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Complaint Review: Auto Extremes - NORCROSS Georgia

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Thu, November 30, 2000

Auto Extremes
5560 jimmy carter blvd. NORCROSS, Georgia, U.S.A.
Auto Dealers
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I purchased this car over the phone with auto extremes. Of 5560

jimmy carter blvd. the contract date was 1/24/1998. Every thing was done by phone and I was called at my place of employment and told the only car I could get qualified for was a 1995 ford mustang.

I was told they would accept the down payment that I had and all I had to do was come sign for the car.

He said, since I did not have a ride to come pick up the car from the young man doing the deal, he preferred I the car deal at my job. He stated that i must have the total down payment that i had promised I would have over the phone.

At the beginning of his trying to work this deal. about 2 days before. I told him i would have to call him back because he had worked the deal faster than i thought, and i had not received a the payday in which would had given me the total of $1750.00. after hearing this he stated that I would indeed need to have that amount in full at the time of delivery and I should call back as soon as possible if I wanted the car because it looks real good and may not be available if i waited to long.

Bing eager and in the bind that I had explained to him earlier agreed and reassured him Iwould be calling back as

soon as possible. I mmediately hung up the phone and called everyone i knew trying to borrow the money and to no avail i begin to get frustrated and called to deliver the bad news that i in fact couldn't get the car because i could only get an additional $250 to the $1500.00 that i had already saved,

and that i borrowed from a guy on my job that worked under me, one that i barely knew. he even offered to take me down the street to pick the car up.

The salesman agreed to take that amount as a favor to me and told me to hurry up so we could do the deal today before he goes home.but i must promise to bring him more business, which i agreed. upon arriving at the car lot he was busy with another customer and i had to wait which i did. he had decried the

car over the phone so it didn't take a genius to figure that the only white ford mustang on the lot was the one that he was given to me. so to kill time i went out there to give it a look over and see what i would be getting.

Upon approaching the car the first thing i saw was the turn signal on the driver side front was cracked but the headlight worked. i later pointed that there was a dent on the side. he said he knew and they had a guy that could fix it but he only came in on a certain day and he would let him know to order my paint number and stuff from the ford dealer along with my light. i did the normal things like started it and listened to the engine. not really knowing what i was listening to just doing what i thought i should.

So after about 35- 40 minutes wait i was told to come sign my papers show him the receipt that i was given by the receptionist (for the down payment taken at the time i arrived) and told i would be ready to go in a moment. I was glad seeing that i was only on my lunch hour and had already overs stayed my limit. so as we rushed through the contract he told me i would receive a

payment book in the mail. as i looked at the monthly payment which was higher than i expected he explained that he had to work hard on this deal to get me approved and i owe him. he also gave me a paper saying they would fix this and that, but if i had any problems give him a call. he handed me a handful of

business cards to give to my friends.

i then got in the car and left. as i drove it begin to tremble and shake alittle.i thought it was me and knew i had to hurry back to work so i said i would have it professionally looked at

and then give him a full report of what i will be told that is wrong. when i got to work i called and told him this also and was told to go ahead and do that and let him know when i come in to get my headlight, dent fixed, and manual he would have whatever else looked at and fixed. having my own transportation i agreed. so as time went on i begin to have all kinds of

problems and when i had it looked at i was told that it had been in a wreck before which was what the shaking was form. along with some other things that i needed to have done. i called back to the car lot and told the salesman who made me an appointment to come in so he could see what i was talking about.

The appointment was for 2 weeks later because i could' t make it on the days he wanted me to i was now working harder than ever to make up the bill money i had spent on this car. so i went 2 weeks later on my off day and he told me he would call the guy that does the work on the cars up there and have him call me. i said OK! there was really nothing else i could do. he also gave me a number to some place he said i had a warranty with because they were not responsible for some of the things i was talking about because i brought my car used. so i took the number and begin to call the warranty place. I got no

help there either. All you could do was leave a message and have someone call you back. so i did that. no one called i called them back repeatedly and when i finally was given an answer i was told i have to do this and do that before they would fix anything.

i was asked for information that i did not have so i called the car lot and got it and called back. they then told me i didn't have coverage, and someone would have to call me back. after going through this back and forth for about 3 months i was finally told that my car was no longer covered because i had went over the mileage. not long after that the car begin to over heat all the time.

