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We bought and tried shoes by Tanya Heath Paris so you don't have to! This is going to be a comprehensive review on Tanya Heath Paris! 

Firstly, for those who don't know, Tanya Heath Paris is a shoe company, started by Tanya Heath more than 10 years ago. The designs of the shoes themselves tend to have ugly, outdated and unfashionable syles, but the shoes hinge on the concept of interchangeable heels. She claims her shoes were designed to be the end of painful feet, but in fact owning a pair of Tanya Heath is a pain in more than one ways, and not just on your feet. Tanya Heath Is a RIP OFF from start to finish and I'm going to break it all down for you!

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RIP OFF #1: The Concept Itself Is A Rip Off! You pay for a shoe with no heel! 

Tanya Heath's shoes start at around $200 USD which is usually the cost of most decent quality shoes you get on the market, but here's the kicker! At Tanya Heath's, shoes don't come with heels! Literally, for $200 you get a pair of shoes you can't wear, because the heel is missing! Instead there's a giant hole where the heel should be, with some metal mechanism that you're meant to stick a piece of plastic on to. If you want that extra, but extremely essential heel piece, you'll need to open your wallet and give Tanya Heath another $40-$50 more to buy a pair of heels for your shoes! And get this. The heel you're paying the extra money for? It's made of hunk of cheap plastic, with different pieces of flimsy fabric glued onto it (yes the glue does wear out quickly and the fabric does start to peel off after a few short wears but more on that later.) 

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RIP OFF #2: The Shoes Are Uncomfortable and Painful! 

So the concept of interchangeable heels is meant to bring an end to painful feet from wearing heels. Other brands of interchangeable heels allows customers to convert their shoes from a high heel to a flat, right there on the spot. Tanya Heath's shoes does not do that! Tanya Heath's shoes are only high heels, just taller high heels and shorter high heels! Either way when you wear her shoes, you're stuck wearing heels. But she doesn't make that fact very transparent. Her lowest heel is called the "christophe" heel, and she refers to this as the "walking heel." But in reality it's still very tall if you plan to seriously walk in those heels! It is not anywhere close to being a comfortable walking height, and you're still going to be clomping around in painful heels the whole night. 

Apart from that, Tanya Heath also claims she uses memory foam inside her shoes. Now, if you ask me what comes to mind when I hear "memory foam", I would say, soft, squishy cushions. Tanya Heath must have a different image of "memory foam" though. We have multiple pairs of Tanya Heath shoes in our household, and let me tell you, you're going to have to work really hard to find even a hint of that memory foam, because the insoles of the shoes are hard as rock! If you knock on it with your kunckles it even makes a clunking noise, like wood! Seriously! 

Also there's a hole in the heel, it's the button that allows you to remove your heel (yes, she put a button on the insoles of your shoes, and if you're thinking it must feel like having a pebble inside a shoe, that is exactly what it feels like). After several hours of walking around and rubbing the heels of your feet against that hole, blisters start to form.

Finally, the height of her heels, even the lowest one, the "christophe", positions your feet at such an uncomfortable angle, it sends all of your body weight forward, forcing your toes to slide to the very tip of your shoes, where they will be cramped and squished there throughout the day, adding more strain to your feet when you walk. You're going to be begging to change your shoes to a nice pair of flats within the hour! 

I'm a young woman in my 20's, fit, and frequently walk and exercise. I wore these shoes for a day with the supposed "walking heel", I walked around in the city and started feeling the strains within 30 minutes by the end of the day, I had blisters on my toes and heel, chafing on the side of my toes, along with muscle pain in my calf, thighs and lower back that lasted a week! 

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RIP OFF #3: POOR QUALITY SHOES! They break after a few wears! 

There have been complaints (and photos) from customers of the plastic heels breaking off. The fabric that is glued on to the plastic heels to give them a different design, wears out and falls off after just a few wears out of the house. My sisters owns several pairs of Tanya Heath heels and she is always glueing back the fabric after the adhesive wears off and the fabric starts falling off the plastic. Let me remind you, these heels cost an extra $40! 

Also, the dyes on the shoes rub off. My sister wore a pair of red, brand new Tanya Heath shoes out for a few hours one night, it was drizzling, and the red color came off all over her feet, dying her feet red. The color on the shoes ended up streaking and uneven leaving the shoes looking hideous. 

RIP OFF #4: Horrible Customer Service! Tanya Heath herself is a self proclaimed charlatan! And is rude and arrogant to customers!

The icing on the cake of this bad, but expensive shoe saga is that Tanya Heath, the owner, and creator of Tanya Heath Paris, is extremely unpleasant, and arrogant and has extremely low standards for her products. Basically when the expensive shoes she sells you breaks, if you email her about it, she will blame you, the customer, for the problem. Nope, she won't offer you an exchange, nope you won't get your money back. She doesn't care if you've only wore the shoes out once. She doesn't care if the plastic of the shoes breaks off, she'll tell you that it's somehow you're fault. If you tell her that the dye on your red shoes came off and made your feet red, she'll tell you it's your fault for wearing the shoes out because her shoes are not made to be "weather resistant." If you tell her it was only drizzling, she'll insist it was pouring (even though she doesn't even live in the same country as her customer and can't possibly know what the weather was really like).  So in other words, when her shoes start falling apart after one wear, Tanya Heath is extremely arrogant and prioritizes her pride over customer satisfaction. She'll shrug off serious functionality problems in her shoes, demonstrating low standards and low expectation in her own products. She has no integrity and will gaslight and blame everything and everyone (it's the customer's fault, it's the weather's fault, it's the universe's fault) instead of taking the responsibility for being the designer of such poor quality shoes. You will be left with a broken shoe with dye that turns your feet red, or a broken plastic heel you can't wear, while she runs off with your money! 

RIP OFF #5: FAKE Positive Facebook Reviews! 

On December 15, 2021, a customer who's plastic heel broke, left a negative review on her facebook. Not long after that, the customer noted that the negative review was somehow tampered with and changed to to a positive, even though the content of the review itself is still negative. That very same day, positive reviews popped up to counter the negative review. The suspicious part is the fact that prior to that, Tanya Heath's business facebook page has been pretty much dead, with no interaction and no reviews since 2019. But yup sure, as soon as a one real negative review was posted on December 15, 2021, positive reviews popped up on the very same day! What a coincidence! Same thing happened when I posted my own negative review, immediately a positive review from one of Tanya's friends pops up. 4 days later, someone else posted a negative review and a few hours later a positive review pops up on facebook! The fake reviews are so obvious! 


-In an email exchange with my sister, who wrote to her for help with the transferring shoe color, Tanya through a huge fit at my sister, tried to imply she was lying about the rain (it was drizzling, Tanya insisted it was downpouring), and then said my sister called her a "charlatan", screen caps of the full email exchanges are posted on social media. My sister never once called Tanya a charlatan, instead the only mentions of Tanya being a charlatan was by Tanya herself, so I guess it was a self proclamation. 

-Apparently Tanya Heath was on the show DRAGONS' DEN in 2013. Jim Treliving offered her a deal on air, but then later dropped her off air and kicked her to the curb during the due diligence process. He probably foresaw all the inherent problems with Tanya Heath's business and decided to drop her before spending all that money on what has ultimately proven to be a failure of company! Be smart like Jim Treliving, take your money and run in the OPPOSITE direction of Tanya Heath Pairs! Do not give this company or this woman a single cent of your hard earned cash, because trust me! It's a huge rip off, and dealing with her is just as painful as walking around in her horribly designed shoes! 

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