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- CLAREMONT, North Carolina,

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I purchased a used motor with supposely 30,000 miles on it and it came with a ninety day warranty. I payed my mechanic $667.00 to replace it. He has done this type of work his whole life and comes highly recommended. He had to replace multiple parts that came on this motor that did not work in my car.

Luckly the parts off of my old motor still did. This motor had apparently been rebuild because it had new gaskets. Why did a 30,000 mile motor need to be rebuild in the first place. Well the motor didn't sound great from the start (it had a little tap). After a few weeks it began to smell like it was burning oil so we decided to take it back to the mechanic and he said it was leaking from around the valve and said it sounded like a pulley was loose in the head but we would have to contact the company because he was not allowed to pull the head because it would void the warranty.

So I contacted the ASAP Motors and they said send it back I called multiple times and told the problem and that I needed to setup a pickup date. I kept getting call me back tomorrow and so forth. I finally got the motor picked up and I asked if I could be remibursed for labor since I was going to have to pay again I was told we will see what we can do. At first they were not going to send me another motor until the first one was checked out. I waited and waited and called and called. Then finally they said the motor had to be sent somewhere else and then they said that the people who check them out was behind so that tells me that they get alot back. I kept calling and they sent me another motor but still told me they didn't know if they could remiburse me unitl the other motor was checked out.

They said they would contact me as soon as that was done and I waited they still didn't return my call. I finally call back and they try to say that my mechanic did not put the filter back on tight and the motor had run out of oil and messed it up. HA! The only reason the filter was loose when they got it back was because the mechanic had to drain the oil out to transport it back to Houston, their own truck driver watched my mechanic drain the motor and he commented that it didn't have to be tighten as long as it was empty.

They will not remiburse me any for labor even though the first motor was bad, they think just because they sent me a replacement motor I should be satisfied. What was the purpose for the warranty if they don't stand by them? If the first motor was as good as they say then why was the gaskets replaced on the first one and not the second one I received? Why run a business if you can't stand by your product and know that not every product is perfect.


Glareland, Prince Edward Island

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North Carolina,
Still A Rip Off

#2Author of original report

Fri, January 23, 2004

I do not ever recall an extended warranty and if there was then it was probably going to cost a couple hundred more besides the 1400.00 we had already paid. I just hope ASAP Motors and their managers can sleep at night after treating paying customers the way they do. I was told you are wrong, wrong, wrong and that is all ASAP motors had to say to me. God forbid that there could have actually been a bad motor. But so you know lessons were learned and my pocket paid the price.


We stand behind our warranty and everything we sell

#3UPDATE Employee

Fri, January 16, 2004

We sell JDM Motors and Transmissions a customer must use their own bolt on accessory parts for more than one reason. We have a warranty on available on our web-site as well as fax,email and send copies with the shipment, all of these state the same facts, our motors are sold as long block assemblies and no bolt on accesory parts are under any warranty, the customer complaines about the injectors needing to be flused after she complains about having to use her own parts, so she is complaining about having to flush her own injectors? We stand behind our warranty and everything we sell, the customer was offered a ext. warranty to help cover labor that she declined. According to her complaint listed we replaced the motor to her,so i'm not real sure what else we could have done.


North Carolina,
Ripped off on second motor

#4Author of original report

Fri, June 06, 2003

After we finally got our second motor and pay over $600.00 again to have it reinstalled. I drove to work after only having it back for about 4 days and by the time I got back home oil was burning and pouring out of the car. This time I took it to my Crysler Dealership. They had first had to replace the rear main seal which ASAP Motors doesn't cover under the warranty. But this cost $635 to do this. Then oil was leaking out from around the head gasket which is suppose to have the warranty which it doesn't, which was another $675 to do. Remember by ASAP standards if the head is removed it voids the warranty. But choice did we have but to have it fixed ASAP wasn't standing by the warranty. After fixing that it still would not run and all the fuel injecters had to be flushed and cleaned from been gummed up. Another $300. All I got for my money from ASAP Motors was hung up on by the Manager several times. Save your money, you will find better at the local salvage yard.

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