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Complaint Review: Bill Heard Cheverolet - Kennesaw Georgia

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- Smyrna, Georgia,
Wed, September 24, 2003

Bill Heard Cheverolet
950 Barrett Parkway Kennesaw, 30144 Georgia, U.S.A.
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At the referal of a friend, went to Bill Heard Cheverolet on Labor Day, 2003. I was greeted by thier friendly staff and i asked to speak with the sales rep who sold a Checy Tahoe to my friend 2 days prior. Her salesman was out ill so they turned me over to his boss, Darnell Peeples.

I wanted to trade in a Nissan xterra already knowing I was severly upside down (as was my friend in her Explorer). Laid all the cards on the table upfront. He said not a problem.

Needless to say, spent 6 hours on the lot with my two year old son (what fun!), signed and drove home a brand new $40,000 Tahoe. Paid more than what I wanted to, but loved the car. Worth the money.

Can one say "too good to be true?" 15 days later the finance manager called me and said they could not get the deal they made approved and I needed to bring thier truck back. Needless to say, I was quite shocked and surprised. They said I would have to pay for the miles I put on thier truck and needed to bring it in right away.

Ironically, they lost the floor mats in my Xterra - which they are replacing and I have received two letters since then "thanking me for my business and to be sure I rate them with an "A" in customer satisfaction". How dare they? And they called my friend just last night and told her the same thing - she needed to bring the car back today.

I have never heard of such a bad business practice. If that deal is not made of stone, why would you let a customer drive a $40,000 vehicle off of the lot? They told me they were $6,000 off in the figures and if I wanted to put that down, I could. I would not give that dealership one red cent.

I guess they get their status of #2 dealer in the Nation because they sell a ton of cars, but how many do they take back?

Hope I can save someone else from this headache and heartache -


Smyrna, Georgia

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I'll admit that dealerships try to make people pay more for vehicles than they are worth.

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Tue, November 18, 2003

Dana, I worked for seven and a half years in the car business. I'll admit that dealerships try to make people pay more for vehicles than they are worth. In addition, big volume dealers do tend to send vehicles home with people that have questionable credit in hopes they will be able to sell them to a bank. But let me tell you this, before you go blasting a very well known and reputable dealership for being dishonest because they sent you home in a Tahoe that you couldn't afford...look to yourself. Banks buy loans for people who have good credit. In all my years in the business, I never saw anyone with good or even okay credit be turned down for a vehicle. Once more, I've personally been able to get 1.9% financing without any problems...in fact, it took longer to pick out my vehicle and argue about the bottom line price than it did to be approved for financing.

The Great Thorn - Rip-off Report Consumer Advocate

New York,
Dana what happend to you is called a "YANK" or a "Spot Delivery"

#3Consumer Suggestion

Wed, September 24, 2003

Dana I am going to tell you some things about the auto industry that car dealers do NOT want you to know. You said "I was greeted by their friendly staff" It is their job to make you think that they are there to help you. No "Lot Shark" likes any car buyer. They just want you to think they do so they can PUMP you to get your money. Think about it, they want a bigger pay check. They will have you fill out a credit app, run you to their "F&I CLOWN" who will try to sell you all kinds of over priced crap. Make you think that they are working hard to get you a good interest rate. After you sign all needed documentation and go home is when the deception really takes place. Some "F&I Clowns" will take a second credit app and fill it out as if you make much more money then you really do. They will lie to the banks and say you only pay $500 for rent when you might pay say $675. This makes you look better on paper to a bank. No "F&I Clown" will ever tell you that after you go home is when they send your credit info to MANY banks to get the lowest BUY RATE then they might call you back and ask you to sign a contract with a much higher interest rate. Doing this to you will increase the size of their next pay check. It can also lower the value of your credit. It is called "Firing a Shot gun" to your credit. If you want to see just how dirty car dealers can be, go to http://www.ripoffreport.com/view.asp?id=52158 and take some time to read this Rip Off Report and look at the 2 pic's. I feel that it is time that all auto lenders call up the car buyers and ask a few questions before they approve any car loan. They also should send any auto dealer fraud to all of the right authorities for prosecution. But NO, it would decrease the about of car loans they process! If banks are not willing to call up the car buyers before hanging the paper, they have NO RIGHT to CRYBABY about any dirty car loans they approve. They just might be in bed with some of the dirty car dealers because they know it will increase their profits. You said the following "to be sure I rate them with an "A" in customer satisfaction". How dare they? And they called my friend just last night and told her the same thing - she needed to bring the car back today." Sounds like your friendly car dealer does a ton of "Yank" car deals. Sounds like they hire Cheap labor for their F&I department. Now would be a great time to fax a "Printer Friendly Version" of your Rip Off Report to the following fax number only if you want to EXPOSE how you were treated. GM Fax: 1-313-556-5108 Most "Shark Ponds" only do what was done to you so they can take you "OFF of the Market" until their "F&I Clown" can have his or her way with you and your credit for a few days. Trust me, in the real-estate industry they do NOT let you sign a papers, let you move in a house and call you up 15 or 20 days later and tell you to GET THE HELL OUT" Does not happen! This is only happens in the auto industry. Dana Use the above fax number and expose your car dealer. Trust me it is FUN! I also would send a copy of your Rip Off Report to Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Corp. PO Box 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170. Fax a copy to your dealer. Fax: 1-770-423-4430 So much for happy motoring, you agree? Note to all auto lenders: Take some time and help prevent auto dealer deception, who knows you might get more business.

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