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Complaint Review: 1-800-MATTRESS - East Brunswick New Jersey

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- Manalapan, New Jersey,
Thu, May 06, 2004

Route 18 North East Brunswick, 08816 New Jersey, U.S.A.
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I bought a Sealy Posture-Pedic mattress for about $1,000.00. The mattress has a pillow-top feature. The pillow-top material shifted and now I have a ridge running down the mattress. When the inspector came to may house, he said it cannot be repaired and must be replaced. I received a call from customer service and they said there was nothing wrong with the mattress. I intend to sue them in small claims court before July 2004.


Manalapan, New Jersey

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North Carolina,

#2Consumer Comment

Mon, February 28, 2005

If the store selects the delivery contractor, they are responsible for damage. The store needs to then go after the contractor for reimbursement. On the mattress warranty issue, the store's correct. Mattress warranty service from the major companies is a joke.


North Carolina,
Original Mattress Company

#3Consumer Suggestion

Sun, February 27, 2005

GEEZ. 1-800-MATTRESS came across pretty defensive for a company who wants to retain customers, and that statement pretty much killed the chance of new ones. We have a company here in Charlotte who manufactures the mattress on site, openly shares their warranty in all it's detail - and get this - in language we can all understand! I've been shopping around for a new mattress and the local Original Mattress Company will be my choice instead of a "We'll Sue You!" 800 number.


New Jersey,

#4UPDATE Employee

Sat, February 26, 2005

To Kelly: Warranties are always through the manufacturer, not the retailer. If you purcahse a Sony TV, it can be purchased at Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, etc. The warranty is with Sony, not the retailer. That is why places like Best Buy try to sell you their own protection plans. In the case of 1-800-Mattress, we try to facilitate response by the manufacturer, but cannot influence their decisions. This is the case in all warranty situations. We are very clear on this at the point of sale and have signage indicating what our role in any exchange is limited to.


Merchants need to stand behind the products they sell...

#5Consumer Comment

Tue, February 15, 2005

I am actually writing in response to the rebuttal from the 1-800-Mattress employee. His defense to the two complaints is that the company is basically not responsible for either complaint because they use a third party delivery company and the warranty is through the manufacturer. It is my opinion that a consumer's "contract of sale" is with the merchant and therefore it is the merchant's responsiblity to make sure that the product that is sold to me is free of defects. The consumer does not contact the trucking company to arrange delivery, 1-800-Mattress does. The consumer does not go through the manufacturer to purchase an item, we do so through 1-800-Mattress. Therefore, I will contact 1-800-Mattress if I have a problem with the product. This is just another way for companies to "pass the buck".


Long Island City,
New York,
1-800-Mattress Customer Service

#6UPDATE Employee

Thu, January 20, 2005

It has come to our attention that our company has been included on the "Rip-Off Report.com" website on two (2) occasions. Please be advised that our company vociferously objects to your company practice of posting such derogatory reports without contacting us first to verify that the complainant is an actual customer and to allow us to investigate the allegations. By immediately posting a complaint for all the world to view via your website, your company is not dealing in good faith and causing damage to our reputation among the general public, potential customers, and the industry. We therefore request that you cease and desist this current practice and contact our company first prior to posting any further complaints. Should you fail to do so, we may be compelled to pursue legal remedy. Notwithstanding the foregoing please be advised that the following is the 1-800-Mattress complaint process for any customer who is dissatisfied with his or her mattress. 1-800-Mattress provides each customer with a one time right to a "comfort exchange", within a certain number of days as specified on the customer's invoice, for any reason. If a customer is dissatisfied after the original time frame, the mattress must be defective under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty to be eligible for an exchange. It is stated clearly on the back of each customer invoice that 1-800-Mattress does not grant refunds. Each manufacturer has its own rules for what is considered defective merchandise under the warranty. The customer must look to the manufacturer's warranty card provided with each mattress to find the warranty terms. To determine if the mattress is defective the mattress must be inspected. As the retailer, 1-800-Mattress assists our customers by arranging for an inspector to come to the customers' home and inspect the mattress for defects. These inspection professionals are employed by independently owned and operated businesses that are not affiliated with 1-800-Mattress. If the mattress is found to be defective under the terms of the warranty, then 1-800-Mattress arranges for an exchange and sends the defective product back to the manufacturer. In response to "Steven" from Manalapan, NJ, 1-800-Mattress is not his warranty provider. That responsibility falls on the manufacturer, Sealy. 1-800-Mattress is merely the mattress retailer. We do not make the mattress, we only sell and arrange for delivery of the mattress. In this situation, after Steven reported a problem, 1-800-Mattress arranged for the mattress to be inspected per standard procedure. The inspector reported in writing that the bedding was not defective. 1-800-Mattress is bound to relay the official written report to the manufacturer who decides to either honor or dishonor the warranty. Steven should look to Sealy for any further warranty issues with this mattress. In the case of "Margie" from Wharton, NJ, 1-800-Mattress hires independent companies to deliver its mattresses. The trucking companies and respective staff are not employees of 1-800-Mattress. Each of these independent trucking companies are responsible for compensating customers on the rare occasion that damage occurs during delivery. 1-800-Mattress will act as a liaison between the two entities to help facilitate an amicable resolution. In this situation (taking all of Margie's allegations as true), 1-800-Mattress worked with her and the trucking company to help find a resolution. Unfortunately, both sides were unable to come to a consensus as to who was at fault for the alleged broken railing. Margie's complaint falls with the trucking company and not 1-800-Mattress. Again, in the future, please extend 1-800-Mattress the professional courtesy of advising of any complaints filed with your site prior to posting. 1-800-Mattress takes great pride in affording our customers the highest customer care and strives to satisfy our customers to the greatest extent possible. Accordingly, we would like to give our customers who feel the need to post on your board the opportunity to receive the benefit of our customer service.

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