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Complaint Review: American Honda Finance Corp - Irving Texas

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- E.Brinswick, NJ,
Tue, December 05, 2000

American Honda Finance Corp
PO BOX 165378 Irving, 75016 Texas, U.S.A.
Car Financing
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I hope that you will help me.

When I leased a Honda Civic in August 1997, I paid a $1,000 of Security deposit. By the time the Lease was mature I received a bunch of letters from Honda, telling that, if I will get another Honda they will return a deposit and waive a disposition fee.

But I choose a Nissan.

When I return my Honda at Route 22 Honda Dealership, A Honda Dealer accepted it in the good condition. And I contacted a Honda

Finance and asked when I will get my Deposit (minus disposition fee) back, I've been told that they will return it after one year. A month later I received a bill from Them for $640.26. It stated that there was $1,360 worth scratches on the car.

It looks like if I would take another Honda as they pushed me to do, there would be No scratches at all. And $1,360.00 is the way too mach for scratches. I went To a car repair shop and asked them to look at the damage report, Honda Finance sent to me, the mechanics in the shop told me all the items in the report are at least four times of the price they would charge.

The car was on the road for three years, and I paid for the wear and tear by my leasing payments.

I spoke with Honda Finance's representatives: When I asked who determines what is excess wear and tear, they told me they have a specialist for that and they also determine the price for fixing a damage, so they can charge what ever they determine and I don't have any control over that.

All they did it was sending a bills and call in demand the money. Any of my attempts to clear the matter took me nowhere.

I am frustrated.

Thank you.

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Grand Prairie,
You had 6 months before your turn-in date

#2UPDATE Employee

Mon, September 29, 2008

First off, dealers are not licensed inspectors. They can give you opinions on the condition of the vehicle, but there opinion wont count for anything later on. HFS uses a 3rd party inspector yes, but the charges are the national average and you can see those prices in the mitchell manual. Since HFS sends the customer a packet 6 months before vehicle turn in informing of end-of-lease options, you had plenty of time to get your own inspection done and any repairs made. HFS and the dealer are separate companies. Always read the contract and contact Honda ahead of time if you have any questions b/c dealers do what it takes to make the sale.


This sad tale is just another example of why car leasing is CAR FLEECING!

#3Consumer Suggestion

Fri, March 28, 2003

The excess wear and tear con game is nothing more than Al Capone style extortion. "If you enter into another FLEECE, then we'll waive the excess wear and tear". When you get involved in such a worthless sceme as CAR FLEECING, you agree IN ADVANCE to pay what someone else considers excess wear and tear. Dealers love CAR FLEECING because there's much more profit in it by charging you official sounding fees and the excess wear and tear PROFIT CENTER. This sad example should be read by anyone who is even remotely thinking of getting involved in such a worthless scheme. Make no mistake about it car leasing is CAR FLEECING and YOU will be the one who gets sheared!


The dealership should inspect the lease vehicle

#4Consumer Suggestion

Sat, March 22, 2003

I am in the automotive industry and I have a suggestion for this person. The dealership should inspect the lease vehicle that you turn in. They should also give the consumer a copy of a condition report. If they didn't do this the dealership can be held resposible for any damage on that vehicle. I have seen vehicles sit at a dealerships lot for months before the manufactor has that car picked up. If you have any other questions e-mail me I'll be glad to help.

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