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Complaint Review: AAMCO - Sacramento California

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- Sacramento, California,

2257 Arden Way Sacramento, 95825 California, U.S.A.
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I first took my Ford Explorer to the Arden Way AAMCO in Sacramento, CA. It was making a loud rumbling noise and smoke was coming out of the tailpipe. My regular mechanic said it was leaking transmission fluid everywhere, and to take it to a transmission shop, so I chose AAMCO. They said that I needed a new pan gasket, which was a cheap part, but the labor of taking out the transfer case and putting it back in would be $250. After conferring with my father, I authorized them to do the work. My Dad also asked the technician to service the transmission, which cost another $150.

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Two weeks and $400 later, my car starts rumbling and emitting smoke again. I have the car towed to the Modesto AAMCO, since at the time I was closer to there than Sacramento. The Modesto AAMCO says that I need to have the transfer case rebuilt, which will cost around $1150. I was credited the labor for taking out and putting back in the transfer case, which brought my total down to $900. I was without a car for a week.

Then, three weeks later, I took my car to the Ford dealership to have it inspected for any major problems. They gave my car a clean bill of health, except that the seal on the transfer case was leaking. So I called the Sacramento AAMCO, since I live in Sacramento, not Modesto.

They were extremely rude and unaccommodating. I had to rent a car for a week, which cost me $185 (with a family discount from Enterprise). My vehicle was towed to the Arden way location, where they removed the transfer case, mailed it to Modesto (which is a 1.25 hour drive away), who then repaired it again, shipped it back to the Sacramento location, where it was put back in my vehicle. The receipt from Sacramento said We replaced transfer case seal, then Modesto rebuilt transfer case. T-case seal leaking. Why didn't the initial receipt mention the T-case seal? Could the $900 repair have been avoided had AAMCO done their job correctly the first time? Was the seal still leaking when Sacramento released my vehicle the first time? Is this what caused the transfer case to need rebuilding?

Last night, a week after my car was returned from AAMCO the THIRD time, I noticed that my car is rumbling again. Not to the extent that it was initially, but definitely abnormal.

I have had it with AAMCO. Driving my car has become unsafe. I am afraid to drive with my 4 year old child in the car. I want them to pay me $1085. $900 for the repairs, and $185 for the rental car. I won't just pocket the money - I'll take my car to a transmission shop that will actually fix it!

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Sacramento, California

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United States of America
New Ownership

#2REBUTTAL Owner of company

Sat, September 01, 2012

As the new owner of the Arden Wy. Aamco, I am thoroughly disappointed in your past experiences with us. Our goal is to give everybody a positive encounter with us by providing them with professionalism, honesty, and quality workmanship on their vehicle. I hope you will try us out again to experience the NEW Aamco at Arden!


El Dorado Hills,
Is this for real?

#3REBUTTAL Owner of company

Wed, March 25, 2009

I want to make sure I understand this. This customer brought their vehicle to AAMCO on Arden way. We diagnosed it as a minor leak repair and a transmission service. We repaired the leak and serviced (preventitive maintanence) the transmission. A few weeks later there is another problem with the vehicle and another AAMCO performs the repair. When the car had a problem in Sacramento again, we performed the repairs according to the centers request. Now the customer is upset with the AAMCO on Arden Way. Why? Maybe we should recommend major repairs, instead of minor repairs if we think a minor repair will fix it. Oh, we can't do that, it is against the law to make repair recomendations unless we find a problem. The way I see it, the AAMCO on Arden Way is the kind of shop you want to take your car to. We are not going to sell you repairs you do not need.


Had bad experience with same Arden Way location

#4Consumer Comment

Sat, March 07, 2009

So a year ago I had a new transmission put in for about 2500 dollars. About a year later, the transmission went bad. I took it in to get fixed on a friday. No call at all or update until I called the shop myself on wednesday. How is that for customer service. pretty bad. Then they charged me 80 dollars to tell me that it was an internal transmission problem. But, and a big but, it would 1000 dollars to tell me the actual problem. That is not even to fix it. But they did not tell me this on wednesday. It took them until Friday to tell me this. One week to tell me that it would be 1000 dollars to just diagnose it. And I had to call them wed., thursday, and friday to get this information. They were not helpful. And it meant nothing to them that they put in the new transmission for 2500 bucks. The must put cheapo transmissions in or something. Their actions tell me that they do not stand by there work or are they interested in maintaining long term customer relationships. I looked this location up on google and the only other review, besides the one i wrote, also gave them 1 star and said they were horrible. So, I believe this story above. Their customer service is horrible and they to me, are a ripoff.


District of Columbia,
Burning trans. fluid

#5Consumer Comment

Fri, November 19, 2004

I have had a few Ford Explorers where it would start reving up, but the car would not move... There would not be any trans. fluid. After topping off with trans. fliud the car would run fine for some time, while the smoke would be coming from the exhaust pipe. If that's the case, have someone to check out the transmission modulator. It is located on the right hand side of transmission housing. Vacuum operated device. When it goes bad, vacuum will suck transmission fluid into engine air intake and burn in cylinders. I do not recall working on explores with transmission fluid leaks.Any kind ( seals or gaskets). Please let me know if this answer is of any help. Good luck.


Hmm??Someone is not tellin the truth

#6Consumer Comment

Thu, November 18, 2004

David~~~~Someone is not tellin the truth or this is a compete untruth~~how would you not know about a comeback?~~~~The intershop process lets you become involved with the second shop~~~~~Maybe you were not there this day that this job was being repaired~~~~you would have an invoice to account for the loss for taxes~~~~~~I don't know what to think~~~THE TRanzmn


News to Me!!!

#7REBUTTAL Owner of company

Thu, November 18, 2004

Christina, and all those reading this. I am the owner of the AAMCO at 2257 Arden Way, and this is the first time I have heard of this. I am an active owner, in the shop every day, and keep up with all the cars in the shop, especially the cars that are having problems. I pride myself in taking care of my customers, however, you appear not to be satisfied. Feel free to contact me directly so this manner can be resolved to your satisfaction.



#8Consumer Comment

Mon, September 22, 2003

Christina~~~~If your tranzfer case wuz leakin from the rear driveshaft twice, you may have a bent one. Vibrationz at about 50-55 with a drone type of noise is from a driveshaft out of balance~~~or possible u- joint badd~~~~~if it leaks again from this area ~~~check the driveshaft for trueness 1/8 of an inch is normal any more ad you lose your balance. Tranzfer cases just don't start leaking. ~~~~~~on the other hand if the first repair wuz guaranteed to be correct and this was not caught you may have the rong, AAMCO expertz workin on it. Wait to see what happens~~~~~THE TRANZMN

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