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- shelby, Michigan,
Tue, September 30, 2003

Tell us has your experience with this business or person been good? What's this?
I beat them at their game, but hope the following information helps others out there. Do not give them a dime and Do not be afraid to tell them so!!!!! When you are an informed business owner, turn the tables on them!!

RE: Ameri-Source - invoiced for items never requested or authorized for purchase

Our company is currently trying to be scammed by Ameri-Source!!

Based on my experience they call to verify your business address and then you end up with an invoice that was never authorized by your company for services/products you never requested!! Since last week, we have been getting calls from a so called collection agency: American Solution Information. Upon putting two and two together , as I found it strange when I pulled a report on this so called collection company only to find that they have two clients - Ameri-Source and World Wide Source Publications !

From there I pulled more reports on these so called clients and this is how I learned they are all linked together. A few hours of research along with calls to the right authorities, this is what I have found and the actions we have taken so far. It took them years to run this scam of which they are still doing, but it took me only a short time to turn the tables on them! This is what all people need to know about them in order to have the upper hand in telling them to GET LOST:

Ameri-Source is a Telemarketing Scam that has many names it goes by:

Ameri-Source , World Wide Source Publications, American Choice Publications. They also have a Fraud Collection Company: American Solution Information of which is also part of this scheme. They will deny that they are affiliated with the other companies listed above, but they are. All of these company names are owned by Mr. Pavlos Angelatos. They are a registered Canadian business in Montreal and Nova Scotia, with established business address in ( multiple ones ) New York.

They have been around since 1996. Mr. Angelatos runs a pyramid of companies, all of which lead back to him. They did have an address Vermont, but the attorney general of Vermont suied them and barred them from doing business in the state of Vermont and they are not allowed to have a Vermont address anymore.

Every phone number they list is not a phone number into New York, these numbers put you thru to Montreal and Nova Scotia!!! So they are actually conducting business in International Waters, not from New York!! They have not only violated many business' and business owners with this scam, but have violated many of the International trade laws as well. They bank on you not knowing any of this information I have listed here for you!

Anyone who receives an invoice, a collection call etc.. from them needs to do the following:

Get the names of anyone that calls you

Write down the times of the day that they call, how many times etc. so that you can establish their pattern

Go the the Better Business Bureau of New York web site and pull the report on all of the named compaines they go by, you will be most interested to read what they all say

Go to the Canadian site: strategis.gc.ca and pull the reports on them here too

Do Not pay them a dime and tell them you are not going to pay

Send them written notice to CEASE TO DISIST in harrassing and trying to EXTORTE money

Call and file a complaint with the BBB of New York, Vermont, and the state you reside in

Call the RCMP-PhoneBusters 888-495-8501 and file a report with them. They are the task force in the Ontairo Police dept. and they do take it very seriously

Call the Federal Trade Commission and file a report with them too.

Call your local police department and file a report there as well

Keep On all of these agencies till they get tired of hearring these company names and then they to will do what Vermont did and run them out of town!!

And do not let them scare you into thinking they will have an attorney come after you! If they do, you tell them that you will be happy to stand in front of judge and jury with them, as the State Attorney General of Vermont has already proven in a court of law that what they are doing is against the law and you have that alone to back you up!!

Usually this type of scam company will not spend the dollars on an attorney to collect the 299.95 that they are trying to scam to begin with, it would cost them to much!!

Hope this information helps any other business owner out there!


shelby, Michigan

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