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- Anchorage, Alaska,

Tiger Direct TigerDirect.Com TigerDirect.ca CompUSA.Com Systemax
7795 West Flagler St., Suite 35 Miami, 33144 Florida, U.S.A.
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I have done business with TigerDirect for a few years now and have had some issues with them but nothing that could but nothing could have prepared me for my last and final experience with them. On 22 Apr 09, I contacted Ms. Sxxp, of TigerDirect's B2B Division to order Item# B69-0050, Biostar MCP6P-M2 Athlon X2 Barebone Kit- AMD Athlon X2 4400+ 2.3GHz OEM, 2GB Crucial DDR2-667, 320GB SATA2, ATX Mid-Tower w/ 300 Watt PSU. Ms Sxxp quoted me a price of $181.99 for the merchandise and $26.17 Shipping and Handling (for Alaska) making my end price $208.16. I jumped on the deal and agreed to purchase the items and authorized Ms Sxxp to charge my credit card for the $208.16 and ended our conversation.

As follows here are the chain events :

22 Apr. 09 About two hours later I was checking my email and saw the order confirmation from TigerDirect and noticed that I was being charged $389.15 a difference of $180.99 (TigerDirect added an additional Mainboard and didn't honor any discussed discounts). I called Ms Sxxp back and was told that she would have the order stopped and proceeded to recreate the original order for a second time which was correct this time.

Tracking # UPS Tracking # 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxx46100, 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxx46119, 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxx55789, 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxx55798- leave TigerDirect's location in Naperville, IL bound for Alaska.

24 Apr. 09 Checking my bank statement, I noticed that I was still being charged the original $389.15 as well as $208.16. Now I'm out $597.31 for one order that should have only cost $208.16. I called Ms Sxxp again on 24 Apr 09 and was reassured that the issue was being taken care of and that I was going to receive my money back as soon as possible. However looking up the tracking numbers assigned to both shipments I could see that they were both in transient to Louisville KY to UPS's Main Hub from which they would be flown here to Alaska.

27 Apr 09 I checked UPS.com for the package statuses again and discovered they were here in Alaska now waiting for delivery. When I contacted Ms Sxxp again I told her I have not been refunded the $389.15. Ms Sxxp said she forgot to issue a Delivery Intercept for the original shipment. And as far as my refund they are waiting for their products to be returned before they issue the refund.

28 Apr 09 UPS Tracking # 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxx46100, 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxx46119, 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxx55789, 1Zxxxxxxxxxxxx55798 Arrive

29 Apr 09 TigerDirect ships out the RMA and Prepaid Shipping Label Tracking # 1zxxxxxxxxxxxx29682 under Tracking # 1zxxxxxxxxxxxx08325 (ummm why was Tracking # 1zxxxxxxxxxxxx08325 shipped from Raliegh NC? I thought everyone involved was in FL and IL?)

01 May 09 So here it is now, I have two boxes on my floor that need to go back to TigerDirect, no money has been returned to me, nor can I ship this Unit back to my customer because of the lack of funds in my bank account so I call them at 5am AKST (9am EST) and ask for a supervisor, any supervisor there that is willing to take ownership of this problem and stop treating me as if I'm a mushroom- you feed mushrooms fertilizer (BS) and keep them in the dark. I got the Customer Service Bum Rush from a representative and she tells me there are no Supervisors available at 9am their time; Doesn't know when a supervisor is going to be available; and tells me that she has to release the call now; and when I refuse to end the call she tells me she is ill and needs to go, finally she decides to transfer me to Ms Sxxp with a 15 Min hold time who tries the song and dance with me again until I insist on speaking with her supervisor. I get her Supervisor on the phone after another long peroid of waiting on hold and I tell him this whole story and now that they are directly responsible for over drafting my bank account as well as causing me not to be able to met previous financial agreements which include the storage fees of personal property including a car because of this issue. The Supervisor wants to talk to my Storage company to work something out when they need to just release the funds back to me especially since they have no rights to those funds as Ms Sxxp admitted this was her mistake and continously apologizes everytime she speaks to me at this time.

Tracking # 1zxxxxxxxxxxxx08325 arrives

02 May 09 Tracking # 1zxxxxxxxxxxxx29682 is shipped back to TigerDirect

06 May 09 Tracking # 1zxxxxxxxxxxxx29682 arrives at TigerDirect Naperville, IL

TigerDirect has done nothing but make this experience the worst I have had dealing with a company over the internet. I mean I have returned things at department stores and received the money for said return within 48 hrs. It's now past two weeks and nothing in this age of electronic funds should take this long to complete.

TigerDirect at this time honestly needs to realize they are at fault and need to correct this issue at once and not only refund the funds they took without Authorization and have held on to but now they need to make current my past due accounts without question, because at this time I'm seriously considering filing charges with the State Attorney General's Office of Florida.

09 May 09 OMG I checked my Bank Account this evening and I have what appears to be two WITHDRAWAL ADJUSTMENTs from TigerDirect and they only released the funds yesterday. Are they trying to correct their mistake?

Williams PC Repair, Ltd.

Anchorage, Alaska


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Williams pc repair, ltd.

Rebutal to TigerDirect over Double Charge for Product in Alaska

#2Author of original report

Sun, December 13, 2009

To Ms Altine and the Staff of TigerDirect and all Associated companies;

While you have apologized here for everyone to see, you have failed to understand something very important and that is that the costumer has a right to the best possible service a corporation can and must provide.

While your company was directly responsible for me failing to meet a deadline because your company failed to communicate to UPS a "Delivery Intercept" on one of the two orders sent out to me and the fact that once the error was reported  TigerDirect did nothing to expedite the return of funds. If you issue a Stop Order on a shipment, which UPS stated they never received such a request from you the shipper, then why must I as the customer wait until your merchandise is returned to you before you can process my refund.

Your company's policy had me wait until both orders arrived here in Alaska and wait for your RMA Tags and Return shipment labels as well as wait for that order to arrive back on your dock before you released my refund for your error.

Also to clarify your statement "You have been refunded for both orders, and actually got to keep the item," I was refunded for one order which was the first order and what that also means is that I did in fact pay for the one order and lost profit on that order as I had to honor my customer agreement with my customer and had to discount the finish project below my cost to keep my customer happy. As your company is in business to make a profit so am I.

How do you explain your customer service agent stating that 9am on a Friday morning there are no Supervisors at your call center or claiming they were sick in order to terminate the call?  I used to work customer service and tech support for two different ISPs so I no already your employees can not terminate a call also the customer use profanity directed at your agent.

Bottom line Ms Altine, I'm extremely disappointed with your company and the lack of customer service I experienced during that transaction. Before I do business with your company again I will most definitely seek alternative vendors.


Anthony W.

Tiger Direct Pat

We apologize...

#3UPDATE Employee

Tue, May 26, 2009

Sir, we apologize, but according to our system and the agents involved, this situation has long been resolved. You have been refunded for both orders, and actually got to keep the item. I believe that we have been more than accomodating in this situation. I do again apologize for the initial situation, and hope you will do business with us again. If you have any further questions, please contact me at P[email protected]. Thank you. Sincerely. Pat A. SYX

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