I took it to the shop and was told I needed to replace my thermostat i did in July. it kept over heating and i was told to replace my radiator. i did in August. and in the end of October

it completely stopped and a cloud of smoke started coming from the tail pipe.

I had it towed the shop and was told my head gaskets were gone. i did not have the money to replace them so i had them rebuilt. i left a deposit for the work to be done in the amount of $250 ON 10/30/98.

I was told rebuilding the heads would serve the same purpose as having them replaced and would be cheaper. so i did that the total was $1250 which i finally paid off in December of 98 with my birthday money. with all this i continued to pay my car note and keep full coverage insurance on time never being late which my credit report reflects.

It had now been 4 months and i had not gotten anywhere with the guys at the car lot, so i begun to price getting the dents

and stuff fixed myself. in June i got that done and have my receipt for that. then at the end of July the entire car stopped again. i had the car towed to a new car lot just to be told that my engine was gone. i asked how could that be and was told that whoever i had to rebuild my heads did not rebuild them i was told that they only put a liquid in my tank that just stops the smoke from coming from your tail pipe. it is called smoke be gone. and is only a temporary holding agent. the reason i was given this hypothesis is i still had the original heads on the car that came from the factory and the build up on the bolts showed that they had not been removed. plus when he took the heads off my car there was a liquid in the head that resembled that product along with no signs of work being done on the heads of this my car. i was told he would do the job and do the job right if i would purchase the motor, he would let me pay payments on the $700 labor. that day i gave him a $200 deposit on the motor that he told me would be $550. and i told him i

would be back to pay the rest as soon as i got it. i took out a loan for $800 to pay for the car in September 99. and i still owe him $250.i finally got feed up with fixing the car on a trip to Alabama when it stopped again and i left it on the side of the road. it was then towed by the state to a tow yard where the storage fees piled up as i called for the loan company to come get it. once they finally went and got it they added the over $1,700 in fees to amount of my loan. my loan amount started as $10,505.94 i paid on time never late for almost 2 years. and they say i still owe $10,379.94 meaning I have paid nothing but $126.00?? I don't understand??


I plan on telling the B.B.B, and anyone else that will listen. I cannot afford to pay this. by the way can I have them take this off while I am disputing the charges? I will sue if I can??

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Your story is very sad, but all too common. PICKET THEM IF ALL ELSE FAILS


Fri, December 01, 2000

This e-mail is a rebuttal to RipOff #3952.
It was sent by Robert Sokol at [email protected]

Auto Extremes extremely screwed me (#3952)

They filed the following Consumer Advise to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Robert Sokol

Your story is very sad, but all too common. Here are the 6
mistakes/chapters you made.

1) Bought a car over the phone
2) Believed the salesperson
3) Did not have a mechanic check out vehicle before.
4) Purchased a vehicle that was too expensive for your means
5) Had you vehicle repaired by unqualified technicians/shops.
6) Continued onto new repair shops, when the problem should have been solved at the previous shop first.

What to do now? Listed above are the 6 chapters in your story. You might now want to consider "Chapter 7". (Bankruptcy).

badbusinessbureau.com always suggests:


Fri, December 01, 2000

badbusinessbureau.com always suggests: If all else fails after you try and work something out when you've been screwed, ..We strongly suggest: You take your full story from your Rip-off Report you filed and put it on a flyer in it's entirety on a legal size paper using both sides of the paper, with BIG LETTERS at the top that say,: RIP-OFF DEALER. (use badbusinessbureau.com web address or Rip-off Report logo so the dealer and consumers know it is on the Internet) After about an hour or two you will find other victims who did business with that dealer. They will honk their horn in support, giving you a "thumbs up." Plus consumers in general will support you by not going into that dealer, making them explain everything to any customer that would go on their lot, and if nothing else, the customer will watch more closely their deal with this business, if there is any business while your out there. ...Most of the time, within an hour or two, any dealer with just a little common sense will do what they should have done in the first place for you. ...And, it is perfectly legal to picket on public property any where in the USA as long as you do not interfere in traffic, block the sidewalk, yell profanities or go onto the businesses property you are picketing. ...Be persistent! For further information go to www.RipoffRevenge.com

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