is to run riot in an endless variety of sottish pleasures, and thus to generate from your prosperity a moral pestilence which will prove a thousandfold more disastrous than the fiercest enemies." Considering that on my first day of employment after training, beer was served to employees and consumed while speaking to clients, I think that sums things up nicely. Inebriated technical support...creative AND innovative.


First, I'd just like to apologize for any personal attacks.

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, October 29, 2003

They were uncalled for and inappropriate. Ignore them please, though anyone with sense would anyway, because a statement about someone you've never met shouldn't mean anything. Because I included them, I will ignore being called a liar, grudge-bearer, and envious in Mr. Faulkner's rebuttal. However, I would like to point out that I did in fact work in the call center. That's where I started - Level I Tech Support. I worked in the call center for several months, so your statement that I did not was incorrect. Though many of the people I worked with on the floor have since left or been fired, some still remain that can verify this. Furthermore, I was terminated because I voluntarily left my post after my pleas for an explanation on a long-standing issue were completely ignored. After the second day, I decided it wasn't worth going back. Soon afterwards, I found another job in an unrelated field, and gave up completely on the prospect of negotiating or fighting the company to address my grievances. My time is valuable and so is yours, so I figured such time would be better spent on other endeavors. I don't know how I "stole time" from the company, but I did in fact work many extended shifts without notice...one lasting 24 hours. Again, I just wanted to correct the statements I found false. Any of the problems I experienced with your company are no longer relevant, nor do I waste the effort or time dwelling on them. I do hope that the company continues to grow, and that customers and employees alike are treated as they should be. Again, I apologize for any vitriolic statement I made. I was in fact witness to many legitimate, severe problems, but now that I've had time to gain some perspective on the matter, I wish I'd stated them in a less offensive way.


Ex-employee obviously angry about being terminated

#4REBUTTAL Owner of company

Fri, September 26, 2003

While I can appreciate Mr. Caviness's opinion in the matter, his statements are completely false and mischaracterizes everything about the company, my management of such and our employee tenure. 200,000 customers and counting, average employee tenure now over 2 years (including call center employees) and we are adding 15 new servers per day AT LEAST and 3000 new shared hosting customers per month. Mr. Caviness NEVER took client phone calls because he never worked in the call center. As everyone knows, ex-employees who are terminated will say anything to make themselves feel better. I regret having to terminate Mr. Caviness but he failed to show up to work on time, stole time from C I Host and did not cover his shifts when he was supposed to. We did what any good company would do and replace him with someone COMPETENT to help our customers. I am sorry that he is jealous and bitter and Mr. Caviness if you wish to bring up any "wrong doings" that you feel C I Host has done regarding your employment I AM MORE than willing to sit down with you in person or have an email exchange on those topics. Best of luck with your new career and if I can be of service to you in any manner please do not hesitate to call upon me. Best regards,


CEO Is "Overstating" The Truth ..Over 190,000 happy customers? Funny, I don't remember talking to a lot of happy customers...

#5UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, September 25, 2003

Over 190,000 happy customers? Funny, I don't remember talking to a lot of happy customers...in fact, most of them were at their wit's end. Don't contact Faulkner unless you want to be fed a steady stream of BS. That's all he's good for. The vast majority of his employees loath him, with good reason. In turn, this creates low morale which as we all know, culminates in poor customer service. Save your money for a real web host. It might be more expensive, but it will be worth it. I don't know how many power outages/ac failures/DoS attacks I witnessed during my time at C I...servers were down for hours at a time. This happened almost weekly (one crisis or another). It is sad that people like Faulkner are allowed to remain in business, but I guess parasites are resilient.


Customer can contact CEO personally

#6REBUTTAL Owner of company

Wed, May 28, 2003

This customer can contact me personally if there is still a problem with their acccount. 817-868-6999 ext 7001 or [email protected] All of our dedicated servers are billed either month to month with a premium added for no contract, quartlerly or yearly with a one time setup fee. If this customer was billed wrong it was unintentional and a fullr refund of any overages will be given. WE have over 190,000 HAPPY customers and cetainly this is not the NORM for C I Host.

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