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Complaint Review: Timothy Lee - Grand Rapids Michigan

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online marketer - United States

Timothy Lee
433 Somerset Dr. NE Grand Rapids, 49503 Michigan, United States
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Timothy Lee scammed me and a bunch of my friends and colleagues. 

He invited me to speak at his event, The Marketers Elite, in Orlando in 2019. He sold about 4 coaching packages from stage, and at least 2 of the customers reached out to me and other speakers saying they were scammed. He never delivered the coaching. Tim said they just weren't coachable so I believed him and continued a friendship with him for the following 2 years. 

In May 2022, he told me he would let me be in his "coaching" program for free. In exchange to be his top testimonial/case study. This was for facebook ads for an insurance/medicare offer. We got on a zoom and he basically took over the screen and set it all up. We started with $20 per day. He said he would pay every 2 weeks with net 15. 

He never sent me anything for tracking, we had to followup with him each day to see how many leads were sold. He told us we were profitable. The first 2 weeks were over and I spent $250 and he owed $400. He said to email him an invoice and his "accounting department" would take care of it. I was paid by wire a few days later. 

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Then he recommended we scale up to $100 per day. We did it because we like the possibility of 40% margins but there was still no tracking. The next invoice was due. $3075 and $1800 spend. He never paid the invoice. The 1st 2 weeks his excuse was his accounting department would do it.

I told him I had to shut down the ads til we had tracking and were paid. He started cussing me out telling me how Effing stupid I was. 

The 2nd 2 weeks his excuse was use Bill.com. He would send screenshots of the money coming, but then would void them. 

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The next 2 weeks he said he would do a wire. He said he had to "email his bank" for the wire. Then the wire guy was on vacation. Then the wires weren't working. So many excuses every day. He also had the audacity to ask to hang out and get dinner and go to the pool. 

The next 2 weeks his excuse was he was going to send a check in the mail. The check came 10 days later, and I deposited it. It did clear, but the next day it was "recalled"/sent back. He blamed it on the bank. Now he is sending excuses that his all his accounts are frozen.

He still tells people that I'm his top student seeing great results. LIES. 

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He was planning on hosting a fake event in Mexico, knowing that he doesn't have a passport. I think he doesn't have a passport because his boyfriend GAGE MCGUIRE told me he was in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to the IRS. Tim told me this was true. Why host a fake event in Mexico if you cant even go there? Some of my friends paid him $5,000 to go on the FAKE VIP JET. 

A lot of the high level marketers who were supposed to speak at this event promoted it to their audience and sold tickets. There will be no refunds. Other friends invested money into his FAKE software, scammed $25k, another $40k. 

I have been in his presence where he scammed hotels, doing chargebacks on expensive stays. He even reported his Cartier bracelet missing and scammed carrier for a new one. He just cares about bragging about how rich he is, when he is a fraud. 

There are many other posts on this site about him. There are many posts in facebook groups about him, scamming people for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

You can go here if you want to join in on a possible class action lawsuit https://www.facebook.com/groups/internetdeadbeats/permalink/10159641108894776

You should also report your story on here, FBI website, Michigan attorney general website, and your states attorney general.

This guy should be in prison, and his accomplice, his boyfriend of 10 years, Gage Mcguire should be also. 


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