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Complaint Review: United Capital Management of Kansas - Salina Kansas

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Wade another Chad Koehn UCM investment fraud victim - San Francisco, California, United States

United Capital Management of Kansas
Salina, Kansas, United States
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I am writing to file this complaint against United Capital Management of Kansas (UCM or UCMK), and their CEO also Compliance Officer Chad Mitchell Koehn, also know as Chad Koehn, or Kane or Cohen. regarding the extremely distressing and unsatisfactory experience I have had as their customer. It is crucial that this matter is addressed promptly to prevent others from falling victim to Chad Koehn’s dubious practices.

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I placed my initial order/trade with United Capital Management of Kansas Inc. and Chad Koehn, though I have had conversations with Ryan Kozlow as well it is his daughter Kylee Kozlow that answers the phone at United Capital Management of Kansas, and it is Ashley Howard who is director of their dishonest marketing efforts.  After multiple unsolicited phone calls, typically using voice message broadcasting or other automated messaging contacts, that I eventually entrusting them with over $200,000 in qualified funds to set up a gold IRA. 

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However, Anthem Gold, their supposed crypto currency backed scam, has failed to honor their lifetime guarantee, as only a fraction of my IRA order was received by the depository.   Upon returning the incomplete order as instructed, I have not been adequately compensated for my significant investment. This breach of their commitment is deeply troubling and has left me empty-handed and at a financial loss of my life savings.  Chad Koehn and Ryan Kozlow are the ones who are responsible for the Anthem Gold crypto currency scheme through bitcoin fraud.

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To compound the issue, United Capital Management of Kansas Inc. sent me an unexpected shipment of coins, the coins are covered in gold but they are magnetic!  You would think they would know that gold is not magnetic.  The scam Ryan Kozlow and Chad Koehn are perpetrating with Anthem Gold and their other companies Anthem Vault and Blanchard Gold are horrific.  


Despite waiting for months and attempting to resolve this matter, United Capital Management of Kansas has shown no willingness to provide a satisfactory solution. Their lack of communication, accountability, and failure to address my concerns only reinforce the suspicion that United Capital Management of Kansas Inc (UCM or UCMK) and Chad Koehn and Ryan Kozlow operate with ulterior motives.


Based on my experience, it is evident that United Capital Management of Kansas seems to engage in deceptive practices, misappropriation of funds, and disregard their own guarantees. Their actions raise concerns of potential involvement in a Ponzi scheme, which poses a serious threat to anyone seeking to invest in coins or precious metals, bitcoin or any form of crypto currencies.  


Chad Koehn has previously been suspended for violative conduct involving securities fraud and lying to regulators and selling away from legitimate securities.  Ryan Kozlow is now the person licensed in this operation as Chad Koehn is no longer a licensed or authorized person according to the suspension he received for lying to federal regulators.


By sharing my story, I hope to prevent others from encountering the frustrations and disappointment, TOTAL LOSS that have accompanied my dealings with Ryan Kozlow and Chad Koehn at the company Anthem Gold, Anthem Vault and United Capital Management of Kansas Inc., specifically owner CHAD KOEHN is not to be trusted as he is suspended as holding himself out as a stock broker.


Despite waiting for months and attempting to resolve this matter, United Capital Management of Kansas has shown no willingness to provide a satisfactory solution. Their lack of communication, accountability, and failure to address my concerns only reinforce the suspicion that United Capital Management of Kansas and Anthem Gold and Anthem Vault operates with ulterior motives.


When I contacted the Blanchard Vault or Blanchard Gold who is the fiduciary on the IRA account in September,  they told me that they no longer work with United Capital Management of Kansas Inc. or Chad Koehn or Ryan Kozlow because of all the issues they’ve had with them over the last two years. 


They said clients are “lawyering up!” 


By sharing my story, I hope to prevent others from encountering the frustrations and disappointment, loss of your life savings, that have accompanied my dealings with Ryan Kozlow, Chad Koehn and United Capital Management of Kansas Inc. specifically owner Chad M. Koehn and VP supervisory licensee Ryan Kozlow now that Chad M. Koehn is suspended and has no license.


Run away as fast as you can from this firm. 


Here are several articles I found online about the scams Chad M. Koehn and Ryan Kozlow are involved in with their front people Cynthia D. French and Anthem Hayek Blanchard:






Chad Koehn hates all black or brown people just see how he reacted when an African American heard a Federal case he was involved:



The way Chad Koehn and Ryan Kozlow partner in the gold heist fraud of Anthem Gold and Anthem Vault act is horrific: "Andy, what the f*** are you doing here? What the f*** are you doing?" Blanchard yelled from across the parking lot.



