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Complaint Review: VIVINT / FORTIVA - Provo Utah

Reported By:
Austin - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, United States

4931 North 300 West Provo Provo, 84604 Utah, United States
801 377-9111
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    I was careful to never get into any contract again for this very reason and yet I was fooled.  A PREDATORY company which exists only to exist as a parasite.  BEWARE AND STAY AWAY.  I live in Ft. Lauderdale.  I was fooled by Kole.  I spoke to other former employees of this horrible company who have all admitted that the corporate brass teach and train them on how to use whichever tactics will ensure a sale. 

This has become a redundant fact about this company as one researches the details of the lawsuits against them.  It begins with door to door sales.  Your assured that if for any reason, you decide you don't want to continue the service down the road-that you can cancel at any tme and that it would be easy. 

This too is a lie. Once they hook you, all the sweet whispers in your ear reveal to only have been lies.   He introduced his presence to me in the neighborhood with phony stories about a recent crime wave in the area which is what brought them there to begin with.  Naturally they used fear to begin the conversation.   

Heres my report:

A more diligent investigation when I began to question my conception of this contracted service and the company’s reputation which I knew nothing about revealed trouble ahead. The sales person named Kole who stated that he was originally from Alabama assured me to always be available to contact for any reason. He further assured me that if after this agreement was effected and I had any concerns to please contact him and he would resolve any matter what so ever if one arose.

I expressed my skepticism in that regard about this possibly being so only as long as he was with this company/VIVINT. He (this salesperson ) assured me that he had been with this company for a very long time and wasn’t going anywhere any time soon.

This proved to be untrue a short period later. Meanwhile, I was comforted in believing that if I at-least tried this agreement for several months to a year and if I decided that I did not want to continue the service I was free to cancel at any time without consequence. He explained that a worse case scenario, the equipment would need to be given back and the relationship could end without any negative consequence.

After learning that the associated creditor FORTIVA -which facilitated the means for the this agreement abusively reported a late or missed payment to my Credit Report likely in an effort to extract additional fees such as late fees by disregarding or taking advantage of some means by which an inadvertent technical error may have occurred in automatic payments upon which I relied hoping to avoid any such human related error-like simply forgetting to make a payment at some point.   To continue-

      I attempted to correct this problem by trying to communicate with someone at this horrible company. I made further payments in good faith while trying to repair this damage to my Credit Standing while FORTIVA attempted to extract more late fees from me and holding my credit worthiness as leverage or even blackmail possibly.

I now suffered the burden of trying to repair my credit score because of this relationship. Upon attempting to communicate with FORTIVA further about this matter, I requested that they furnish me a copy of any such NOTE or retail service agreement or such contract. They have not to date.

So in order to obtain the equipment used for this service, I was compelled to use their affiliated creditor “Fortiva” which provided a line of credit for a sum of just over/about $3000.00 for the equipment.  It took more than one day to install the equipment in order for the service to be activated.

The individual working to install the equipment remained in my home over for an inordinate time. This required me to be present restricting my activities or ability to tend to other personal matters.

Upon attempting to cancel the service this past summer, my effort was circumvented by VIVINT representatives. surely as directed by corporate. They explained that I could only cancel upon fully purchasing the equipment and furnishing such proof to VIVINT.

On another instance this condition was further complicated when I called yet again trying to get better help in order to cancel this service as was supposedly in my right.  They stonewall you hoping to kick the can down the raod as long as possible trying to get you to give up trying to cancel.  They try to eliminate the hope of being freed from their predation.

I was then told on the second time that I now had to purchase fifty percent of the remaining contract as well as provide proof that the equipment was fully purchased before I could effectively cancel this service.

I was never provided the correct instructions on how to cancel this contract by VIVINT’s representatives, showing a clear effort to take advantage of a consumer's ignorance of their rights and to retain such source of income at the expense of consumer rights and other legal parameters.

I requested for any and all documents including any NOTE related to this entire contract and never received such after providing my proper email address and having been promised to be supplied. I then indeed found the service contract which made no such mention of these cancellation conditions and I thereby forwarded a notice of cancellation in writing by certified mail.

The conditions of cancellation as per the contract required 30 days notice. VIVINT charged my bank account at the beginning of this month ( 2022  ) for the usual amount as previous months and as it appears, after receiving my notice of cancellation in this particular month -they hastily charged me yet again at the end of the month.   

I called my banking institution to ensure that VIVINT does not continue to unjustly charge my account while disregarding my notice of cancellation. As incredible as this seems, the banking representative who I spoke to today about this matter expressed to me that she too had this same experience with VIVINT and expressed her very negative opinion after her personal experience with this company.

She affirmed to me that it indeed was a good idea to cancel the autopay set up pertaining to VIVINT because they (VIVINT) is indeed known to charge anyway and leave one with the burden of trying to correct their mischief.

VIVINT/Fortiva are joint conspirators in strongarming consumers in Broward County (Florida) by weaponizing their ability to easily report to the credit bureau negative and crushing information in order to weaken and wear down the consumer in the hopes of a continued extraction of funds and hoping to enslave you for as long as possible. 

This should be considered an foreign corporate assault on the citizens of one state from another-namely Utah.  I call on Florida government officials to act for the protection of Florida residents against this kind of predation by external state corporate parasites.   This kind of behavior must not be allowed in Florida and such Bad Faith Corporations should be justly held accountable in Florida. 

Another horrible thing abou tthis situation is that the Credit Rpeorting Bureaus gladly side with these businesses and will not bother to investigate your complaint.  Instead they will just send you some blind letter saying that they investigated but really no one cared.  

To conclude, even though VIVINT was formerly notified that I wished to cancel my service, they-seemingly in retribution- continue to report me as late to my credit bureau and the credit bureau does not investigate, siding with them continuously.  


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