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Hi, wow!!!! 



This feels liberating to write, Ill start with saying this is a sensitive case as I still work here. 



Let me start by saying this, I love insurance work it is rewarding and cultivating to know your helping someone. 

Lets start with Matthew Todd 

Matthew is quite the smiler and talkative guy. But behind closed doors it's a slug fest of insults about people in the office and childish at that. 

He thinks the world owes him something and to be honest it owes him nothing his father, a lovely man who I new was and always did look after his employees. Matthew is arrogant, and in my eyes a bully who uses threat of dismissal as his working tool to force employees to toe the line. Instead of offering training where and when its needed.  

He was handed his life on silver platter and lives a live of Riely while everyone in the office works in fear of losing their positions. Its an office power struggle. Childish man with little or no remorse for his actions as long as he gets to sit in his luxury house with everything he wants while we worry about our jobs.  

Unruly and very unpleasant to be around. 



Lets talk about Peter Todd his brother. 

This guys in one word is a Tool. 


Talks with a low tone, is sarcastic with everything you ask him. Purposely goes out of his way to make myself and others feel uncomfortable in the office. Most of us refer to him as "the baby" because of how he acts "like a spoiled little brat" he's laughable to thinking hes a big man playing rugby "moron" in my opinion forever working in his brothers shadow. He is more of a bully than his brother, very unapproachable in every respect and in everyway, he makes a 6 figure salary and thinks he is the best looking guy in the office you can tell he thinks this by how he acts. Bit of a show off, for someone who has everything ahnded to him.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with earning a good salary, but when he talks to you the feeling of sickness I get is horrible in many ways. 

I liked him at the start but he lives on micro management and thinks there is no consequences to his actions.  

Horrible person to work with and has "I am the bosses son attitude" 

In regards to customer service 

He is the most arrogant person to deal with, "A Mr know it all" knows nothing in my opinion and is useless has only in the position he is in because his dear father worked very hard to build Todds. 

I know of customers who have came to the office looking to speak with him personally for the way he speaks to them. 



In conclusion 

horrible place to work 

spoken to like a child when im in my 20s 

Taking holidays is like pulling teeth "your afraid to ask for them" 

Bonus are like hens teeth, always some reason why you don't get them. 

Constantly being watched when you do anything, if you don't hit your target your treated like the black sheep with no training. 

Current employee who is looking for a new job where my skills are accepted and not taken for granted. 


No here is the pettiness of this. I've give an honest opinion of a place I currently work in I ca bet you all the money in the world, they will try to find out who this is well tough luck lads you'll never know. This report will forever sit on google about what this place is actually like. I get treated like a worthless piece of garbage by you guys this is me just saying how it is in the hope you change your attitudes. 


If there is a rebuttal, I can guess it will be something like this.  

Your grammar is not very good, don’t know why we employed you, an honest rebuttal would be sorry you feel like this we will try to fix the workings of the office to make it a great place to work. 

But that’s dreaming as Peter will the dummy out of the pram.


There is allot of changes needed in the place its toxic and and unpleasent place to work.

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