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- Tempe, Arizona,
Wed, September 06, 2000

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Why SIC are criminals

United Against Standard Internet Corporation Affiliate Programs:

Allclicks.com,Searchtraffic.com,Bulkclicks.com, Pokertraffic.com,Popuptraffic.com

Let me explain how these crooks work:

Standard Internet runs a large web site, http://www.clickheretofind.com/, and all traffic from their "pay-per-click" programs is directed here. They make the pretense that you can "make money" by sending traffic to them via clicks (this is how clickheretofind is the #222 highest traffic site on the web, according to pcdataonline).

Then, as soon as you accumulate some money, they decide not to pay you by finding some ridiculous excuse. The worst part is that they don't even notify you of this -they let you keep sending them clicks so they can keep getting traffic, and sit back knowing they don't have to send a check. They lead you to believe that you are going to be paid. When emailed about why you haven't received a check yet, they give no reply. If you do end up getting through to them via phone or another method, they give you the run-around. If you make a post on their bulletin board inquiring about your unpaid account, they either censor your posts, delete them completely, or in rare cases that they do reply, they will make you look stupid, tell you you are a cheater, and ban your IP address. This is their method of covering up their actions.

Here is a basic list I have compiled of what they do that is criminal:

(1) They don't let you know you have been cancelled, and let you continue to believe you are earning money.

This is probably the most important point I can make. Let me give you an analogy as to why this has to be illegal. Let's say "John" is hired to work at McDonalds. On the first day and every day, he eats french fries on the job. This is against McDonalds rules, but John doesn't know it. He continues to eat fries every day for a month. When the month ends and it is time for his paycheck, he does not receive one. When he asks the manager why he isn't being paid, he is told "You were fired on your first day, but we didn't feel like telling you. We thought we would let you work the whole month for free; because you broke our rules we felt we didn't have to inform you that you had been fired." This, of course, could never happen! Whether John is fired or not (an analogy for being cancelled by SIC), they still have to pay him for his past services. The fact that he did something wrong, eating fries, is arbritary. The fact that he worked for the month still requires that he be paid, and then laid off. Why should it be any different on the internet?

(2) They do not reply to your emails.

This is another big problem. For people who think there is a possibility they have been cancelled and send repeated emails to SIC, they deserve a reply -yet get none! That would be like John asking his boss half-way through the month if eating fries was wrong and if he might possibly be fired for it, and his boss ignores him!

(3) They go back on their contracts.

There have been several people, including myself, who have been told their site was "ok" or "approved" for their affiliate programs.... then later, when forced to explain why no check has come in the mail, SIC tells you that your site is "unacceptable" and "was never approved". This is just straight out lying and a breach of contract, another illegal act.

(4) They cover up their actions.

They remove any posts that question the integrity of SIC from their Bulletin Board, and then ban you from posting on it ever again. While it is their bulletin board and they can do what they like with it, it is clear that they are trying to hide something. They also try to subvert anyone with a "big mouth" (like myself), threatening them with legal action and lawsuits.

This type of criminal activity is finally going to come to an end. They chose the wrong guy to not pay (me ), and now I am organizing this lawsuit against them. But, I feel that I cannot do it alone. I could possibly sue them and try to get back the $610.35 that they owe me, but after talking to so many people who have similar stories to mine, I feel it is imperative to take SIC down completely, end the madness, and get back everyone's money, as well as prevent future thievery.

...........MY STORY...............

Standard Internet Corp. is a company that runs many pay-per-click advertising agencies on the web. The two web sites of theirs in particular that I had contracts with were www.allclicks.com and www.searchtraffic.com. My site, www.cdrip.com, was approved via online contract for both programs - Allclicks back in February 2000, and Searchtraffic a month later in March.

In June, I figured something was wrong when I still had not received payments, which had been accumulating via "stats" reporting. In July my totals were over 500 dollars, for the 2 programs combined. I emailed SIC on repeated occasions but never once received any kind of reply.

Then, I posted a message on their Bulletin Board very politely asking what was wrong, why I hadn't received payment, and if my account could be looked into. An hour later, my message had been removed and my IP address banned from the Bulletin Board. Sounds suspicious, doesn't it? Finally, I gave them a telephone call and this is what I was told by Mike: "Your Allclicks account was cancelled due to a breach in terms, you were begging clicks." I replied, "Well, why was I not informed and my stats continually updated?" "Hey people make mistakes" was what Mike, obviously annoyed, stated. "Fine, well what about my Searchtraffic account", I replied. After a long pause he said "I can't seem to pull up your account, let me get your email address and I will email you once I do". So I gave it to him, hung up, and after a week of waiting, still received no email. Since then, I emailed them quite a nasty letter threatening legal action as well as multiple posts on their Bulletin Board, which were of course almost immediately deleted. Although a few were replied to, they have since been erased.

They still never told me directly why my Searchtraffic account was deleted, except for a few posts in which I gathered the following;

Standard Internet claims that I broke their Terms of Service because my web site, www.cdrip.com, is an illegal mp3 site. First of all (not to debate the whole mp3 issue), mp3s have yet to be deemed illegal -but this isn;t even the point. Why, then, was my site approved? Also, a friend of mine with a Searchtraffic account who was linking to my site, cdrip, was even told that it was ok to link to it because my "mp3 site was ok because of my comprehensive disclaimer" (these are their words paraphrased). I also never received notification of cancellation! I have records of all my site statistics which were continually updated day to day, and yet now that I have raised a stink, they claim I was cancelled a long time ago. In fact, as I am writing this, my account is still active!

I have been doing business with online ad agencies for almost 2 years now, and this is by far the worst experience I have ever had. In fact, my web site is also sponsored by big name advertising agencies such as Engage Media and the Doubleclick Network, and they don't seem to think there is anything wrong with my site.


Please email me at:

[email protected]

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