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Complaint Review: AIPCS System Technologies - Farmingdale New York

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- Las Vegas, Nevada,

AIPCS System Technologies
155-B Marine Street Farmingdale, 11735 New York, U.S.A.
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On July 9th of this year, I decided to purchase a computer. I am returning to college at the end of this month and decided to take a few online courses which would require me to have a computer along with internet access.

Having recently gone through a financially stressful divorce, my options were limited due to the lack of positive credit. Having been declined for financing by both Dell and Gateway, I began my search for a more lenient financing agreement through alternate companies. I was very excited when I happened across a company called AIPCS systems.

They offer the convenience of choosing each component to be included in your purchase. After putting together a computer system that fit all of my needs, I applied for financing. The website was very user-friendly and very well designed. Two days after applying for financing, I received an e-mail stating that I was approved for $2500.00 in financing. The computer I had requested was only just over $2000.00. The e-mail advised me to contact AIPCS via telephone to set-up my financing.

I called the company and spoke to a gentleman by the name of Lambros Ballas. He explained in detail that I would be required to send a $250.00 deposit (which would be deducted from the cost of the computer) along with a $59.00 processing fee. He also explained that my balance would be spread out over a 3-year term and as long as payments were made on time, there would be no financing charges or interest accrued. If a payment was late, then interest would begin accruing at that point.

Now, I am a very smart individual and made sure to ask as many questions I could to ensure I understood everything that I would be "signing" up for. I agreed to the terms and Mr. Ballas advised me that he would send the contract to me and that I needed to sign the contract and send it back with two separate money orders or checks (one for $250.00 and one for $59.00).

After they receive the payment and contract, I was to receive an email with a payment code. At that point I would go online and make any last minute changes to my order, input the payment code, and submit the order. It sounded simple enough. I received the contract about a week and a half later in the mail. I took a few weeks to further investigate the company to ensure I was making an intelligent decision that I would not regret.

My job at Expedia is to answer BBB and Attorney General complaints as well as DOT and legal disputes. I researched every known available consumer awareness and complaint site just to make myself feel completely secure. After finding no negative reports regarding AIPCS, I made the decision to sign the contract and send the money orders.

On August 12th, I sent the two money orders along with the contract to AIPCS via overnight UPS delivery that way I would have a tracking number. Good thing I did! On August 13th, I tracked the package on the UPS website and it showed that my package was signed for by Mr. Ballas on the 13th of August. As we all know, there was a major electrical blackout on the east coast on the 14th. I waited for a week and had still not received the email showing my payment had been processed.

I began calling AIPCS. After getting the runaround the first few calls and not getting any answers, I was finally advised by Mr. Ballas that they didn't have any record of receiving my payment. He requested that I fax him copies of the money order receipts. I did just that. I also called the number on the money order receipts, and found out that my money orders were cashed on the 15th of August. They weren't able to tell me whether it was AIPCS that cashed the money order or not. They said in order to get that information, I would need to send a request in writing along with $20.00 and they would send me the records.

I did that as well, although I still have yet to receive the records from the money order company. I immediately called Mr. Ballas again and explained to him that the money orders were cashed the following day after he signed for them. He snidely asked if I had proof it was AIPCS that cashed them. I told him that I requested the records and would have that information shortly. He admitted that there was no other company in his building. Since he signed for them, he is responsible for them.

I have no doubt that AIPCS had deposited my money orders. I dislike using my position at Expedia.com as a bargaining tool; however, I was at my wits end and had no other choice. I explained to Mr. Ballas what my occupation was and that I had several contacts in the BBB and Attorney General's office I could go to for assistance.

His tune immediately changed. He advised me that he would send my payment verification email right away. Sure enough, 30 minutes later, I received the payment code showing that my payment had been processed. This was on the 28th of August. I went online and finalized my order with the payment code.

The next day I received an e-mail stating that my order has been processed. I can check in my account on the AIPCS website to see when a tracking number has been added. Two weeks went by and I had still not seen a tracking number. I called AIPCS and was advised that it takes 10-15 business days before an order ships. On the 18th of September (exactly 15 business days later), I called again and was advised that I have to inquire via email and they refused to give me any information over the phone. They said I my email would be answered within 24 hours.

I sent an email as soon as I was off the phone to enquire as to the progress of my order. Not having received a response on the 19th of September, I sent the email again. On the 22nd of September, I had still not received a response so I resent the email a third time.

Finally yesterday, I had still not received a response. I resent my email a fourth time. I also sent an email directly to Mr. Ballas (who is the Manager of the company). As of today, I have yet to receive a response from either the finance department ([email protected]) or Mr. Ballas ([email protected]).

I happened across a website at www.ripoffreport.com. To my surprise, there have been three separate complaints filed (two in September alone). All three complaints describe how the consumer has sent their deposit and have waited in excess of 3 months and still have not received their computers. This deeply troubles me. I am filing a complaint with the BBB as well as the Attorney General's office in New York. Don't know where to go from here.


Las Vegas, Nevada

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