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Complaint Review: A-South Hill Transmission And Automotive/ A-1 Transmission - Lakewood Washington

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- puyallup, WA,
Thu, December 14, 2000

A-South Hill Transmission And Automotive/ A-1 Transmission
14907 Murray St Lakewood, 98439 Washington, U.S.A.
(253)848-0175 / (253)581-
Auto Repair Service
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A-South Hill Transmission and Automotive

A-1 Transmission

Both owned by Tom Davis

I worked at these two shops for a period of time.

I learned of this web site through Tom because he always uses it to degrade his competitors. Tom has a book in both of his lobbies titled AAMCO RIPP OFFS. Tom uses these books to lift up his own shop in an effort to gain business.

Toms methods of pricing his jobs are totally dishonest. Tom sells a front wheel drive Or 4x4 R&R for $375.00 + tax then tells the customer if they decide to rebuild the transmission he will only charge them for the parts in addition to the $375.00 + tax. I have seen in more than one occasion he marks the parts up too much to make up for the labor. Toms prices are very inconsistent from one transmission to the next of the same type. He does this based on the amount of money he needs that day. Tom says honesty is his policy.


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#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Sat, June 06, 2009

Ok, as a preface I am a former employee,. Before I was employed with them I carried a transmission in, and asked for them to check it out. It was from a wrecked truck that I had purchased. they promptly dis-assembled it and compared it with the specifications it was supposed to meet. When I came in to find out if there where any problems with the transmission, they were happy to pull out my parts, and new parts and show the differences. And to tell me how/why/ and where there was a problem. I had them repair the transmission and never had a problem since in that vehicle. I later went to work for them. During my time with them I saw them do work at cost, or for very little above cost to enable the customer to be able to afford the repairs. After I left employment there, I moved to southern california. On one trip I made back up, I had problems with the transmission on my 89 Lincoln. When I called them on the morning of new years eve(with a planned departure date of the 2nd) and told them the problems that I was having. They told me to bring it in and they would analyze the problem and let me know that day. They then read the codes and subsequently tore the transmission apart. When I came in later that day they described and visually showed me what had happened to cause the problem, and why it needed rebuilt.They told me that they could definitely have the transmission rebuilt and ready by my scheduled departure date. I called the next day, to make sure it would be ready to go on the following day. And was told that a mount was broken, possibly due to an error in the process of taking everything apart. The cost of which they would gladly cover. and the car was ready at the designated time. With the estimate being entirely accurate. No extra charges, no extra time. As far as the last post for aamco goes...... That's a different story. I had a transmission in a 92 explorer rebuilt by them. appx 6k miles(of a 12k mile warrenty) later it died. It then took aamco about 4 months to authorize and accomplish the repair. Meanwhile I was without a vehicle. Then appx 5 months after that the trans went out again. I then took the vehicle to another(A-1/A southill trans are both members of atra) ATRA approved facility in paradise,ca called paradise transmission, they rebuilt the transmission and I went another 120k miles before the vehicle was rear ended and totaled. Before which I was in the process of towing a load with my 86 1 ton ford. At the top of the grapevine(a steep mountain pass in southern california) I had problems... after removing the transmission, transfer case, and gearvendors overdrive out of the vehicle, and disassembling each part, they determined that the overdrive was the problem. They then attempted to get a clutch for the gearvendors overdrive, which was unsuccessful. During the diagnoses, the shop owner purchase me a breakfast burrito when he got his breakfast. He would not let me pay for it. After spending all of the day there while everything was torn apart, diagnosed, and reassembled, I was told that all they wanted me to pay was an inspection fee of $189 even tho it took a minimum of 18 man hours to remove/dismantle/inspect/ and replace all of the parts that where required to diagnose the problem. In my mind and from my experience, ATRA shops are incredibly honest, and sincere in they're desire to help the customer. even if it cost's them money to be so. As far as aamco goes I will NEVER again have anything done by them. If it means waiting extra time or whatever. AAmco is s**t. ATRA shops are the s**t. Jason

Independent shops Aren't always the way to go!!!!


Fri, May 11, 2001

Having read the AAMCO severe ripoffs from the front page of this website, I have reason to report what can happen at independent shops. One owner states that an independent shop took care of him. I am glad to hear that. However, independent shops are sometimes WORSE so watch out!!! I happen to know that at an independent shop I am familiar with does some of the SAME practices as our dear AAMCO dealers. A-1 and A South Hill Transmission shops also offer FREE diagnosis only if you pay to have your transmission rebuilt. If you choose not to have your transmission rebuilt (which it will be in pieces when you get it back and can do nothing with it) you will pay the diagnosis charges. The owner allows the transmission to be torn down to DIAGNOSE it then you have no choice for a rebuild and watch out again, he might quote you one thing and demand more money once you walk in the door for pick up of your vehicle. I also happen to know that he DOES demand cash and will not take credit cards or checks if he's hurting that day. I have seen this happen over and over again there. Having read Mr. H Lamb's report gives me chills knowing these shops are still in business and ripping people off daily! HONESTY IS NOT HIS POLICY!!!!! Please ignore the signs in his lobbies stating this and to add to it, I have seen that the technicians are required to wear this bogus statement on their uniforms!!!

Better Business Bureau/ Advocate


Wed, May 09, 2001

The owner to A-1 Transmission / A South Hill Transmission has paid a price to a membership with the Better Business Bureau. He has a plaque in the lobby of A-1 Transmission stating that he has a membership with them. Why would the BBB degrade their own member who pays them money for a good reputation???? Of course, they will deny any allegations of bad business to any complainers. Having read the update by Mr. H. Lamb; this is a typical story day to day at both of these locations.

We pay thousand cash, car was never fixed.


Thu, March 29, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #4029.
It was sent by Mr. H Lamb at [email protected]

A-South Hill Transmission and Automotive/ A-1 Transmission (Auto Repair Service) 12/14/00 (Last Modified: 1/25/01)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Mr. H Lamb
Their phone number: no please
Their relationship to the company: Advocate

I had problem with this company over one year ago.
They never call me. We agree to price. My wife was home every day while I was out of town on business trip. They said I agree to price of $425. We were promised this would be done in two day.

My wife kept calling when ready. Ten days later they say OK ready for pick up tomorrow. My wife get a ride from sister. They say sorry not ready. I come home form business trip there is no car to pick us up at airport.

I call them they promise in few days. I go and demand my car they demand $1000 in cash no check or credit card.

We pay thousand cash, car was never fixed.
I feel this was done to us because we are not from this country.

This company is not honest. Better business bureau say they are good company in business long time. I make complaint long time ago. I never hear anything. My wife call Better business buruau and to see what happen to complaint and our money. They say they are good company with satisfaction to customers.

Appreciate your web site. Please excuse my english.

H Lamb

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