Chad Koehn said he was going to scrape up as much money as he could to invest in Herasoft a fraudulent crypto currency bitcoin scam, in reality it was not Chad Koehn’s money or Ryan Kozlow’s money but it was hundreds of investors money that they have discretionary rights over, which Chad Koehn and his ilk have scraped together to supposedly invest.  The truth is now coming out that it was all a scam:



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United States

#2Consumer Comment

Tue, June 18, 2024

If you believe anything you read on this report, you are probably as delusional as the person who made the post. In a day and age where a fifth-grader can create a website and manipulate information to fit a narrative, it’s crucial to be cautious about where you get your information. Unfortunately, anyone can say anything they want on sites like this, no matter how defamatory and untrue. This lack of oversight and accountability makes it easy for malicious individuals to spread falsehoods. As a long-time client of this company, I can attest to their unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity. This defamatory post is a blatant attempt to damage their hard-earned reputation with baseless accusations. Over the years, I have experienced nothing but exceptional service and professionalism from this company. They have always operated with the highest standards, ensuring customer satisfaction at every turn. Creating a website or posting a complaint online is alarmingly easy, and there are no barriers to entry, no verification processes, and no fact-checking mechanisms in place. This makes it incredibly simple for anyone with a grudge or ulterior motive to publish false information without any repercussions. The internet, while a valuable resource for information and communication, can also be a breeding ground for misinformation and deceit. Even the websites created as so-called "proof” of the company's supposed wrongdoings are fake. These sites are designed to look legitimate, but a closer inspection reveals their true nature. They often lack credible sources, contain poorly constructed arguments, and use sensationalist language to provoke an emotional response rather than presenting factual evidence. The person behind these defamatory posts knows this and is exploiting the naivety of unsuspecting readers. Furthermore, the anonymity of the internet allows individuals to hide behind fake identities and pseudonyms, making it even harder to hold them accountable for their actions. This anonymity can embolden people to make outrageous and unfounded claims without fear of repercussions. They rely on the fact that many people won’t take the time to verify the information or consider the source before believing what they read. In defending this company, it’s essential to highlight their long-standing commitment to excellence and transparency. They have always welcomed feedback and constructive criticism, as it helps them improve and grow. However, baseless and defamatory accusations like those found in this post do not serve that purpose. They are meant solely to harm and mislead. This company prides itself on a track record of delivering high-quality products and services, backed by a team of dedicated professionals. They have numerous testimonials from satisfied customers, myself included, who can attest to their reliability and integrity. Unlike the unfounded claims made in the defamatory post, these testimonials are based on real experiences and reflect the true nature of their business. I encourage everyone to do their due diligence and seek out credible sources of information. Look for reviews from verified customers, check the company's standing with professional organizations, and reach out to them directly if you have any questions or concerns. Transparency and open communication are cornerstones of their business philosophy, and they are always there to address any issues or answer any questions. In conclusion, while the internet can be a useful tool for information and communication, it is also a platform where misinformation can spread unchecked. This defamatory post is a prime example of how easily false information can be published and believed. I urge everyone to approach such claims with skepticism and to seek out credible, verifiable sources before forming an opinion. This company remains steadfast in their commitment to honesty, integrity, and the satisfaction of their customers. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for considering the truth behind the misleading accusations.


Dodge City,
United States
Chad Koehn is evil. Koehn knows he is scamming everyone he laughs about it

#3UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Sun, June 16, 2024

So glad someone has started to stand up to this bully.  Chad Koehn is evil.  No females want to work here.  Everyone in the town knows how horrible it is to work for Koehn.  He has harassed every female that has worked here.  He likes to hire the youngest girls, even high school interns and then harasses us constantly.  You can only get a raise here if you let Koehn fondle you and touch you inappropriately, and you had best get all your family to move their money to his internal ponzi bank scheme.   Koehn's entire investment hedgefund is a big lie.   He is constantly getting us to fabricate client reports, put clients off, what we report to the government as to what we have in investments is less than half of what we report to clients.   I want out of this hell, problem here is there are not many jobs in the town and if you don't let Koehn fondle you and bring him other young high school girls you could get fired.  If you don't keep feeding him family and friends and people from church so he can take their money and give them these made up account statements you could get fired.  I am sick to my stomach constantly, I never want to go to work there, I pray every morning Chad won't be in the office so I don't have his hands touching me and demanding I give him more "leads" of people he can take their retirements.  If you don't give him leads then he says you have to please him other ways or he will forget your paycheck.  He's a great salesmen but the people don't realize the investments he is selling dun't really exist.   I pray he will be at a different office every day I go to work and when I see him coming I get stomach cramps cause I know he's going to touch me, grab my butt, slide his hands around me.  He once asked me if he makes me wet.  He is so disgusting.   After reading that people are finally standing up to him, I am going to quit and send a list of every victim, all the ucm clients to the internet.  I have read one of the many many lawsuits against him and all I can say is it is all true, Chad is a pervert.   There was once an attorney in town that some girls went to for help, but she was unable to stop Chad, now that attorney is a Judge in the county but still nothing has been done to stop Chad.  I guess its true if you have money you can do whatever you want, just like donald trump, you can just grab women by their crotch and think we like it, guess wat we don't!  I wish everyone would just know the truth and make a run on the Chad Koehn bank of United Capital Management of Kansas Corporation and fake insurance company, nothing but a big ponzi bank. 

Some day those who make a run on the bank will get paid everyone else will get screwed.  I am distraught I have had anything to do with this man and this scam company.   When you give money to Chad's company you are fueling his molestation of the girls in the office and his ego that he just got another sucker.

Here is one of the people Koehn used to sucker investors and had bring him young people to abuse, this lady just goes off swearing and yelling and screaming when she got caught stealing from a community site, thats the kind of person Koehn identifies with and thats what will happen someday when Koehn is caught:


The EE learned through an anonymous tip on Wednesday that two men were loading up a box truck with artifacts. Upon arriving Wednesday evening, the EE reporter was accosted by Price Tower owner Cynthia Blanchard.

"Andy, what the f*** are you doing here? What the f*** are you doing?" Blanchard yelled from across the parking lot.

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